Manufacturer HTC today on its Facebook page gave word that its initial round of Ice Cream Sandwich updates will be available by the end of March. First up are the HTC Sensation, Sensation 4G and Sensation XE, with the Sensation XL to follow. (Note to HTC: Got enough versions there?)

That's just for starters, of course. Back in November, HTC told us that the Rezound, EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G also would receive updates as well. And today, HTC has added the Vivid, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD to the update list. There's no word on when they'll be updated (other than "later this year"), but it's certainly a good start.

Here's HTC's full statement:

HTC has been working hard to get its Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades ready, and we’re excited to announce that our first round of ICS upgrades will roll out by the end of March for the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Sensation XE, followed soon there after by the HTC Sensation XL.

In addition, we can confirm Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades will be coming later this year to the HTC Rezound, HTC Vivid, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G, HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD. Stay tuned for more updates on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks.

Not a bad roster, indeed. But notabily absent remains the likes of the HTC ThunderBolt, one of the more popular Verizon smartphones of early 2011. Anyone feeling left out?

Source: HTC Facebook; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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HTC says first Ice Cream Sandwich updates coming in March, adds more phones to the list


Why would I ever want to buy another HTC Product again with such a short product lifecycle? My phone won't even get 1 additional significant upgrade before my contract (2 years) is over. Guess I am heading back to the IPhone next time. Good bye HTC (Nice phone by the way).

9 months is pretty standard among manufacturers. Your iPhone argument doesn't really make sense because when's the last time iOS had a "significant" upgrade before iOS 5? Oh, 2 years ago that's right. If you want upgrades turn to the devs. Most people that actually care about updates do that anyway. Like my mom (who has an android) has any clue what an update brings to the device.

Pretty sure they weren't starting an iPhone argument, merely stating they were going to choose iPhone over HTC next time around.

Also, iOS major versions are released each year. iOS 5 was released on Oct 12, 2011. It was available to models as early as the 3GS, which was released June 19, 2009. So that phone at least enjoyed software updates for 28 months. I doubt iOS 6 will be offered for it, but that's still impressive support for an aging device.

Where'd you get "2 years" from?

I think he was talking about he time between the initial release of iOS 4 and iOS 5, which is actually about 18 months rather than two years.

Well the Desire HD is actually a few months older (in terms of release date) than the TB. In fact, the TB is actually just a variant of the Desire HD, just reskinned and with a front facing camera and LTE radio thrown in, so if the TBolt doesn't get it we can pretty safely blame Verizon and not HTC.

Is the Incredible S the international version of the Droid Incredible 2? If yes, does the release of ICS for that version mean it's likely that a custom ICS rom will be made for the DInc2?

I don't expect to ever see an official ICS for my DInc2 from Verizon.

Yup, the Incredible S is just the Incredible 2 elsewhere. Considering Verizon and their wonky built-in apps, I'll go out on a limb and agree with you that it most likely won't be seeing ICS officially.

I'm pretty surprised that my Incredible S will receive the ICS update. I'm happy, of course. I was resigned to the fact that it would never get ICS so I went ahead and rooted it - best thing I've done for my phone.

Google's so called "developer" phones will not even have official updates by then. I am referring to the Nexus S variants.

Tbolt should been the first one that list. After the BS we went thru with this phone. Probably wont get it. That's why im done with HTC. Hoping VZ gets the galaxy S III.

I am with you. I also am probably going to walk away from VZW too (I want a GSM phone).
I rooted which makes the Bolt usable IMO. I might walk away sooner, but with a rooted T-Bolt at least I might have a chance to see ICS.

It's not HTC, it's Verizon. Notice that the only HTC phone listed that currently with Verizon is the Rezound. I highly doubt we see another update for the TB as it's stable now

Your expecting updates and the first carrier you think of is Samsung? eh.... (<----Disgruntled GS buyer)

Yeah, this is why I'm glad I got rid of my Rezound. Loved the phone, but I had a feeling ICS wouldn't be coming anytime soon. In fact, HTC stated that it would be one of the first if not the first phone to get ICS when they announced it last fall. Looks like they lied through their teeth on that one...

If the Sensation XE can get ICS next month then why not the Rezound? They're almost the same exact phone.Perhaps the delay is from Verizon's LTE radios.

Either way, I'm not too sure why there's such a delay. Honestly, I feel like the first HTC phones to get ICS should have gotten them by the beginning of this month.

So the previous statement listing the Amaze 4g along with other phones gettting an update in February was a lie? I left RIM because of this same Scenario, i bought the amaze and was happy thinking i had one of HTC's top phones, now im not getting an update till the end of the year?!!!! Jellybean will be out then and ill still be behind. Never again will i buy and HTC, they should merge with RIM and go out of buisness.

