Since we started doing our polls each weeknight, the most popular requested subject from you guys was about root.  People want to know who is rooting their phones, and why they're doing it.  It's a choice everyone should consider before making, as these little (and not so little) pieces of glass and plastic can get pretty darned expensive to replace.  Futzing around with the software can be a risky move, and when your done your phone is a bit less secure.  

But man, can it be fun.  So let's take a poll and see what the average reader of Android Central has to say.  Do you root your phone?



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Late-night poll: Is your Android phone rooted?


I've had my Motorola ATRIX 2 for a little over a month, and at first I wasn't going to root it... but I'm so glad that I did!

Hero/Epic 4G/Evo 4G/Optimus S/SGSII-E4GT - all rooted on my Sprint account. Love flashing ROMs & themes!

I still own my Nexus One and use it every now and then. I would buy that phone again if they would bump the specks up to todays new phones. I love the way the N1 feels in your hand, It is just a great phone that is under powered. If that phone came out again tomorrow with great specks I would bet it sells tons of units. It is a great phone, bring it back with great specks.

Rocking a rooted Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro running CM7 because I love tinkering, customizing and having my device just the way I want it!

At this current moment, unfortunately no I am using the stock 2.3 for my Epic 4g. CWM has been giving me grief so I can't play with all the fun things over on xda.

try rooting it using the new droid 4 method...this had worked for a lot of people with the new moto updates.

I have owned 4 android phones and have rooted all of them except my GNexus. I guess I will get around to it eventually but in the past I rooted to fix problems I had with the phone. I haven't had any issues with my Galaxy Nexus so I guess I'm in no rush.

had my Incredible and Droid 2 rooted, havent found an effective way to root my gingerbred shift yet though...

If at least to be able to restore app data and get rid of ads oh yeah I root. Even had my first bout with adb so I could root my rezound... I wanted to wait but I needed Tibu more.

I am extremely happy with my galaxy nexus at this time. But I will have to consider the possibility down the road of rooting my galaxy nexus right at this time I am happy stock.

Less secure? Are you kidding me?
Just use LBE or Droidwall and see how many apps are sending your data out to the mothership...
My phone is much more secure since I have been using a firewall which would not be possible without root.

I don't like to root my devices. but Currently owns a Photon 4G and planing to root it, when find a good and working rom for it. What you recommend for it?

First thing I do when I get a new Android phone is root it. :)
Can't live without a rooted phone, Titanium Backup is a must have if you are an obsessive flasher.

Rooted, no, because I have had no need for the extra software provided by rooting. I have allowed adb with read/write privileges though, and thus removed anything I didn't like, and added an awesome hosts file.

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Enough said, peace out.

Hell yes I root! Mostly for customization options. Galaxy Nexus, AOKP 23, No soft keys mod, lmt fan buttons....Full 4.7"screen FTMFW!

I haven't rooted my Milestone X yet. I guess I'm just waiting for a legitimate reason to do so. Same goes for my Kindle Fire. Both are doing what I need them to do at the present, so why bother rooting if I have no problems with it in the first place?

Now, when I had the HTC Desire, I couldn't root that fast enough! It gave me more memory, and it was tons faster than it was stock.

That didn't last long...just rooted my Milestone X. Let's see how it all plays out.

I have no need to root. I have a GSM GNex and it does everything i want it to. Same with the Nexus One i had before it. I rooted and ROMed my Nook Color and while its been neat, there are just too many issues to consider doing the same with my phone

of course and always will... its MY device... why should another party have control of MY device?... sent from my badass ov670 green machine, rocking BACKside IHO CM7.2 (jerrys02062012 build)/bobzhome v3.7 kernel... ahh...freedom!

No, but I just got my galaxy note last night. I haven't done much beyond charge it yet. It will most likely be rooted by the end of the weekend

no. never did, don't know how, no interest. i like default stock out of the box that "just works". when you tinker you ask for problems. when it comes to a phone - i need bulletproof reliability.

Same here. My stock Thunderbolt "just works". I also don't want the responsibility of a rooted phone nor do I have the time. Even if I did, I have better things to do. :)

I just got a brand new Rezound last night. I think I'll live with it stock for a week or so just to make sure there aren't any issues. I did root my Droid Incredible a long time ago and tried out CM for a while but eventually went back to rooted stock. I hate to admit but I kinda like Sense. And with the Rezound I'm hoping I won't get the dreaded low space issue. So even though there's a lot of bloatware on there that I'll never use, I should have enough space that it won't matter.

Gotten used to the sense unlock screen (very close to webos, so I like) on my 3VO. Will probably root and flash CM9 when its available and stable to I can get ICS and the ability to excuse individual notifications (again, like webos).

Yes, I have a rooted Sensation with ICS on it and I had og Incredible which I also rooted. The ability to truly control what resides on my device is the best part. New ROMs make it almost like getting a new device in many ways. The level of control is just too much fun to resist.

Every android i have ever had has been rooted. The day i got epic youch i took it home and rooted. Running blazer rom 3.9 icsd out! Use to love htc but sonce they stopped letting people fully root i am no longer on that wagon. Now i root all my friends phones and coworkers

It's " control of freedom " when it comes down to rooting ones phone...what you want, what you don't...why, when, and where...Freedom...unlock your know?...

Yup! Loving me some ICS CM9 on my contract free, $25 a month, Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile. That would never be possible if I didn't root. SOOOOOO many problems with this phone reported when it came out, but with root and a custom ROM and kernel, almost all the problems went away. My phone was out of the box for maybe 5 minutes before it was rooted with a new custom ROM and kernel flashed!

