Nokia Lumia 1020

Device will naturally feature Nokia and Microsoft apps instead of Google Play

Mobile World Congress

Nokia may finally release its long-rumored Android phone, and the announcement is expected as soon as this month. According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, Nokia engineers have continued to work on the budget-minded Android device as the company prepared to be acquired by Microsoft. As you would expect, Nokia doesn't plan to put Google Play on the device nor highlight any of Google's services, choosing instead to fill the phone with its own apps such as Here maps and services from Microsoft.

The phone is expected to be a low-end replacement for its current "Asha" devices, which are targeted at emerging markets and have used an in-house developed operating system even as all of its higher-end devices moved to Windows Phone. Minimum spec requirements have kept Windows Phone off of these budget phones, and it seems Nokia plans to test the waters with using Android rather than try and shoehorn WP8 onto the handsets. The report claims that Nokia is ready to show off this new Android-powered device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It's unclear exactly what Nokia's plans for using Android in the future would be, but the best assumption right now is that this will be a distinctively low-end play. Taking into consideration that Nokia currently makes a vast majority of the Windows Phone handsets available in the market today, there's little reason to think that Microsoft would consider a shift towards Android on any devices capable of running its own operating system.

​Source: Wall Street Journal


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Nokia's first Android phone to be released this month, according to WSJ report


Well I won't buy that phone. Bren waiting for a lumia phone with android software and this ain't it. Smdh at you nokia

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Well hacks are possible... If a ROM is made this could be good

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Now boys and girls we will see actual fragmentation begin to take root. or if you prefer, you can throw the word "forking" around a lot.

Why do they have to forking make a fork of Android?! Fork you, Nokia! :)

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Fragmentation is a faux dilemma created by an intimidated competitor. The only real issue that "fragmentation" could cause is widespread app incompatibilities between different Android versions. That is not a problem at all. There are very few apps with such limitations and virtually none when looking at modern Android builds (4.1+). Forking does not increase Android "fragmentation" any more than the existence of iOS or Windows Phone increases it. Competitors know they cannot compete with an open and capable platform, so the only choice they have is to plant ideas like "fragmentation" to try and scare people away. Obviously it is not working. If "fragmentation" was a legitimate issue, then Android would not command 80% of the phone market!

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I'm tempted to copy this into a file and just paste it anytime some maroon says "fragmenTAtion!" It's that good.

Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but all the pictures in the app are stretched vertically.

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I'm having that "issue," too.

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Me as well.

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Yes I've been noticing the images are all stretched and skewed as well. It didn't used to be that way. Must be a recent update

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"Nokia doesn't plan to put Google Play"
Stopped caring right there. Call me when Nokia puts out a full fledged android device. Sure the community will find some way to get google play to work on the phone but I would rather have it out of the box with no hassles.

Android is an open-source platform made by Google. Google Play runs on top of Android.


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Will never happen
Microsoft owns Nokia
Google Play = promoting Google over Bing.

This is the closest to an Android Phone they'd ever consider, a forked version much like Amazon's Kindle Fire

I wonder if companies will start suing MS/Nokia due to Android patent infringements.

That'll be interesting if MS has to defend Android.

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They are only using the open sourced core of Android, not the patented closed source Google play
there will be not patent suits, much like Amazon has never been sued for forking Android into Kindle Fire

You missed the point. There are a lot of people that think that core Android violates their IP. They could come after Nokia if they use the disputed function.

Android is open source. They can do whatever they want with it, as long as they don't bundle proprietary software like Google services on it.


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Nokia making an Android phone running Microsoft services is just as awesome as Amazon making an Android tablet running Amazon services.

This openness is the beauty of Android.

Anyone is free to make a device running Android. Google Play and Android aren't the same thing.

Good luck without the play store. It will be like those bargain bin shit tablets at Christmas time.

Kindle Fires are the exception to the rule, because they have a huge behemoth backing them with content. Microsoft, for all their money, have no content worth using whatsoever in any ecosystem.

Microsoft is not making this. This is a Nokia device designed to give them a low cost alternative to their feature phones. It is targeted towards developing nations and will be dirt cheap like their Asha phones. I would that they will never, ever use the word Android at any point when\if this device is announced. They may mention it if questioned, but will not advertise it as Android in the slightest bit.

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Awww, that's cute.

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Android dorks don't need the Lumia camera.
We have the Sony 20Megapixel G Lens.

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Have you even used that Sony? The camera is pitiful... And this is coming from a self professed Sony fanboy... All my cameras are Sony... Except for my Lumia 1020 and 1520

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If I want a good camera then I'll buy a good camera, not shitty phone that has good PHONE camera.

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Unless they plan on selling this non-android or quasi-android phone for the price of used chewing gum, I do not expect it to sell - well, at all. Someone actually was paid to make this terrible business decision? Hey, let's sell an android phone that doesn't play well with Android. Brilliant! Wtf?

