Of course Amazon — the king of online retailers — is where you can buy a new Amazon Fire Phone. They have a pre-order page up and ready for you so that you can have the Fire Phone in your hands the very day it's released.

The pricing is as follows:

It's not quite the inexpensive phone many were expecting, but it is a feature-rich device with a reportedly great camera that should match up well against the current crop of "flagship" phones from other manufacturers. And you get 12 months of Amazon Prime membership free ($99 value).

If you're enticed by what you've seen today, and are ready, hit the source link below.

Source: Amazon

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jd914 says:

Nothing compelling or stand out features that justify the off contract price PLUS is a forked Android phone....pass

well... Fire phone? You're fired!

What kind of idiot was responsible for the marketing of this phone?

No Verizon? They don't want the other half of the use cellular market or something?

Pricing... wow... even flagship phones from other manufacturers don't cost that much.


What will Donald Trump say?

jrb363 says:

Starting a sentence with AND?

"And you get 12 months of Amazon Prime membership free ($99 value)."

Jeeze dude, go back to journalism school or take a basic English 101 class.

Ostrich Egg says:

Look at how dumb you are.

jrb363 says:

I'm looking but all I see are a few jackass comments and a so-called journalist named Jerry who has more misspellings in his articles than a 3rd grade book report.

madgalaxy says:

Really? That is not even how you spell Jeez...

jrb363 says:

These two words may be used in expressions. "Jeez" and "Geez" are the most common spellings but there is no exact spelling because these words are used informally and are not found in dictionaries.

zippox180 says:

Yahoo answers? It's ok. We all troll every now and then.

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jrb363 says:

As opposed to what? The Oxford Dictionary that doesn't have either word in it? lol...if it's not in the dictionary I believe I can spell it however the fuck I want!

Hmmm. Might want to tell the Oxford Dictionary, Fowler's Modern English Usage, and Garner's Modern American Usage that you have an issue.

Jerry nails it. And he receives a standing ovation.

jrb363 says:

Why, because he knows what the Oxford Dictionary is? If he knows what it is he should use it.

Mrshades says:

<<Drops Mic!>>

jrb363 says:

You might want to pick that up on your way out.

eahinrichsen says:

The irony of using a sentence fragment to criticize someone's grammar is delightful.

jrb363 says:

What sentence fragment? Microsoft Word approved it and so did Google so unless they're both wrong, and they're not, guess who the jackass is now. :)

eahinrichsen says:

Please, point out the subject in "Starting a sentence with AND?" You can pretend that you're diagramming sentences like a second-grader if you'd like.

jrb363 says:

I'm not getting paid to write am I? :) Nope, but Jerry is. I expect better (or at the VERY least competence) from someone getting paid good money to write grammatically correct sentences. See, that's why this place has gone to hell, morons like you are find with sub-standard journalism.


Butthurt fellow from the forums.

I'm used to them.

jrb363 says:

I don't believe we've ever had the pleasure of talking on the forums. I do, however, take offense to your poor journalistic methods on this site. It's offensive and you're clearly lacking compared to your contemporaries.

Gator352 says:

I take offense from you for pointing out poor journalistic methods when your not a journalist yourself. When you become one and win a Pulitzer prize for your work, then and only then will you be taken serious by anyone here. AND if your offended by any of this, I suggest you take it up with your local politician so the PC police can slap you.

jrb363 says:

Get back to me when you can use the proper form of your/you're in your first sentence. Until then shut the fuck up!

jrb363 says:

Using all caps on the internet is the equivalent of yelling, yet you didn't use an exclamation point. Guess who fails now? That's right. YOU!!!


jrb363 says:

Always bro! :) :) :)

Gator352 says:

Xanax can and will do wonders for you. AND please for the sake of your brain cells, lay off the coffee and get a good nights sleep...or a girlfriend...either or.

ryanmtech says:

Okay, let's break this down...
Nearly every other smartphone flagship is exactly this price, if not more.
The 'idiots' that made this phone are probably among the same crop that made the Kindle Fire, which has been selling like hotcakes since it was released, so I think they have a clue on what they're doing.
No Verizon you say? Maybe they need to test the waters and don't want to have to stock the inventory to sell on multiple carriers. Most newcomers to the phone market start at ATT and branch from there (Apple, Microsoft, etc etc)
Donald Trump would probably say "Good job Amazon, don't listen to that moron on AC"

The kindle fire isn't $649-$749, at $349 the Nexus 5 gives the Fire phone a Dirty Sanchez!

