Ahhh Crap. Not a great way to start the week :/

Gorilla glass is tough, but it doesn't protect from stupid.

D'Oh!!! I decided to start the week on a healthy note and went for a jog this morning. I find the One X a little too big to jog with comfortably (whether in pocket or worn on arm), so I put it to use in another way... I start the clock app's stopwatch when I leave my house, and hit stop when I get back. Sounds pretty safe, right? 

Wrong. With my 5-miler finished, I panted my way back in the house. I picked up the phone. I hit stop on the stopwatch. But between my sweaty hands and post-run shaking, the phone fell out of my hand and landed screen side down onto the hardwood floor. Game over. Gorilla glass is tough, but it doesn't protect from stupid. :/

Lesson learned. Yet again. It's always safer to wrap your phone in a case. If you don't have one yet, click on over to ShopAndroid.com. Seriously. Be smarter than me. Protect your investment.

As for my stop on Android for the Mobile Nations World Tour, I'll take this as a sign that it's time to move on. I have a couple final posts in the hopper. We'll get those posted this week then it'll be time to move on and try out another mobile platform.

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jfs101 says:

Just remember to change the screen before giving it away... Or you could just send it to me and I'll deal with it.

wezra says:

Great words to the wise... I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, except in my case my HTC One S was in an Otterbox case and the screen and phone were fine... not even a scratch on the case. With the cost of phones these days it is a small price to pay for a protective case and good screen saver.

S_C_B says:


sdreelin says:

Ouch....but what are you going to try next....buying an iPhone, Windows phone or another Blackberry right this minute is moot..... Bad timing bro.

Going to switch back to a BlackBerry for a few weeks... we have our annual BlackBerry Developer conference last week of September, so will rock a BB for that. 

Then will go iPhone 5 next (should be available by then after the conference), and then will go to Windows Phone 8 when that hits later in the fall.

Then from there it will be BlackBerry 10!  (may say hi to webOS just for fun in the mix there too).

So timing isn't *too* bad.

Robbzilla says:

Frankly, I'm hoping you'll type a post about how it feels going back to the BB after all this time on Android.

All This time? He went back to BlackBerry halfway through for a couple weeks around the RIM AGM. Lol

And Kevin it literally brings a tear to my eye seeing what happened to what is easily one of the best device on Android. Hope you invest in a screen replacement to bring her back to her former glory even if you won't be using it daily anymore.

ballison78 says:

You should be able to get the glass fixed. Mission Repair did a good job on my iPhone.

RustyU says:

I run with mine in an armband and it's not that unwieldy, plus I don't have the sweaty grippy smashy problem.

Ps. 5 miles? Lightweight ;)

renzi555 says:

Something smells fishy here...

icebike says:

Looks fishy too.
The central impact site with radial cracks indicates a point impact, it didn't just hit a hardwood floor, but rather landed on something about an eight of an inch in diameter. Maybe a small stone tracked in on a shoe.

Madness87 says:

Maybe you need to shower then... This is Kevin, the founder of Crackberry and editor and this is part of the Mobile Nations World Tour where he will try the best devices from each of the "joint" sites.

He's a great guy, and not some fanboy out to hurt Android.

MrJazz says:

Relax, Kevin. We're ALL smarter than you.


razorsbk says:

This would be quite an interesting giving away :))

icu says:

If you watch the commercials clearly you are meant to hold the phone in your hand as your run a marathon listening to Moby Dick.

kstoutdog says:

should've been using endomondo anyway...

petestl says:

Maybe Phil Nickinson will let you have his Thunderbolt...It's a serious "piece" of hardware....

Kevin, I too dropped my first Droid (HTC-X710a) Raider on a tile floor yesterday - busting the glass and LCD. This has never happened with my BlackBerry's since 2001. RIM, please deliver the goods...

TheBigFerret says:

This begs for a Flash Animation! May I suggest Chewbacca in the role of Kevin. Kidding of course, Kevin rules.

dadathepanda says:

If Gorilla Glass is not tough enough to withstand a mere drop on the floor, then what is it good for? On another note, I don't believe Kevin's explanation; rather I think he needed an excuse to get a new phone LOL

crxssi says:

It *can* be tough enough, but it depends on hundreds of tiny factors. No glass can handle everything.

Gorilla glass (and similar) is specifically designed to resist scratching more than slamming (from what I remember).

I have seen videos of people slamming the One X against the ground multiple times before it finally shattered. But you can also barely drop it, just the right way, and have it shatter with almost no impact.

I'd suggest walking at a leisurely pace, with rubber gloves.

I hear you on the case for the One X. If I had that phone I wouldn't want to put it in a case either since its such a nice design.

BenjaSands says:

This would be more heartbreaking if you actually had to pay for these phones.

I did pay for that phone!

Naza1966 says:

just like you paid for that $500.00 app huh?????


hahahahahah +9000 lol

Roboticz says:

I just love how the lead Blackberry/Crackberry guy is using an Android phone and making posts on the Android website. Welcome! :-) I also made the switch from Blackberry to Android... :-)

He's not switching... he's trying all the platforms and in the end will come out and tell us his second favorite or so he said on on of the Podcasts. He's been carrying an iPhone as a second device for years but even he's sick of the tiny screen.

A giveaway would be pretty sweet! I'd love to attempt a replacement job. :)

Ravage790 says:

i think he finally realized his love for android and hated himself for it so he throw it on the ground...

_X_ says:

Kevin that is the number one reason why I like Samsung Galaxy S so much. It's light and has the screen indented in to protect the screen. I've dropped it on hard concrete sans a protective cover without damage to the screen. The newer phones are placing the screen outwards exposing them. Not surprisingly more cracked screens

Btw there is a good video on Gorilla Glass. The end result is GG is good against sharp objects and coins, but horrible against sand. Also in her test GG broke every time she dropped the phone face down.

mcaples says:

This kinda makes me feel good...not that you broke your phone...but I've dropped my Droid Incredible 2 atleast 4 times last week, on my cement front step (finally decide on a case) and had nothing but a few scratches to show for it.

hfm says:

Nice way to pimp the store.. gg

elemino says:

Someone should remind him HTC doesn't use Gorilla Glass anyway.

engineerga says:

Specs show that it has Corning Gorilla Glass 2.0.

crxssi says:

You are extremely wrong. In fact, MOST HTC phones use Gorilla Glass. It is right on Corning's website.

rsanchez1 says:

RIP Crackberry Kevin's...

:O :O :O

...HTC One X

>:( %&%!

Why do you do this to me?!

pjniez says:

I'm not at all surprised that you dropped it. The One X is super slippery! Mine has slipped from many hands a few times. Fortunately for me, though, I've only dropped it on carpeting so far...

leaponover says:

Just another reason why exercising is stupid and costly....

Who cares if you think you will be healthy and live longer, it will just prolong your battle with some other disease you can do nothing about. Also, the arthritis and back pain from the stress you put on your body will leave you a mangled mess even as your heart keeps ticking. Just sit on the couch, surf the internet, write your articles and stop the nonsense.

erwaso says:

Looks like it still works. Slap a screen protector on to keep the glass together. Done.

wilfreb says:

Perfect, this is your opportunity to get the best phone ever, go and get yourself a Galaxy S3!

ulnek says:

hmmm my nexus flew across the room, landed screen down on concrete, battery came off, no scratches of any kind anywhere