Much hyped device will finally be unveiled to the world

The OnePlus One has been trying to work the Android crowd into a frenzy with its promise of being a #neversettle device. Gradually more and more about the device has been revealed and now so has the actual date for the grand unveiling.

On April 23 we'll get to see what all the fuss is about. OnePlus recently confirmed it settled on a Snapdragon 801 CPU and not the originally announced Snapdragon 800. So there we have it. Until April 23, then.

Source: OnePlus

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Very interested in seeing what the device will look like... At least.

rkcmd says:


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TomW093 says:

I'm genuinely interested in this phone, in a way I haven't been interested in one for a long time. Maybe this will replace my Nexus 5.

keith2k1 says:


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Hopefully they get the price around $500 or less in the USA. But I have a feeling we won't see it avail for sale until 4th quarter.

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Its supposedly under $400, but we'll see.

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Calma10 says:

I don't think it will be possible, for under $400. I don't think Xiomi can do it for under $400.

dalingrin says:

I'm not sure it is up for debate. They have said it is under $400.

anthonok says:

Will be too late... Already is.

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johnflorin says:

Is no one considering that this might be an April Fool's item?

TomW093 says:

Why would anyone start a company and go through all this trouble for an April Fool's joke? And wouldn't they set the announcement date for April 1st?

thebizz says:

Heck no that would single handed kill all the buzz and progress they've made.

thebizz says:

The more I follow this phone the more I want it. With the specs and the prices being below 500 for a 64 gig model. It sounds like a great phone to buy off contract

Calma10 says:

The phone has too much of a HYPE, I hope it delivers all the promises. i don't think It will live up to they hype. For Google to sell an affordable phone, it compromises on a lot of things. If they keep all the specs the price has to be higher, specially for a small new company on a small quantaties.

s2weden2000 says:

They might have made deals with bbk..owner of 0ppo&Vivo we don't know..and we don't need to either

... ( 0ppo F5) ...


Orion78 says:

Based on the specs for the price, I'm definitely putting this on my list for next phone. But I'm more interested on what moto does.

Joel E says:

Poor name choice.

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thebizz says:

The name if the phone is simply one. The name if the company is one plus.

takpro says:

Yep, lawyers will show up the day they announce it.