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But it's not a flagship. It barely competes with a Nexus, which is half the price. It's a niche phone dressed up like a flagship. I don't argue that this wouldn't be useful to some people, but it's not going to sell by the truckload like an iPhone, Galaxy, or even their own Kindle Fire.

Secondly, the problem I have with it is that it's an ecosystem that's too late to the game. Nothing you've bought on the Play store will work on this phone, meaning you'll have to buy things again on their amazon store. I know some people have been using it already, but not for EVERYTHING. And if they hope to steal customers from Apple and Samsung, they've already lost. No one is going to reinvest in all of their apps on a different ecosystem. "But what about new customers to the smartphone game?" Again, their exclusivity hurts them here because it's not available to every pair of hands they want, and even if they did, it's still overpriced.

paulw3 says:

Donald Trump would say "CDMA is a dead technology"

theShiz says:

Well, actually you can in fact start sentences with a conjunction.

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The off contract price....... Holy shit.....

Amazon Fire Phone = HTC First...?? Maybe

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649 $ Is it come unlocked,Jerry? For use outside of USA. It has 9 bands of LTE.

We have the same questions. We're trying to find out if it's unlockable and where in the world it will work.

paulw3 says:

Thanx Jerry. We use LTE bands 3 (1800 Meg) and 28 (700Meg) here in New Zealand. Though I'm not holding much hope out for those band s on the fone..

Update :Specs include UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz), Quad-band GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 9 bands of LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 20), supports carrier aggregation. Battery size: 2400mAh. Talk time: up to 22 hours; standby time: up to 285 hours. Video playback: up to 11 hours; audio playback: up to 65 hours.

Looks we're covered at least for the 1800Meg band

Also just to add, unless you are invested in Amazon apps why on earth would you buy this device off contract over anything Android?, obviously think they are Apple here.. With a much weaker ecosystem
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eahinrichsen says:

True, but on the other hand, they've already sold millions and millions of Kindle Fire devices over the last few years. The pool of customers who are already pretty deeply invested in the Amazon app ecosystem is not small.

What I'd like to see (and what I'm sure we will see if sales aren't good) is a decent Amazon app store credit with the purchase of one of these phones. I could re-purchase all of the paid apps that I really give a shit about (i.e., utilities and games that I play really frequently) with a $50 app store credit, and I think even most power users could as well.

Trev247 says:

D.O.A !! They may have stood a chance with a Nexus pricing strategy!! I for one certainly won't be buying.

frettfreak says:

i was thinking the same. And on only 1 network? I mean it worked for apple, but this isnt the iphone either

Chanlion says:

Question time:
One Plus or Fire Phone? Hater ignore everything about the companies and just concentrate on the phone.

OnePlus One. Hands down.
2. CyanogenMod + almost stock Android
3. Same MP count camera (Sony)
4. Almost certainly better battery life
5. 1080p screen
6. Swappable backs
7. Capacitive or on-screen buttons
8. Half the cost

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pamelath228 says:

I love this phone it's perfect for everyday and business.

sdc1 says:

Spot the Amazon employee.

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ahutchga1972 says:


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vividrich says:


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nexusberry says:

My excitement for this phone is nonexistent. It may fare well on name alone but other than that.....not so much

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lindseybp says:

Why the heck would you buy this over an S5 or even an iphone 5s for that matter? Amazon prime.....that's going to eat up your data cap so that means nothing to me. This is not a premium phone but it's at a premium price. I think a lot of these features will be viewed as gimmicky by people and I just don't see it making any headway. And to not have it on Verizon is a pretty big mistake in my mind. I don't see anything here that would convert an iphone or android user. Having a successful phone is not as easy as having a successful tablet. I don't see this ending well for amazon.

Cubfan says:

With preorders open, they will soon learn what an elevator fart they released today.

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Lol, I've never heard a phone get called an elevator fart...that made me chuckle. Thank you, sir

Notus says:

Some very interesting features. The price might be a little prohibitive, I love the year free prime selling point.

planoman says:

The off contract prices are out of control. Wow.

