Nexus One dev phone

We're still trying to get over the death of the Nexus One as a consumer phone, but at least Google planned on continuing to make it available to developers. And now it's official, available to devs for $529. You'll need to be a registered developer to get one (actually, you can buy up to 10), but at least the N1 will continue to live on. [Google Dev Blog]

Update: Yeah, you'll be buying the one with T-Mobile 3G.


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Nexus One now officially a dev phone


I know they said no Nexus Two... but why not?

This could make it "that phone" to beat? You know?
People would finally say, "oh you got a Google Nexus phone?" instead of "Is that a Google phone?" or worse yet, "Is it like the Iphone?"

Just saying... from a marketing perspective, this would be a good idea. This is why the Iphone does well.
Infact, Samsung is doing waht Google was trying to do to get with getting their phone on all carriers.
The Samsung Galaxy S series was a great idea and with it being on all carriers, people can say "yeah, I have one of those Galaxy S phones by Samsung".

Just makes sense to me... maybe not to others.

If anything, make an Incredible 2 or Evo 2... A line of phones is good.

I think google should continue to make the nexus line simply because it will continue to give vanilla android to the world. Since the nexus one will be gone i really am worried that we will only see what the OEMs want us to see and i think that seriously threatens the openess of android. Ever since the nexus one we have seen companies like motorola (and even HTC) start to really lock down their android phones. I really think the reason that the droid x and soon to be droid 2 are locked down is because verizon wants it that way. In the past verizon was the worst when it came to control and i was really surprised to see verizon be the biggest supporter of android here in the states. Really verizon only got this way because of the success of the iphone and now it looks like they are getting comfortable again and that is scary. I don't want a world of smartphones that look like they are open but really only.let you see what they want you to see. It will be interesting to see how many of the wireless providers allow the wifi hotspot that froyo brought. I really don't see a comany releasing an android phone with vanilla android unless it is google. I think they should make the nexus one and sell it unlocked at their store who cares if it does well cause it will keep the OEMs like motorola, htc, and samsung honest by letting the consumer have the choice of having plain vanilla android and the features that google wanted us to have. If for.anything else google could introduce nexus every year unlocked like they did the N1. Then the hard core android fans would have a plain android phone and the developers would have a great top of the line dev phone so we continue to get great apps. The thought of not having a new nexus really gives to much power to the OEMs and threatens innovation. Look at what the nexus one did, i mean if google never made the nexus one we would still have mediocre phones with appx 600 mhz processors, 256 mb RAM, 3.5 inch screens, and horrible resolution. Since the nexus we have seen a huge leap in android as each phone one ups the other and we have phones that are mutimedia powerhouses like the galaxy s, droid lines, and htc phones.

I think android central should really consider doing an article about this "threat" that faces android if google doesn't continue to make the nexus one and vanilla android. I know i would continue to buy nexus phones even if i buy one.of the great phones from samsung, motorola, and htc. I have a captivate now and surprisingly i.really like touchwiz, but i also will.never get rid of my nexus one because i will always be a fan of getting the features (like wifi tethering) that google wanted us to have. I really think that part of the reason that froyo is coming out so quick this time is because the nexus one getting 2.2 really put the pressure on companies to be the first (and not the last, im looking at you samsung) to have froyo on their phones and i can't help but think if it was up to the OEMs and no nexus one to put pressure on them that we would be waiting for a long while to actually get froyo and with gingerbread just around the corner i would be willing to bet we would never get it.on some. That's a scary thought and really not releasing the newest android build is in the favor for OEMs cause they want you to buy their newest phone two to three times a year. Not having a "google phone" will really threaten android on so many lines and google really needs to really think about this. I for one would buy an unlocked google phone once a year no matter the price. Sorry so long and such horrible grammar i am writing this on my captivate (ironic isn't it ha ha).

I couldn't agree more. Google needs to make another phone because it looks like none of the OEM will ever offer pure Android and even if they do, they'll likely strip away the features or try to charge for it. A perfect example is the wifi tether that comes with Froyo 2.2. You can gurantee that future devices offered from carriers will not have this feature or they'll be an extra charge for it, which is ridiculous in my opinion.

Well the article just says you have to be a "registered developer", and all there is to registering as a developer is to head over to the Android Market page and sign up, plus pay the one-time $25 fee.

Don't know if getting the Nexus requires any other small nuances like actually have an app published in the market already or anything like that.

You just pay the 25$. That's it. I bought the original dev phone that way. Google Dev Phone 1 (HTC dream)

fake being a developer? heh, why don't you just not even bother with the phone since it is not aimed towards you.

Wow That's cool but I think they should let it rest in its grave for now...... AND LET IT RETURN AS A ZOMBIE in a NEW COOLER FORM?and make a new nexus one2 lol (hold one not one of those night of the living dead zombies there slow a 28days later kind lol)

Do you guys know if AT&T version (3G also works on 850) of N1 will be sold in US? I've heard that N1 will be sold to developers only in Europe and only with T-Mobile version (3G do not work on 850)


Yeah... I'm a bit sad about it myslef. I encouraged a lot of people to get a Nexus, mostly because I had mine at work all the time and ended up demo-ing it for for a lot of customers... even though I wouldn't be getting any commission for the sale. I was SO looking forward to the Google Nexus Two. I imagined that HTC would bring us the only Android device with a 5-inch display, 2GHz processor, running, like, Honeycomb 2.5 or something. I'm in such denial... I keeping thinking we're gonna start to read rumors about Google's new Android device. I admit... I rotate my Vibrant and my Nexus right now, but ultimately its about what new device would make you put your Nexus down. This message is being sent from my Nexus.