What will you buy? Each and every device manufacturer appears to have the same issues at one point or another. I envision you're saying about HTC will be said again about a different manufacturer later on down the road.

I hate to say but Apple's update history is pretty consistent and timely. With Nexus devices being a close second. Even Windows Phone 7 has been pretty decent with updates. This is one of the biggest reasons, that I am getting frustrated with Android and the OEMs and Carriers. Just a big cluster.

I totally agree. Windows Phone is starting to look more and more attractive the longer I'm on Android. Windows 8 will be a solid platform for mobile and home devices IMO. Now if VZW would just get a decent piece of WP equipment......

"Windows 8 will be a solid platform for mobile and home devices IMO."

Based on what information? That's speculative to say the least.

I will buy the gnexus, or whatever is the next pure google phone. This was HTCs top phone when i bought it, and now its listed as EOL, also the ICS update is coming later than originally stated. Im coming from RIM and pushing back updates is why i left, seems like i boarded a new ship with the same course as RIM.

I'm pretty sure we will hear the same amount of bitching and whining as soon as Motorola, LG and Samsung make their announcements.

If only it will ever come out. They're waiting on drivers from HTC which won't drop until official updates' sources are released...

yeah man that's exactly what i thought when i read this. I was rather disappointed. Sense is getting too buggy for me and i was hoping that the new version would smooth things out. I really don't want to have to wait that long when i was anticipating the update to be right around the corner. BAH HUMBUG TO YOU HTC!

Man, I was hoping the EvoShift would get the update, guess not. That phone is not too old either!

They still sell the Shift- I am getting one for my Mom this weekend.

But keep in mind it is

1) Slow CPU
2) Not dual core
3) Has only half the memory (512MB) of the typical ICS device

So it shouldn't be a surprise that it is not in line for ICS.

Rooted Thunderbolt user here.
Tried ICS on the GNex @ VZW store.


IMO, no slight to thunderbolt owners, particularly if you are rooted.

I have a Thunderbolt. IF HTC pushes an ICS upgrade to the TB, sure I'd be happy.

Do I feel left out? No. ICS was not a consideration back when the TB was released. The box, nor the paper work mention anything about ICS. Why should I expect another complete OS upgrade? (remember the TB shipped with Froyo, and later got GB).

I'll be more upset if we don't see anymore bug fixes come for the TB. (not that I have any real complaints with my TB, other than BT Phonebook access profile being slightly broken)

it shipped with froyo but gingerbread had long been released. It should be updated for no other reason than for comparability issues that may arise. If HTC didn't spread themselves so thin (how many devices did they release and then abandon in 2011?) it would be quite an easy feat to update their devices in a timely manor.

Why is everyone making the assumption that the TBolt isn't getting the update? This list is not final given their statement: "Stay tuned for more updates on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks." Nothing in their statement categorically says that the TBolt isn't getting it.

As to the folks blaming Verizon, I'll agree with that one. You may want to read this statement from Motorola regarding updates: http://www.mobileburn.com/18499/news/custom-ui-not-the-cause-of-android-...

Glad that my Desire S is on the list. I'm also surprised to see the Desire HD, a 2010 phone being updated.

Hopefully if the TB did get it - it would it least keep the stability that it has finally achieved. Granted, most manufacturers wont make (or keep) promises about future compatibility and how they plan to do upgrades or when, but just out of courtesy to your user base it would nice to see folks get through paying for or owning their selected phone of choice before it is totally outdated or incompatible with current software features. That being said, I get the point they want to see you upgrade to the latest and greatest sooner than later so if they obsolete you faster you are anxious to get something new. It is a catch 22 for the user and they will eventually get their share of the total growing market. I do like the HTC products but I am wrong that even Apple keeps folks growing for one or two major upgrades before totally obsoleting their products?

The OG evo is end of life. The design was released in october. The OG was regressed in JULY 2010. Ghats probably why it isn't getting updated. At least we got Gingerbread.

As long as your a rooted Tbolt user like myself, the only way we will get ICS is through custom roms. Big thanks to the Dev community trying to get ICS the Tbolt.

Also this will be my last HTC phone.

The Desire Z isn't on the list, but its pretty much the exact same as the Desire S. Bull shit HTC, If it doesn't get ICS, I'll never buy another HTC product (even though I can probably get a custom rom) or recommend them.

I am not moaning. I have a super Sensation XE. Roll on March. Getting OS2 for my PlayBook soon too.

Updates are a sore spot for all manufacturers, just the way phones are released it's always a crapshot, I have a t-bolt and I'm a little annoyed that it won't be getting an ICS update, but I get an upgrade in November so I'll just get something new then, maybe the next google experience device.

Plus I have an AT&T Galaxy S2 as my work phone and that'll get ICS soon.