Sent from my Moto X!

kinster02 says:

It will never be because I'm not on AT&T...besides I won't switch carrier's for a phone.

From my Note 2 to you

ronnypoo says:

why would i buy this when I can buy myself an LG G2 for $400 with a bigger battery, larger and sharper display, and a proper android os?

cgardnervt says:

Major pass IMO. Sorry Amazon you drop the ball on this device!

TheDu9du says:

could pick it up if priced at least 50% off.

janilinux says:

Does anyone know any details about this phone?
Thx in advance

boostfluid says:

Wow that off contract price is insane. Any idea if it'll be coming to Canada? I don't believe there's Amazon Prime Video/Music here so not sure what the point of this phone would be in this market.

Zahl says:

No google play store or apps, right? That is a total killer right there, right next to the price, ATT and 720p rez. Some neat features tho. Hopefully they get copied over to google phones eventually

patstar5 says:

I could buy 2 oneplus ones for $700.

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Another point, wouldn't you be better off buying a cheap ass Blackberry Z10 seeing as the Amazon App store it going to be on all BlackBerry devices when the new OS drop's?

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TheMimic12 says:

I feel like the actual price completely negates the entire vision amazon had when they made the kindle fire

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RaiderWill says:

It only comes to $816.41 out the door.. free and clear.
Glass panes, metal construction and 64 Gb of "Onboard" storage.. Man you guys are hard to please.

+1. I am completely with you on this one.


ScottJ says:

Only? What are you Donald Sterling or Bezos himself?

Gator352 says:

Are you insane? 720p screen. Gimmicky 3D stuff that would annoy just about any sane person. No Google play or services. List goes on. Shall we proceed?

yankeesusa says:

Really! $299 for this phone plus a 2 year contract? I'm ok with my nexus 5

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cwmont13 says:

I'm sorry but I just don't see any compelling reason to buy this device. The off contact price is just too high. I don't care what it's made of or how much memory is on it. People are not going to switch to AT&amp;T for this phone and those who are (like myself) probably won't add a line to get one either. Not at $200 anyways. I'm a Prime member too but not interested in a forked Android device without Play store. Amazon has always made pretty savvy business decisions but IMO this isn't one of them. YMMV though.
From the Death Star using my LG G2

rauelius says:

I was hyped till I heard this was exclusive to At&t. If an unlocked version that's fully compatible with T-Mo, then I may be interested...I like FireOS on my HDX.

SmogHog says:

No Thanks!

theShiz says:

Man that sucks that its Amazon. I wish it was a Facebook phone because they're the best ones to buy after they fail. I have a Note 3 but if something happens to my phone or anything I have my facebook phone as a backup using Nova Launcher with Viby icon pack of course. You can still use your Android apps. It seems so stupid to buy Android apps off of Amazon when those exact same apps are on Android, plus millions more. Why buy the same Android apps twice from a crippled Android store ? I bet bing is the default search engine.

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cybertec69 says:

I heard it will be delivered by drones, lol.

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Gator352 says:

I'd wait outside and keep the drone and send back the phone....


Kage87Z says:

No verizon? They must be high.

Ebvad says:

Unfortunately the off contract price is too high and I'm not willing to get sucked back into that method of marketing, maybe they'll rethink their approach.

rocket321 says:

The on contract price needs to be the off contact price, then we can talk. No one should pay a penny for phones that are tired to a two year contract.

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soberarmy says:

I'm really interested in what Amazon' s version of Android is, but then again 64GB..... I like.

jusdis says:

Yes please!!!

carter17 says:

Lot of money for off contract should have stuck with the Kindle fire kinda prices

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markbc says:

If one lives in the Amazon “ecosystem,” and does not view cell phones mainly through the lens of specs, then this phone can be quite appealing. At least the phone starts off with 32GB of storage, which is nice.

However, it seems to have the “no-SD card, no-removable battery” setup, which isn’t so nice.

As to those who worry about the Amazon fork for the phone OS, I would be surprised if this phone did not have a root process/exploit and the ability to add Google Play onto the phone shortly after the phone actually ships.

jrb363 says:

Once again Jerry and his dumbass headlines. Saying you can preorder it for $199 automatically implies the phone BY ITSELF is $199 but that's not the case. I hope they fire your dumbass.