This should really come as no surprise to many, but LG apparently has decided to put aside hardware for Windows Phone in favor of continuing to bring new Android headsets to the market. Back at Mobile World Congress LG brought nothing to the table except for Android devices, so the writing was on the wall for the Windows Phone folks, but that doesn't soften the blow. LG has only recently been able to turn a profit after seven straight quarters of posting losses, and that could be partially due to their new Android assortment, like the LG Lucid, LG Thrill 4G and the others that have recently hit the market. We know LG has made the right decision here, and we can hope that their dedicated focus on Android devices will lead to even better quality devices, and more.

Source: Korea Herald; via: WPCentral


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LG opts to focus on Android devices, leaves Windows Phone in the rearview


Wow...they turned a profit on Android devices. What with all the poor phone quality and support they have (G2X), I am surprised they are even still in business. LG no more.

This is no loss, considering that LG often makes junk and they rarely support even the good phones. Updates from them take ages. The first LG Windows phone was a joke, like they didn't even make an effort and their most recent phones, such as the Nitro, are plagued with major issues that make them undesirable (horrible battery life) or old software with no update in sight.

Bottom line: LG just doesn't get it.

meh honestly I think they WILL be back at some point to WP.

but in the end.. who really cares .. LG makes less then stellar smartphones ( they have only been making them for 1 or 2 years )

let them fail on Android for a few years before they come back to WP. lol

Windows Phone loses LG to Android while soon Android might lose B&N's Nook devices to Windows Phones. I'd say they're even!

The great irony of course is that MS gets a licensing fee from 70% of all Android devices sold. Even if LG isn't selling Windows Phones it is contributing to Microsoft's bottom line. I can hear Ballmer laughing all the way to the bank now.

Microsoft gets a licensing fee from 100% of all Android, iOS, Palm, Symbian, Maemo, BlackBerry, and Bada phones sold. Several feature phones as well. Can't get Exchange mail without paying for it.

Some licensing fees are more newsworthy than others.

Played with a G2X today.
The guy was like the best Android phone ever. I just have to get you to try my phone, and I did. So then I asked him what version of Android was he on and he was like what?, I don't know. But Android is the best there is.
I agreed with him and took out my Evo 3D.

His happy expression faded while he watched me.

My catch phrase being, "all Android aren't created equal".

To all those talking down about the Windows phones I only have one thing to say: try out a Lumia 900 for a week or two and say that Nokia made a mistake. You won't be able to do it. Now, I will agree that LG needs to work on their software. The last update to the Optimus S series made the phone almost unusable. But their phones have consistently been reliable for the budget minded consumer for the most part.