On to the next one! Week 3 of the Smartphone Round Robin is underway and we have our hands on the iPhone 3GS. Don't let the looks fool you, even though the iPhone 3GS looks exactly like the iPhone 3G, it packs some serious zip and power inside. There's also a ton of new features like video recording, a digital compass, etc and the same good stuff (web browsing, ipod) that made the iPhone such an enjoyable device since its inception.

But with all those lovely new features comes questions of features missing. I've asked the iPhone Blog users some of my questions regarding Apple and the iPhone in the TiPb forums, so that'll definitely be a good place to start for anyone interested in Android and iPhone. On another note, our good friend Rene from the iPhone Blog is actually asking questions and taking answers about Android in our own forums! Help him out to earn a chance to win an Android smartphone!

How convenient, we're each on each other's platform! Be sure to hit the jump to check out my hands on video of the iPhone 3GS! Rene helps me go over the iPhone 3GS in full detail!


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iPhone Hands On Video -- Smartphone Round Robin


How is this anything new? We already know how the iphone compares to the Droid and all other smart phones. All has its pro and cons but the iphone is a solid phone stuck on a terrible network. The phone sells for the apps alone.

Thankfully America isn't the center of the universe! There are plenty of places around the world where the iPhone is on the nations best networks..

the one thing that irritates me with the appstore on the iphone is that when i'm browsing for apps then checkout the specifics and comments for an app, the moment i go back, i get thrown back to the top of the app list, not the current app i was just reading about.

It's part of the Round Robin. A|C is doing comparisons with all the other smartphone sites on their network.

I love how he pretends he doesn't know that it's a 3GS. Such a good sport. Seriously, every Iphone smart phone round robin is a joke... it's basically repeating everything from last year.

The video was good, but as far as what they were reviewing was nothing new. Informative at best, but there was no big "wow" moment or "hey I did not know it could do that". So until the iphone can do something amazing in the near future, it will get pretty boring very quickly. Other companies have started to come out with touch screen phones that are either comparable or even better than the iphone. Then again this is my 2cents.