A year ago, Kyocera announced that they were tossing their hat in the Android mix. A year later, we meet the Kyocera Zio M6000. Though Kyocera isn't a big name in the smartphone industry, the Zio M6000 is a pretty solid effort. It comes with a stellar 3.5-inch 800x480 touchscreen, 600 MHz Qualcomm processor, 3.2-megapixel camera, and Android 1.6. What's most awesome about the Kyocera Zio M6000 is that it's rumored to be $169-$216 unsubsidized (!), that's nearly unheard of for an Android smartphone these days.

If Kyocera finds a US carrier, we think the Zio M6000 might be able to succeed. The design is inoffensive, the specs are good enough, and that price is just so right. What do you guys think?

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Kyocera Zio M6000 Android phone is awesomely affordable


You had me until Android 1.6.

I know phone development isn't easy, but if hackers can make 2.1 run on the Droid and Hero, surely Kyocera can ship a phone that's not two versions old.

This version fragmentation problem is going to be troublesome for Google, and may eventually hamper broad Android adoption. If you buy a new phone, then discover it can't run the latest apps, you're likely to return it and pick up an iPh*ne.

"you're likely to return it and pick up an iPh*ne"

ummmm... no.

I run 1.6 on my Dev Phone 1 and I'm quite happy with it.

If you had clicked through and read the PC Mag article, it states "The phone will come with Android 1.6 but it will be user-upgradeable to Android 2.1, according to Kyocera."

That kinda says it all...

Leave it stock Android and bring it to Verizon and they have a deal. Looks like a Palm TX with phone that so many wanted years ago...

Sounds pretty awesome. I had a kyocera phone way back when.. I liked it very much. Just not happy about this 1.6 issue...

About 200 bucks for an unsubsidized Android smartphone? And 1.6 (and prob upgradable to 2.1 and all that google earth fun-ness)? Most impressive. Hopefully they've improved since my god awful experience with the Phantom (Interchangable masks? how could I go wrong?!?)

this is the phone you get while you wait to qualify for an upgrade!.. you buy it off contract then sell it later for $50 and get the latest and greatest Android phone when you have upgrade. it's great for ppl not yet on Android to get it and become familiar with android before they gat that powerhouse phone. and maybe it just runs like a dream (snappy with like zero lag ever) on 1.6 and so would therfore be first time android mainstream consumer friendly. I'm just sayin