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Just picked up your Motorola Droid Bionic, eh?  After you've got it charged and ready to roll, for many the next step will be to root it and strip out the loads of carrier bloat Verizon so kindly supplies.  That will be a simple affair thanks to Pete Souza and his one-click Motorola Root Tools. The Bionic and any other Motorola phone running the 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread (like the Droid 3 and the Droid X2) can be rooted with a minimum of fuss, needing only a correctly set-up USB driver and the cable that came with your phone. Pete has things set up with easy to follow instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux so you'll be rock and rolling in no time.

Now for the big fat warnings -- currently, there is no way to roll back the Bionic to the factory state.  Once done, consider this permanent until further notice.  Also, word is that Motorola is well aware and will be patching this method shortly, so mind those OTA updates if you're considering the root road.  Any HTC EVO 4G user can tell you tales of woe and waiting once an update was accepted.  If you're clear on all this, and ready to go forward, hit the source link and have a go.

Source: Pete's Motorola Root Tools; More: Droid Bionic Forums

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frankiegth says:

Great job Pete ! Thanks a lot for the hard work...

El Jefe says:

I see the Droid X on that list. I take it that means it will root the current OTA Gingerbread builds for it too?

arrigob says:

Yes, this is only for users who are running Gingerbread OTA Droids.

vicw926a4 says:

Pete's site indicates "This method works on Motorola phones running Android OS 2.3.4 or earlier.", which looks to me like it should work for the current DX 2.3.3 level.

I used the 1-Click app yesterday on a refurbed DX, and it worked, but I'm now sorting through some instability that I didn't have with my old DX. Not sure if it's the hardware, which I don't have any history on, or the update.

I'm toying with trying the Unboot button on his 1-Click app, so that I can at least compare behavior on the unit with, and without root, but I don't know if anyone has tried Unroot yet.

johnysavage says:

You mean any Motorola phone running 2.3.4 that isn't the Photon, right? I don't see it on that list.

cmunic8r99 says:

Or the Atrix

arrigob says:

Double Posted, sorry!

arrigob says:

This does work, but be careful. The first time I ran it, it did not work and caused instability to my phone. I re installed the Gingerbread OTA freshly and tried again with success the second time.

I hope they are able to get this done through an app in the future like z4root.

benass49 says:

Will it work with the Atrix 2.3.4 update too?

edejon says:

There is already a well established and VERY easy way to root the Atrix on the 2.3.4 OTA update (firmware 4.5.91). Go over to the Atrix forums on XDA and look it up. It is easy to find and the whole process takes about 5 minutes. It is 100% stable and will cause absolutely no problems, provided you follow the directions.

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gadgetdaddy says:

Which one are you exactly referring to?

comiskeybum says:

I love this phone. Have not found a bad thing about it so far.

IceDree says:

Good to hear that, I bet its a good news for the rooters

jtornone says:

The Droid X2 is running 2.3.3 not 2.3.4

rfmike says:

it will still work i did it on a droid x last week.

kandiman1224 says:

I have regular droid x with 2.33, can I use this?

rfmike says:

yes you can give it a try....If it fails make sure you have everything to do the root. and try once more....if that doesn't work just leave it til the next update comes out.

PensHockey says:

So how long till we get a Z4 one click root?

AnGeLFaCe77 says:

I love the z4root when I used to root, i don't see a point now

ekc168 says:

Newbie question: What are the benefits/negatives of rooting? TIA

Jamin13 says:

Patiently awaiting a root method for 2.3.4 Kyocera Echo...

rfmike says:

This Root method ALSO WORKS on the Motorola Atrix!!!!! just an FYI...
I Rooted 2 of them just the other day.

edejon says:

Are you daft? Seriously? There HAS ALREADY BEEN an easy, well established root method for the Atrix on 2.3.4. It came out the day AFTER the 2.3.4 OTA for the Atrix was released. It is easy, takes VERY LITTLE TIME, and there are absolutely no questions about its' "stability". It won't even have a chance of messing up your phone (and there is obviously some questions/concerns about the root method in this thread...no questions/concerns on the method I am talking about) -- go over to XDA and have a look...it is probably on the first page of posts in development or general section.

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sanriver12 says:

what's your problem?

VDub2174 says:

So because I read things in such a literal sense, is it safe to assume that this just gives root access and not an unlocked bootloader?

edejon says:

Yes, it is "safe" to assume that.
Unfortunately, just a root method. :-/

| Motorola Atrix "3.5G", 2.3.4, rooted | Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, LTE, 3.1, rooted |

gacolen says:

I followed the instructions carefully, twice, and all it appeared to do is to reboot my phone three times (didn't prompt me for anything).

So I gave up and I have ordered "root explorer" which I guess voids my warrenty

Haloman720 says:

The same thing happened to me with my Droid bionic. i'm going to try it again later.

jo5060 says:

I have rooted my Droid X (2.3.3) and installed SetCPU which sets the clocking speed of the CPU. It runs between 1000 MHz and 300 MHz depending on user space, which means the lower the space the faster it runs. I have also created a profile that when the screen is off the CPU runs between 600 and 300 MHz. Furthermore to stop the system from over heating I have created a profile that clocks the CPU down to between 600 and 300 MHz when the temp reaches 40.2 degrees Cel. or 104 degrees Far.

craneopp says:

I did the one click method the app says the phone is rooted but I have no Icon to access it what's up with this ?