Not sure what is going on at Microsoft, but some of their decisions are just plain head scratching. First, there is Window's 8 - which is just ugly. I have always updated my computers with the latest Microsoft OS, up until Windows 8. I loved my Xbox 360, but the decision to focus less on games and more on being a glorified cable box forced me to buy a PS4.

It's almost as if they are trying to push long time users away.

Technically Kindle fires are not Android tablets. They are running Fire OS and sold with that being the OS listed. We all know that they build their OS using Android as the core, but still they are not sold or marketed as Android tablets.

They used to describe Fire OS as "based on Android.. (2.3.3/4.0.3)". Now they say "Fire OS 3.0 (compatible with Android 4.2.2, API level 17)".

Are you saying all the Chinese tablets that run Android but not Google Play aren't really Android tablets?

I too am dubious about Xbox's one's focus on being a cable box, but honestly I don't see how anything they are trying to add in the media center category detracting from it being a good gaming console.

For me the controller makes the decision for me anyway so I'm biased.

Cost matters - the unit is expensive, so they had to make compromises in order to add other options for a media center. That meant taking out from the gaming portion - already many PS4 games are running at a higher frame rate with better resolution too boot, than the Xbox One.

Yeah. I agree with respect to the controllers. XBox still has the best controllers, however, the PS4's are not as bad as they have been in the past. However, that new mouse pad type thing on the PS4 looks like it may have some potential in future games.

Also, I should note that the PS4 menu interface still needs a lot of work. Very boring and uninspired in my view. In the end, however, where it counts, PS4 delivers most - in gaming power.

If Microsoft makes an Android App Store (just like Amazon) and it's stocked with all of the popular apps and games, it'll do just fine.

What's the market share for the Kindle Fire? It seems over 41 million Android Tablets were sold in the 4th quarter last year - Amazon Fire sold under 6 million. That's not great by any stretch - so you're argument is that Microsoft is setting their sights low?!

Again, I am not sure who will buy this phone.

So every device needs 50% marketshare?

As long as the apps and games people want are there, the phone will do just fine. This device probably won't be expensive either.

Media.. But they worked hard on getting Android developers who made Android apps for Google Play to submit their work to the Amazon App Store. For the general consumer, having apps like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Pandora and iHeartRadio could be enough.

Except it's not just about having an app store. Android is becoming less open as Google moves more and more fundamental pieces of Android out of AOSP and into Google Play services. Without access to the Google Play services APIs you will always have a less than ideal android experience. With each release this is becoming more and more true. Android on Nokia is about making a play at the low-end emerging markets and thats it. It's not meant to be a sustainable model for the mainstream.

There is an article on ArsTechnica that does a much better job at explaining this. It's titled, "Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable." Just search for it because apparently we can't include links anymore.

I read it. Made it seem like it was more important for games - which probably isn't that big of a deal for the Asha-level market.

Not just for games at all, that's just one example. The APIs in Play services include support for things like Maps, location services, in-app purchasing, Google+ integration, remote wipe, malware scanning and a lot more. And the key point is that more and more pieces are being moved away from the open souce AOSP and into Play services with every release. I do think you are right that for the low end of the market it won't matter as much. But consider that if similar spec'd devices are available at the same price point that do have Google services, which do you think will sell better?

On your first two, I'd already expect Microsoft and Nokia to replace those with their own mapping services.

Amazon built in-app purchase for their Android-based Fire OS. I'd expect Microsoft and Nokia to do the same. Are in-app purchases even a big deal in these emerging markets?

Google+ integration is irrelevant.

I believe Asha phones running Exchange can already do remote wipe functions. Again - Nokia could probably easily add that in.

All the lumias already have remote wipe. Way before android to

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I don't see why you couldn't load Amazon's app store and eventually find a way to load Play on it.
It's an Android phone.

This is a joke right? Nokia is indirectly insulting the likes of Android. Just toss android os on the crap budget phones.



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Among the global population, what percent are represented by techno-geek-nerds who have money and time=life to waste playing with a variety of expensive handsets?

Ah, OK, I just checked back with the article - it is for 'emerging markets' which may not appreciate the silliness of the product. Ok - so maybe not exactly a stupid business decision, but still shady in my view - selling people, who may not have that much, a product that seems to be less than what it could be so Microsoft could make a little extra profit.

The weakness of Windows phone and strength of Android is apps... why would you take away the strength of the Android Play store... DUMB.

What's bad about Bing? It's a search engine, just like Google is.

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Maybe for the US version, but in France for example, Bing is just awful. It's slowly getting better though.

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preference. I still think that Google search results are more relevant than the ones that Bing throws back. Hyundai and BMW are just cars....

Bing is great. Works great as a daily wallpaper for my lumia 925. I use it on my lumia and windows desktop for search, not to mention the bing news app. I like Bing news more than Google news.

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The weakness of Windows Phone when talking about low end devices for emerging markets is its high minimum specs and high cost to license. This limits how cheap Nokia can make a Windows Phone. Android can be placed on dirt cheap hardware and even without Google Play, it will be easier to get developers to support their app store as compatibility is automatic.

