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HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou has reaffirmed the company's commitment to focus on higher-end devices in 2012, saying it wouldn't "destroy" its brand image by releasing "cheap, cheap phones" in order to increase product shipments. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the HTC boss added, "We insist on using better materials to make better products that offer premium experience. Many consumers like that."

In the past six months, HTC has refocused its efforts on "hero" products at every level, including the HTC One series at the high end, and phones like the Droid Incredible 4G LTE in the mid-range market. So it's important to recognize what Peter Chou is referring to when he talks about "cheap, cheap phones." Devices like the recently-launched Desire C and One V may be low-end and inexpensive by Western standards, but there's a whole other ecosystem of super low-end phones coming to market in China and developing countries. In China, HTC offers phones around the 2000 yuan level, while the likes of Motorola are pushing for even cheaper 1000 yuan devices. At this price point, Chou says, "we won't have good products."

Whatever the case, this more or less confirms that HTC doesn't intend to release phones that are any cheaper than current budget offerings like the Desire C, and that design and build quality remain priorities for the manufacturer (though that's long been clear to anyone who's used HTC's phones.) In the fiercely competitive smartphone market of 2012, HTC will be hoping its focus on mid-level and above devices will set it apart from its competition.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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Peter Chou: HTC won't 'destroy brand image' by releasing super-low-end phones


Good to hear HTC, you can start fixing your brand image with me by crushing the numerous Sense bugs and glitches in the EVO 4G LTE.

Just like they were going to cut down on # of phones they would release yet still pump out phones every hour.

How about simplifying the line up as well......they make so many versions of phones that all basically do the same thing.

that's not an HTC issue, that's a carrier issue. Verizon/Sprint/ATT/T-Mo want an "exclusive" device, so HTC is forced to make a One X, One S, etc...

Didn'hear the same load of crap shortly before they announced the One V?

How about that they worry more about keeping their current products up to date than writing press releases for things we all know they won't follow through with.

They claimed they understood that Sense was a very heavy skin and they were going to make it lighter with Sense 4. Really? Then how is an RUU with sense for well over 600 MB now? If anything Sense is even more bloated than ever.

I hope you're REALLY kidding because I have the Rezound and I consider it not a mid-level device but a high-end device that was unfortunately released at a time when people were excited about the up-coming Galaxy Nexus. Actually, I used the Razor Maxx before switching to the Rezound and, other than the battery life of the Maxx, I don't see anything that would make me choose it over the rezound.

wait, didn't they just announce a super-low-end microphone? called the HTC Golf or some such.

Also, look at the One V spec sheet. that's a piece of crud. so... o_O i don't get it.

As far as I am concerned there "Brand Image" took a big hit when the released the One X with no SD card slot and a non-removable battery.

I could not agree with you more. I will not buy another HTC phone as long as they lock down the battery and memory. As a matter of fact, as an HTC phone owner over the past 6 hears, I am, for the first time in a while, really considering another manufacturer. The new Samsung S3 looks like it might be the one. HTC has self inflicted wounds. Too bad they did it to themselves.

I hope Motorola bring out the RAZR HD soon as they are the company I am now most likely to get my next phone from. All the others talk more than deliver, Motorola seemingly stays whispering while still giving some nice looking devices aesthetically and hardware wise.

I really get annoyed at the criticism HTC get I've had the desire and now the one x and believe me this is the most amazing thing money can buy. When you link it up with the media link and watch all your movies on the big screen its just mind blowing stuff

Like I said on G+:

heh... too late for that. i mean, the one series is a big step up, but I've already been soured. The good screen on the one x isnt enough

Ahhhhh Ahhhhh CHOU! Excuse me fix the multitasking, it's contagiously complained about on your flagship OneX maybe the TwoX stands for Multitasking!

Whatever HTC. You lost me when you decided the price point was going to determine what you put in the One V. If you were a high end manufacturer, you would have spent the extra $5 per handset and put something like a 1.2 ghz S4 SoC in there instead of the outdated stuff you were using from more than a year ago. To save a bit of money you compromised the performance, the battery life, and user experience.

You're a dumbass, they meant stuff like the Desire C. The One V was supposed to be a somewhat low-mid range device, not a super low end phone.

Um, I do believe you are the dumbass. Go back and read what I said. It said nothing about the V being a super low end device. The entire comment was about them not being a high end manufacturer to me because of the hardware choices they made in the V. Nothing else. I can't help it if you lack the reading ability of a third grader.

No, i stand with what I say because the One X makes up for it, the One V was supposed to be the device it is.

It doesn't matter if you think the One X makes up for inferior choices in the One V. I quote, "We insist on using better materials to make better products that offer premium experience."

The One V has great build quality that offers a shitty experience which could have been great for a few dollars more. That isn't the sign of a company that "insists on using better materials", that is just crap.

"many consumer consumers like that" Well I am one of them. The LCD screen you guys techno-sorcered up for a start. Just a little annoyed I had to flash an AOSP Rom to make your hardware shine, Mr. Chou.

Same guy who stated "HTC will no longer lock our bootloaders" & "we have listened to our customers"

....and then released their next high-end device LOCKED.

Sorry, but this guy is full of crap.

HTC has already ruined their reputation by releasing the HTC POS X.
There are so many build quality issues with it that people are going through 8 dissent unit exchanges before they get one that doesn't have some serious issue like bad GPS, bad wifi, screen issues, etc.

I've got two and one is great, but the other one has broken GPS. I filed fir warranty service and they say it will take a month to repair because they're so backlogged at the repair center.

A month's worth of backlogged broken phones doesn't sound like a company that should get all the I-love-HTC-build-quality praises HTC gets

This will almost certainly be the last HTC I ever buy, my HTC EVO 4G had screen separation and the Nexus One had cavers and screen problems. For me HTC means Hard To Comprehend why purple outside their build quality so much. Five Samsung models I've had never an issue despite the plastic build.