Sprint Kyocera Echo

Sprint this afternoon announced that the Kyocera Echo -- the dual-screen Android 2.2 device it announced last month in New York City -- will be available for purchase starting April 17. It'll cost you $199.99 with a two-year contract. In exchange, you'll get a pair of 3.5-inch touchscreens that have the ability to work together as a 4.7-inch (diagonal) screen, or separately, running apps independently. Be sure to check out our complete coverage and hands-on from Sprint's event in February. Preorders start March 26 at Sprint.com/echo. [Sprint]


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Kyocera Echo dual-screen Android phone available on Sprint on April 17


I know they should've at LEAST made the front screen run off to the left and the one beneath run off to the right so they ACTUALLY connect! And they should use super amoled so it actually looks black for the bezel when there's only one screen active.

What an awful device. It isn't entry level phones that give Android a bad name (the LG Optimus is a fine slab), it's oddities like this brick.

Sprint had better deliver some exciting products at their next event!

I guess I have a soft spot for freaky gadgets. I wouldn't want one, but I would love to play with one for awhile. My aka mistress phone. Just don't tell my Evo.

I bet this phone will be a sucess. Its kind of like having dual screens on a computer. New-aged multi-tasking. Its a goofy design but a great idea. I understand what sprint is trying to start with this device.

I know I'm in the vast minority...but, I'm really excited for this phone. Its freaky yes, but being able to have a 'mini' tablet when I need one, and a phone when I don't...in one device is going to be really great.

As long as the NS4G and the Evo 3D are still being announced at CTIA, I'm cool with Sprint releasing the Echo as well.

Hold on Sprint, all of your "pin drop" commercials and Icons finally fit somewhere, with the announcement of the release date of the Kyocera.

Pin drops heard everywhere over the excitement.

Yeah I think its a good concept. And until I try one out I think I'm going to refrain from jumping on the band Wagon of hate. I like thinking for myself. :-)

I cannot begin to imagine what a colossal failure this phone will be. Why Sprint why? I do my best to support Sprint and the products they put out but this is a disaster.

Can't wait for this so I can replicate my desktop browsing experience. I have a band of black duct tape going across the middle of my monitor, cause that's how I roll.

I have been dying for this phone to be released.
Not because i want it but it’s always funny reading
grown men whine & complain about a phone that they
are never going to buy because they hyped up an
announcement sprint made and made themselves think
an EVO 2 successor was going to be announced and then
subsequently wound up disappointed. It’s funny :) But
i am excited to see professional reviews of this phone.
But it really is funny reading the comments of "angry,
jileted" Sprint customers who are "insulted" by this
phone...Sarcasm definitely intended

Completely agree with this post. This phone is not for me, but it's great that companies are coming up with unique ideas. Ideas like this are the start to better, cooler versions down the road. I don't understand why this is something people get so angry about.

That ph looks humongous to carry around & it's so fugly....What a waste...Sprint should bring in the new LG Optimus 2x, dual core cell ph....

The sad part is that Sprint is still going to release it.

The really sad part is that Sprint thought it was the future.

If you got suckered into a really dumb concept, be smart enough to know to just slipstream it in. Echo? What Echo?

Why would you even be talking about this?

I don't get the hate directed towards this phone...why can't people simply ignore it & wait for what's coming down the road (Evo 3D)?

I think it's a good idea, but bad implementation. when someone comes out with a dual-screen phone tablet without a bezel, they'll have a hit. I have a couple ideas how it might be possible, but I'm going to register them with the patent office first :).

A lot of people got pulled in by the hype, thinking sprint was going to release a phone that would usher in the future of human civilization. Instead sprint released this phone, and people feel like their dreams and hopes were.crushed. And nothing can bring back that hope. This phone destroyed people's lives, and their futures. Any phone that doesn't have top of the line cutting edge specs is nothing but an abomination, and a direct insult to your children, and to god. Maybe now you can understand why we hate it so much. I just hope god will forgive us. :-)