I have no interest in ICS for the Thunderbolt! Why risk screwing up a very stable device at this point? It's not like you're going to see ICS anyway with Sense. For those clamoring for ICS on the Thunderbolt, what exactly is it going to give you that you don't already have now?

That's a good point. :) Although I'm not interested in Chrome, for those that are, it's too bad Google isn't supporting it for older versions of Android, at least Gingerbread! Also that Flash isn't supported in Chrome either. :(

Nexus S 4G owner here .....still waiting for ANY information about an official update to ICS. "Pure Google" = load of crap >:-(

Shame to not update the Thunderbolt to ICS. Least they can do is release an updated version of gingerbread like 2.3.6 and Sense 3.0

They seem well on their way to that, likely as a olive branch to t-bolt users, in lieu of ICS. I'm already running a leaked version of it, it runs very well and the battery life is great.

One of the main reasons I have always rooted my Android devices was so that I didn't have to wait on the OEM to update my phone. Usually the community could produce a quality ROM with the latest version months before the OEMs and carriers. However, I have a Sensation now and the CM team is delayed as well. So now Im running Virtuous Inquisition which is really good but is still Sense based and not true AOSP. This is the last time I purchase a non-Nexus device. I just sold my HD7 and I'm replacing it with an iPhone 4. I don't want to give up my Sensation, but the Android community and Google are making it harder to put up with the platform. I would be perfectly happy if Google only puts out 2-3 phones a year on THEIR hardware (Moto) and tells HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, et al screw you and your fugly 3rd party UIs. I know that there are some, like Jerry, who want the competition but the fact of the matter is that the competition is diluting the platform and frustrating a large number of enthusiastic supporters. Android is best served by Google and leaders like Matias Duarte and the community involvement like CM, Modaco (Paul), Virtuous, RootzWiki, XDA, and many others.

I would love to see the EVO 4G get the update, but I know that updates tend to only be for the dual core phones, but I would like to think that it has a small chance.

Not only is it single core, but has only 512MB of memory. That is probably just too tight for running ICS + Sense.

They could still add the Dinc 2. Just because it isn't listed yet, doesn't mean it won't be... (optimist)

No Evo 4G?? What an OUTRAGE!!

Ha ha... Just kidding, I wasn't expecting it. With the internal memory problems the Evo has (300ish meg usable after the OS) an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich would have likely just made it worse.

My 22 month device upgrade is 4/1/2012 anyway. If you want to keep me HTC you're gonna have to at least announce your next Sprint LTE flagship by mid-year.

That is not memory, that is storage. But yes, storage is a problem. However, memory is a problem too- trying to run ICS *and* Sense 4 in 512MB is probably too much of a challenge.

Regarding the ThunderBolt not getting updated to ICS, I blame Verizon for eliminating 1-year contracts. All of us TB owners would be throwing down another $300-400 next month for new phones, and they'd be making boatloads off of us. Thanks to their iPh*ne greed and their willingness to bend over for Apple, they instead have a VERY large number of *extremely* unhappy customers.

I can wait, especially since most apps are not updated to work with ICS anyway. The thing I would like is the Chrome browser but its in beta and doesn't and won't have flash support.

Why the EVO3D is not in the first round of updates baffles me. That makes absolutely no sense (haha, get it) whatsoever. The EVO3D has better specs than the Sensation, so why would that not be considered a "flagship" phone that would get the update first?

I have to agree. The EVO 3D was Sprint's Flagship for a long time, and no HTC Phone on Sprint has better specs. I am baffled why that phone would not be in the first round.

DHD is getting an update sooner or later which means the Inspire is right with it. It'll be interesting to see how an official release and a custom ICS ROM will compare at that point in time.

I could care less if my Amaze gets ICS...what I want is for HTC and T-Mobile to fix the major issues with Bluetooth. That is critical, ICS isn't. So if I have to wait for ICS until sometime in the 3rd Qtr. who cares. Just fix the stupid Bluetooth issues!!!!!!!

Awww yeah, love this. If Incredible S gets ICS then my Dinc2 will get it. I agree vzw will not give it to us officially, but everything will be there for custom roms, which is just fine by me ;-)

I know there's a lot of "But the iPhone got iOS5" going around, but I have a 3GS and the update made it slow and buggy. Its all about the hardware and the radios/carrier issues. Even the Nexus S 4G hasn't gotten its "official" ICS update yet. The joy of Android is the strong dev community that can bring us updates even if the carriers/OEMs do not. Not being an apologist, but they have a lot of phones. Give them some time and see what they do. Just because they aren't releasing now doesn't mean they never will.

stop whining and root, cyanogenmod 9 will save us all. hail the cyanogenmod, they wlll not forsake my evo 4g.

Gotta say I'm very impressed with updates for my htc incredible s. I got it in April 11 with froyo and in September I received the gingerbread and sense 3 updates and will be getting the android 4 / sense 4 update soon