Verizon Galaxy Nexus...not rooted but the bootloader is unlocked. Haven't found a need to root yet.

My Captivate was rooted from day one.

Rooted and ROM'd Droid 2 Global
CM7 and played with CM9 today.
Thanks RevNumbers, x13thAngelx,bikedude8088

Parents, sister, and best bud all Rooted. Sister and Dad are ROM'd.

All done to resolve issues and remove MotoBlur

Both of my current phones are rooted(DInc. and GN).I cant be happy without root so all of my future phones will be rooted as well :)

New to this.. Can someone send a link showing how to root droid bionic and add a firewall? I thanks in advance.

Yes I always root my phones. My G1 nexus one HTC hero HTC incredible HTC sensation OG Evo OG Droid and Gnex are all rooted and running some type of a custom rom....

Its been my experience that rooting your phone leads to a buggy experience. I've rooted the Hero and Fascinate but hope to never root my Galaxy Nexus. The GN is the first phone I don't need to root. Rooting your phone is a solution to fixing phones with bad manufacturer skins and bloated carrier apps. Those aren't a problem with the Galaxy Nexus.

Yes yes I enjoy with my phone playing around. HTC EVO 4G, Motorola photon and Samsung epic all I rooted and enjoying with out root. It's a boring and shouldn't have smart phone

I rooted only phone htc tattoo but after never rooted any phone cuz i didnt need to . I get everything i wanted just as normal

After tattoo

I had my touch 3g. Motorola bravo. Htc aria. Htc evo shift .nexus s. N now galaxy s 2 touch

Yeah, I usually go the rooted route as long as it's not too complicated. Mostly I'll root my devices but I rarely ever bother w/ custom roms (I do have my Renas3 tablet rooted w/ custom rom but only give me better access to Market). I have to admit still being fairly "wet behind the ears" with the inner workings of modding android, I'm a bit hesitating about doing too much mucking around. And as my resent mishap, caused me to have to get a replacement phone; this is why I don't mind sticking w/ stock. Maybe the better I get with android, I may try again later but now now.

As long as it's rooted and I can get rid of the crapware and use helpful root-related apps like Titanium Backup then that's fine with me.

Hell's yeah! Rooting my Epic 4g Touch gives me greater control of my device. From custom ROMs to Hot Spot functions it is a must!

I rooted my Nexus One and my Evo 4G, but I haven't yet rooted my Galaxy Nexus. I just haven't felt the need to change anything yet.

Nope, EVO 3D isn't. Since it has hboot 1.5, I haven't found a way to temp root it to backup with Titanium. I don't want to lose all my app data. My old EVO 4G is however. HTC's current "unlock" method is a bit too restrictive to me. I don't think I'll be getting another one.

Rooted my OG Droid after about 6 months and never looked back. My Tbolt is rooted and my GN will be Herr on Monday and I have everything downloaded and ready to root.

Yes and no... I just bought a galaxy nexus and I have no intention of rooting it but my htc evo 4 g is rooted. And the only reason I'm not going to root my nexus is because I'm likely to get most the updates from what I can understand and since I have so much storage available there is no need to get rid of all the bloatware( not that there is any on my phone thanks nexus) Maybe in like a year when the urge to to overclock comes but im very happy with the nexus galaxy as is.

I had me vibrant rooted and had cm7 on it. But the GPS and 911 issues made me go back to stock. No point of flashing ROMS that have some non working features. And I can't root my g2 for nothing.

i'm waiting for G2skyrocket to get ICS,but for now ADW launcher is feeding my need to switch things up.

G1 rooted after about 6 months
Vibrant rooted after 4 months
Sensation rooted after 1 month
Galaxy S2 rooted after 20 minutes

Shows how non-mainstream users of this site are. I'm willing to bet among the general population less than 1% of users root. I don't root my Inc 2 even though it would be nice to get rid of the bloatware. May have to down the road BUT HTC just came out and put my Inc 2 on the ICS list. One of the reasons I bought it is pretty good specs for a 3G phone - 768 MB ram and 2nd Gen Snapdragon. Sense seems fine (although nothing to compare it to as this is my first Android phone). Been a computer geek longer than most of you have been around (going on 37 years back to punch cards) but I really just want my tech to work and not have to constantly muck with it.

I always root my Android devices and cycle between the better ROMs, but honestly ICS on my Galaxy Nexus is so good I haven't felt the need or desire. Hell, I'm not even rooted on this phone!

Maybe when CM9 comes out I'll give it a spin.

gnex lte wunning AOKP b23 and rocking the unblacked out theme with red tunts everywhere i can get them. Ive been rooted since the OG Droid was first rooted. And i wouldnt have ti any other way.

had to get a replacement Galaxy Nexus and this time I wasted no time and went ahead and unlocked and rooted :D

New to android with HTC Thunderbolt. And if I don't get root access this phone is trying thrown in the garbage. What a wicked awesome site this is. IPhone users can not hold a candle to the knowledge of android users let alone their willingness to help. I have a quick question though .... I run gnome ( ubuntu 11 ) can the steps in rooting that require pc conscription be done through linux or do I have to run a windows emulator ? As soon ad this is resolved my phone will be rooted... I can not think of one reason why I wouldn't want root access.

I have joined you all on the dark side. Before I rooted the phone and removed stuff I didn't need and want, then unrooted it. Now I run rooted with DroidWall and Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. What say you?