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More devices from other 'household names' to come in 2015

Canonical, the folks behind the Ubuntu project, has announced their initial hardware partners for the Ubuntu smartphone launch. BQ of Spain and the Chinese giant Meizu have signed on, and will both be delivering products running Ubuntu in 2014.

In a live-broadcast event this morning, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth made it clear that they wanted their initial partners to be specialists at penetrating the emerging markets. That means low-cost handsets are the goal, and while we don't know much about what BQ will be offering we do know that Meizu plans to build an Ubuntu version of the MX3 — which currently runs Android. He went on to say that both BQ and Meizu are a perfect match for Ubuntu

These are two great companies. Two Fiesty companies. Two companies that are great for Ubuntu

We have no details on availibility or pricing, or where these phones will be sold. Shuttleworth has spoken before that Canonical has excellent carrier support and backing, and that he wants Ubuntu smartphones available everywhere. We're going to catch up with Canonical at MWC, and see what else we can learn.

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Meizu and BQ announced as Ubuntu smartphone partners


No you're definitely right, I'm a fan of the Surface's industrial design, I really wish we could've seen the Ubuntu Edge come to fruition.

I don't know much about the Ubuntu OS itself, but the name Ubuntu sounds very, very strange, to say the least.

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Keep in mind the desktop isn't on their new platform yet (unity 8). You get unity7 which is what the desktop has been in for a while.

The new desktop will be very similar but bring the mobile side, new app store (apps update independent of os), image based updates, consistency through new sdk, goes through automated testing, etc.. Very exciting.. It comes in version 14.10 (October 2014).

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If I had a 1st and 2nd choice of phone OS's, Android would be #1 and Ubuntu #2. I use Ubuntu for development work at home and have it as a dual boot on my work laptop. If you are a fan of Redhat, you will love Ubuntu just as much. I only wish I could get my hands on Ubuntu for mobile to play with.

I had no idea what an MX3 was until just now. I'm not going to lie, that's a stunner! I hope Ubuntu can get up and running with that design! I'd be in for one (if it comes to Sprint... darn...)

Shuttleworth needs to talk to ASUS to get Ubuntu Phone to work with the ASUS Padfone form-factor. Full-on phone that you can drop-slide into a tablet section (I'd like a 8" and 10" tablet section option) which can then connect to a keyboard dock with extra internal battery and ports.

I think I like this idea of yours.... very much... I would like it even more if it gave you a full Ubuntu OS experience when connected to the tablet.

I disagree. If anything I'd like a display slate with a separate battery that wirelessly connects to my phone while it stays in my pocket. Even more so, a laptop shell.

Physically docking is unnecessary.

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