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Monday Brief: Windows Phone 8 Unveiled, BB10 with a Physical Keyboard, and more!


Maybe AC and it's affiliate sites should not use smut to get their predominantly male audience to watch their weekly news. I mean really, does she need to have her tits hanging out to tell us this stuff. She couldn't say, wear a sweater, or a nice button up top? Frankly I am a little insulted that this is what they think they need to do to get me to watch their videos.

Shesh guys, grow up. Yes, Ashley is beautiful, very pleasant to look at, but that's a bonus. She's also quite smart and good at what she does, and the personality to go with it. Can't we just admire her work and appreciate her beauty at the same time with some class?

And to the username I won't repeat, I don't see how this is classified as smut? I'm hoping your simply being sarcastic.

You're absolutely right. We should never think of Ashley as a sex object, despite frequent discussions about sex on the podcast and her blatant "go suck a dick" comment she made during a podcast.

If you're gonna make that bed, you can't be upset when the guys expect you to lie in it.


What is being pointed out here is that she is the one choosing to wear what she is. Mostly tops that show off her rack. Not to mention as w5cyc stated she also uses blatant sexual comments as well. Frankly if she wanted to be taken seriously she would not be wearing what she does and talking as she does. It is quite obvious she is being used to sexualize these news segments to appeal to a predominantly male audience, just so they can get more views.

And not that it matters, but for the record w5cyc would much prefer the brunette on the podcast, anyway. She strikes me as 100% natural. The blonde....I'm not so sure.

1. She has a nice rack. She's a girl. They have racks. Go rub one out and get on with your day.

2. She's not pouring out of her shirt. It's a low cut T that you'd see in any place you go if you actually leave your parent's basement.

3. The local TV weather girl may have nice t!ts too, but I'm still gonna watch to find out if it's going to rain this weekend.

Difference being that the local weather girl would never be allowed on air wearing the things Ashley is. Precisely because it would be inappropriate.

What the flying hell are you guys talking about. I was reading this on my phone on the mobile version of the site, so no video. I came to my computer to see what all the fuss is about...

WTF. She has a standard shirt on that you get from Old Navy or something. Are some of you literally retarded or just trolling? Literally, go to the mall or any public place. Just look around at what women are wearing. They aren't all in business suits.

They are being children. Their "blame game" mentality is like the argument that if a woman is wearing a "sexy" outfit, shes asking to be raped.

Thanks for the great report this week.

Please ignore the trolls who comment on your clothes. One day, they will move out of mom's basement...

Ignore the "trolls" who comment on your clothes? Now THAT'S funny. She'll never ignore those who comment on her clothes. She eats that attention up. It's the only reason a girl dresses like that to begin with -- for the attention. We're her favorite people in the world.