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We talk a lot about listening to music and watching video on our Android phones around here. Android handles multimedia well, and streaming services like YouTube and Google Music work really nicely on Android. Something most of us talk less about, but equally important is making phone calls. These are designed to be phones first and foremost. Both have one thing in common -- the speakers. There's pretty much three ways to get the sound from your phone to your ears; a wired headphones/headset, a Bluetooth set-up, or one of the speakers. 

Personally, I hate using the speaker on any phone or tablet. When I talk on the phone, I pick it up like a phone and hold it against my head. The only reason I have a Bluetooth headset is to test and review Android phones. I'm picky about the way calls sound, because with today's tech there's no reason for them to not sound good. When it comes to music, games or video, I prefer and use a wired headset -- small easy-to-carry ear buds if I'm out, or a big honking set of over-the-ear 'phones around the house. Nobody else wants to hear what I'm listening to -- if so they would ask. 

But since everyone's different, I gotta ask. Answer in tonight's poll.



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Late-night poll: Do you use the external speaker on your Android phone?


When I'm using the pool table I am usually playing something and that is just not the time for headphones. I also use it in the office downstairs since bluetooth seems to not be as good as the audio quality from the phone directly.

I have him? Ok I think my enternal speaker went out of my phone I have a Samsung galaxy centura when I plug headphones I can hear song like my phone ringing once I take it out and someone called me I don't hear it ring I have to look at my phone to see who calls me it gets very frusted

I use a set of wired earbuds when out in public for talking and listening to music. When I'm at home, because I live alone I'm on speakerphone all the time for calls. Unless it's business in which case I don't wanna degrade call quality any by being 5 feet away from the microphone.

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the options. I ended up going with "Yes, with music" because I use that more often (streaming music at work everyday), but both are fitting.

I second this. I bought a Pandora subscription, so I stream it in my car on the way to and from work, and I use my speakerphone when I forget where I put my Jawbone or if it's dead from talking too much.

Holy crap, I said Jabra and meant Jawbone. Epic fail.

Either connect it to my NAD integrated amp or use (headphones) my Grado SR60i cans
for serious music listening.

I use the external speaker to listen to the radio while I'm in the bath. Not great sound but does the job. Also occasionally use it as hands free and some Netflix (bath again)

I generally do not use the external speaker for music unless I am sitting in the park with my dog. I do use the external speaker for speaker phone calls while at home however. If on the off chance I am playing music from my phone it is generally streamed via Bluetooth to my MOTOROKR EQ5.

I use it all the time, its so easy to listen to podcasts while you work and there is no need for supreme audio quality just to hear the latest news from mobile nations...

I use the speakerphone for calls and I have Bluetooth speakers for music and podcasts at home.

I voted "See The Comments" , because its "complicated" lol :

So, when I listen to Music (thats a big deal for me, since my atrix replaced my iPod Touch) :

• when I'm outside ... I carry a headphones (Apple ones, my Motorola ones died last week)

• when I'm driving , I connect my Atrix to the car via AUX. , I also have a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth thingy (DS-220) , sometimes I pair to my Atrix & hook the thingy to the AUX

• when I'm home, sometimes I use the speaker (Motorola makes the damn best speakers)

• when I'm back home on Jeddah , I connect my Atrix to a 1800watt giant Aiwa "BoomBox" ... the speakers are the only thing still working on it (the CD & the cassette player stopped working years ago) , so I "modded" it to work with my Atrix & tge Xbox to make a bad ass entertainment system (along side the 40" HD screen)

When I use the Atrix for calls , I hold it my ear except when im driving ... I dont answer unless its an urgent call & then I put on speaker ...

KIDS : Do NOT call OR text while driving

I use it to listen to voice mails, or to watch videos with friends, assuming that it's quiet enough around for the sound to be heard.

I use speaker phone all the time for phone calls. Its quite amazing actually because I remember when cell phones first started getting built with this feature and I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world. I just could not imagine people walking around having a conversation over loud speaker on their cell phones.

But, I have seen the light. I use it mostly indoors as my cell phone is my only phone.

the only time that i used the speaker is when i had a video call and my headphones were not at hand

Parrot BT in the car.....Plantronics Voyager Pro BT when out......Skullcandy's for music in the office or at home.
Speaker blows on the Galaxy Nexus

The only thing I don't use my speaker is for calls. I use the speaker for many uses. I also use my earphones for music and Bluetooth for calls while driving. I plug in my phone to the aux on my stereo to use iheart radio. The pole is a little flawed by the question and answer choices.

I only use the speaker when I'm in the car & left my Plantronics Voyager at home. Music gets Skull Candy earbuds, as the speaker sucks, the speaker on my old BB Curve was much better.

The speaker on my Rezound actually sounds pretty decent. So I use it at work with Google Music. Oops Google 'Play' Music.

Phone calls and music...all the time.
On the military base, I cannot run with headphones and thus, use the speaker all the time.

Mostly just use the speaker for casual gaming and the ringing :)
Music and videos I use headphones

I use it all the time for podcast playback. It's important to me that it's loud enough to hear in my car, which is rather noisy.

In my truck I use my Jabra Freeway, but at home I'll use the built-in speakerphone if both my wife and I need to be on the call together.

For music in the truck though, I just plug in to the Aux port on my head unit. Music at home or the office is through either the included Samsung earbuds or my Bluetooth Motorola S305's.

The external speaker on my Galaxy Nexus isn't really good for much beyond the occaisonal indoor phone call.