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I would love this. Always liked Nokia. Just a matter of time for some dev to hack the OS and use the Play Store.

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With those specs, it should have stayed as a prototype. I don't even think this thing qualifies as low end.

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This is going to be interesting to watch. Since MS is buying Nokias smartphone manufacturing arm and is also one of the companies who helped buy up Nortel's patent portfolio. The same patent portfolio that was then handed over to Rockstar Bidco to do nothing else but level a concerted patent lawsuit attack against Google and Android device makers.

Seems like MS will be playing both sides of the fence. Sure they could still put out an Android smartphone. But without any of the core Google services, who would buy it?

I'd rather buy an Apple smartphone than an Android smartphone without the Google services. 

I don't think the commenters on this article realize these phones will not be targeted at people who care what OS the phone is running. The people that most likely be buying these are going to be caring about 1 thing: price tag.

Win8 Mobile shouldn't cost them anything either. Makes no sense to me, put Symbian on it then.

I think the rumor mill was why ppl were so disappointed in the comments when you hype something up and its below expections you should expect critiscim but that's not always entirely fair

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So long as you can side load apps it will be fine. If this is any kind of successor to the 620, 520, 521, it will be a success.


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I'd get a Lumia 1020 if it ran any sort of android.
Hopefully the devs at XDA can get CM on it somehow.

Nokia is finally releasing an Android phone, but a low end phone at that...don't give a shit...go back to making Windows phones if you can't make a descent Android phone.

Sideload the Amazon Appstore on it, and BAM! cheapo fun phone. Hope it has an awesome camera on it.

Hilarious that it takes more hardware to run Windows Phone (blah, plain) than Android.

An Android phone without Google Play? Why? The whole point of going with Android is the apps (for most users anyway). Take away the apps, and what is left? This will bomb big time.

The whole point of going with Android is making an affordable (from both the R&D aspect and from the consumer aspect) that will run apps to make you money. Outlook, Skydrive, Bing,....they all make MS money.

Idk. Could the long run be a Android Fork and Windows Phone dual boot? Just a thought.

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You forgot how Android has .apks, alternative app stores and possible AOSP ROMs from the community.

Of course, nothing beats Google Play on Android, but I'm just pointing out the beauty of Android.

That said, probably won't get this device, not because it lacks Google Play services, but because I don't want another Nokia. I hope it runs KitKat with those specs.

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I love the build quality of my lumia 925. Was hoping for a high end android. I guess not.

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Funny thing is it will still have more apps than the top most lumia bcoz of sideload XD

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"As you would expect, Nokia doesn't plan to put Google Play on the device nor highlight any of Google's services, choosing instead to fill the phone with its own apps such as Here maps and services from Microsoft."

Useless already.

"Device will naturally feature Nokia and Microsoft apps instead of Google Play:"

Yeah... that'll work well.

Hmm... this shit-tastic mess or a Moto G... Such a hard decision. It's like having to choose between masturbation with a cheese grater or sex with Mila Kunis.

Edit: OK OK.... the Moto G isn't actually Mila Kunis... that'd be the X or the Nexus 5. But at least sex with Amy Adams or Allison Mack.

Hi - Waazzupppp here... Used to be over here a lot with my Evo 4G, but the post over at WPCentral brought me back here today. That said, I always love the fragmentation talk. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't fragmentation of an OS actually have to do with the fact that something that is programmed for Version X won't work on Version Y? You can have as many versions of an OS as you want, but if an App runs on X, Y and Z, there's no fragmentation there at all.

From what I've seen, Nokia want's to stop making Symbian based devices all together. There's no developer support and there's just no market for them when Android devices are so cheap. Heck, even the Lumia 5xx series is under $50 in the US. Making a Microsoft services supported Android device makes total sense. Plus, you can refine the experience on these $20 handsets and then release the prime-time ready Skype, Outlook, OneDrive and other service Apps to Google Play and have everyone start using them. You hook in your Xbox Music/Gaming experience and you now have a reason to purchase one of those.

Nokia still makes awesome hardware and makes it very inexpensive. The 515 is a gorgeous feature phone. The design is beautiful and the battery goes for about 3 days. It costs around $20 in 3rd world markets. They still pull down about $5-7 a phone at that price. If they can do the same with Android/Nokia-oid phones, awesome. It will only benefit everyone...

Now my bigger question to you guys - the Android faithful - what do you think of the rumor that MS is going to include APK support in Windows Phone 8.1.x? Would you switch to Lumia hardware if you could keep your APK's?

BreathTaking news for Nokia lovers..!! Finally rumors turned into reality. Nokia with jellybean? Tiles and themes of windows? Looks as if Nokia is about to hand-over a magic wand with supernatural powers to its consumers. Blessings of Goddes Google, Power Of Nokia, and Personality of Microsoft all together in one device starting at ₹ 8599..!! Awesome exploration of news, Fantastic..!!
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