HTC One X Sim Card.

This one's important for those of you looking to switch to the HTC One X (as well as a number of upcoming phones). You're going to need a micro-SIM, which as the name suggests is smaller than a larger (and more prevalent today) mini-SIM card. If you're rocking a GSM phone right this second, there's a good change you're using a mini-SIM. If you've got an iPhone 4/4S on AT&T, you've already got a micro-SIM. 

So, a couple of ways to go about getting a micro-SIM. One is to just ask. Head to AT&T or T-Mobile or whomever your carrier happens to be, and tell 'em you need a micro-SIM. (If they don't know what one is, it might be time to consider switching carriers. :p )

The other way is to cut your own. Sounds scary. Sounds dangerous. 

It is neither. 

Cutting your own micro-SIM isn't like performing surgery. It's not even like performing dinner. It's more like using a stapler.

  • Step 1: Acquire SIM cutter. Easy enough. Took about 2 minutes on Amazon to find one (should be less than $10). Most also come with mini-SIM card adapters, which is good.
  • Step 2: Insert card. (Make sure you line it up the right way.)
  • Step 3: Apply pressure to the SIM cutter in a squeezing motion. You'll feel a "pop" as the cutter cuts the card. The newly cut card will fall to the desk or table (we don't recommend doing this outside or in the snow or on a boat or in the desert, for obvious reasons), free of its oversized shackles.
  • Step 4: Have a beer.

See? Pretty simple. Getting it into the SIM card tray of the HTC One X was simple enough. (The flimsy plastic adapters that came with our cutting tool were a little more tricky, but not insurmountable.)


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How to cut down a SIM card for the HTC One X (and any other phone)


No this is just an avant-garde day-after-April-fools joke that Phil is playing on us. No way would he be careless enough to pick 1600 pixel wide images for use on the front page and not bother to AT LEAST do in-page resizing. Remember, he is a professional journalist AND experienced technology blogger. People like that don't do things so stupid without doing them on purpose.

Phil, full-size SIM card has the size of a credit card. Most of the GSM phones nowadays use mini-SIMs, about an inch long.

why go through all of this hassle? why not just go to the carrier store and get a new SIM? is it a PIA? does it cost anything?

buying a SIM-cutter and waiting for Amazon to deliver and then hacking the card sounds like a gigantic PIA to me.

i'm on CDMA so maybe i'm missing something.

Imagine you are traveling the world and want to have the, er, convenience of putting in a SIM for the local carrier network you want to use in each country you visit. With this handy tool all you need to do is buy a new SIM for your current location, pop it into the cutter and shear it down to size, and then install it on your phone. What could be easier?

On the other hand, us CDMA ballers just pony up the $2/min in international roaming charges. Like we even notice the increase beyond the unlimited minute, messaging, and data plan our carrier has us paying out on.

uh yeah i understand the value of having an interchangeable SIM card. what i didn't understand was the value of buying a contraption to hack your current card as opposed to just getting a new one for free from your local carrier store.

Because if you get a new one you ONLY have a micro SIM. If your cutter comes with an adapter, you have both.

An obvious alternative is to ask for a new SIM and buy just an adapter, but I'd probably just buy a cutter at that rate so I don't have to order something AND go to the store. That's just laziness though.

Why waste the money. Just go down to your local att corp store and tell them you need a new sim. As long as you have an att account its free.

The one advantage of cutting your own is it allows you to drop back to your old phone as a backup by popping the micro sim in the carrier.
Or maybe you want to evaluate this phone before committing to it.

In either case, you now have to make trips to your carrier's store for sim swaps. Not everyone has a carrier store right next door.

You might find a sim carrier available separately I suppose.

Hey Phil: Can that Gutted-like-a-fish Mini sim carcass be used as a micro-sim adaptor, maybe with a layer of scotch-tape on the back?

I have several SIM cards here. Everytime I order a new phone from AT+T online, they send a new one, and I save them.
I have only had one SIM card fail. When it did, I went into my kit and pulled out a new one, called AT+T and activated the card. Done.
So it would do me good to buy a cutter if I need a micro card.

EVO4G doesn't have a Micro SIM or any SIM for that matter. Micro SD is a storage solution, this article is about SIM Cards for GSM phones.

Please note that some of the cheap SIM card cutters out there are reported to be less accurate than the one shown above; however we may soon all need them.

Incidentally a small tip from a friend who designed phones for living. If the contacts look tarnished from handling or moisture and they give you problems; a gentle rub with a pencil eraser often helps.

Damn ... SIMs have went a long way
im using a 7 years old SIM on my Atrix (it couldve been a decade old SIM if the old one supported 3G , which I still have(

Good post Phil, im pretty sure it will come handy in the future

Be careful with those sim punches that come with the adapters. If the adapter has a hole in it like the one shown above it will get caught on a sim slot pin preventing you from removing without force. I know because I ruined a sim slot on a Samsung Focus forcing me to send the phone back for warranty repair.