I use it for music when I'm doing hard labor and it's not practical to have a phone and wires hanging off me. Or when I'm shaving. Things like that.

It depends on where I am. When I'm upstairs at my desk working, I usually use the external speaker on my Droid 4 when I'm home alone to listen to my podcasts. When I'm downstairs moving about, I usually pair to the bluetooth speakers I have attached to my Nook Color (see Here: ). When I'm at work, it is critical that I can hear some ambient sounds so I usually just use my Jawbone Icon over bluetooth to listen to podcasts. I've tried using corded earbuds, but 1. the're not as comfortable as the Icon, 2. the cord gets in the way sometimes.

The only time I use the speaker is for the occasional Youtube video, and when I'm on a call and have to look something up.

I use the speakerphone on occasion, and a bluetooth stereo headset for podcasts and some music while at the gym.

I use mine to listen to Coast to Coast AM almost every night, sometimes I use it on calls when I want to look up something and occasionally I use it on talking podcasts.

You listen to coast to coast? I love that show, I have listened to George, Eian and Art every single night for the past 8 years. Its on KFI AM 640 here in southern California.

Bluetooth headphones will change your life! But seriously - there is a hit to sound quality, but the freedom it gives is incredible. Phone can be charging several rooms away and it still works. Best for spoken word, but so very nice.

Speaker for speakerphone all the time. I never try to play anything out of it.

THANK YOU for finally acknowledging this. Yes, people care about he external speakers. I use mine for speakerphone and sometimes for playing music. I hate when manufactures use horrible speakers (evo3d and vivid) and it kills me that something so important is almost always ignored in video reviews. PLEASE start including the speakerphone quality and volume in video reviews. Thanks... here is a video that actually goes over the speaker on the one x vs. the xperia

I use it rarely for youtube videos. I don't listen to music. External speakers would be much more useable if they could be front facing. Otherwise on my Nexus S 4G it is too quiet and I need to use my hand to direct the sound forward. When I play games I use a set of Yuin PK3 bud-style earphones. With kids around the house I cannot use the in ear (deep insertion) style because they are noise canceling and I need to hear my kids/wife. The same goes for my commute. I feel so vulnerable if I cannot hear what's going on around me and I feel like an idiot if someone is trying to get around me on the train and I don't hear them.

I use everything (well almost, no bluetooth) depending on situation and source:

*When on a call I hold the phone to my ear.

*When listening to music I used some high quality in-ear isolating headphones (sennheiser) or a aux cable in the car

*When watching videos at work, listening to podcasts or talk radio at work, or playing games anywhere, I use some low quality (jvc) earbuds. (I find hearbuds more comfortable than in-ear's, and I don't want to put too much wear and tear on my sennheisers.)

*Finally when watching videos and listening to podcasts or talk radio at home, I usually use the external speaker.

I occasionally use the external speaker when showing someone a YouTube clip or a video that I've seen online and it's quiet enough to hear. Other than that, I usually have over the ear headphones to listen to the music/game/etc.

I use all three, I use the headphone into the aux port in my car for music while driving, almost exclusively actually, I hate the radio and when I'm watching a long video netflix tv show or movie, something like that.
I use bluetooth for music while exercising (the quality takes a slight hit but I'm focused on working out so I don't notice it) or with my bluetooth speakerphone in my car
and I use the rear speaker for speakerphone and short video clips like youtube videos. I have owned two HTC phones the thunderbolt and currently the rezound and the speaker is actually very good for a external speaker on a phone.

Yes, I use the external speaker, sometimes when checking voicemail and sometimes to listen to music at work (when I'm alone on the night shift, most media sites are blocked at work). But I primarily use it when streaming NFL games or Netflix with the kickstand out (Thunderbolt). Rarely if ever use ear buds, when I do it's usually only as the antenna for the FM radio which I use the speaker again anyway . :)

For the occasional call, I'll use the speaker. Mostly have the device against my head though. (least common choice for this is a wired headset)

For music, most times its with earbuds. Although the odd time I have a soak in the bath (as opposed to my usual after-work shower) I might stream music or radio through the speaker.

People who use their speakerphone in public when using the earpiece or bluetooth would suffice are horribly rude.

They usually hold the phone out in front of them and scream at it with a blissful lack of self-awareness.

well, my headphone jack is broken, so it only works in the car when I'm not moving around. And while I'm closing at work I need music so I use my speaker, it sucks though:/

I use the speaker a lot,
In the bathroom, mornings, showering and such, and continuing,
On my short motorcycle ride to work,
In these daily instances, I am isolated from bothering others,
The speaker on my Evo4g is not hifi by any means, but provides enough for the background music I desire in these circumstances.

I mostly use the speakers for videos where others are watching. Especially Netflix and Slingbox.

I'll also have it playing on my desk and if nobody else is around I'll use those speakers. I really don't like most headphones.

Evo 3D external speaker sucks.

Headsets are okay.

A volume app for tweaking, a $10 over the ear headset, and wha-laa!
Now my Evo 3D hits harder than my neighbor's Resounding.

I use the speaker for gaming, Youtube, and once in a great while, the speakerphone. Sometimes I'll use it for music in a hotel room, more on the tablet than my phone.

But my phone's speaker is way higher quality than the Radio Shack Flavoradio (for those under 40, it was a "tiny" AM radio and was what we used as a Walkman before the Walkman was invented) that was my main source of music until I was about 12 years old, so I guess my bar isn't set very high.

I use the speaker for my Tunein App on certain stations for I'm not tied to the phone. Music is direct wired to my car stereo or headphones