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NFC may or may not be the future of on-the-go banking, but for most Android fans it's pretty damn cool.  That's why there was a whole lot of disappointment when Google decided to go exclusive with Sprint and the Nexus S 4G on the Google Wallet app for Android, leaving the majority of Nexus S users out of the picture.  This likely has something to do with money (it always does), Isis mobile payment, and competition, but we don't really care about any of that -- we just want to play with our NFC chip.

Now we can, thanks to hacks.  Users have found that the files included in the Sprint version of the Nexus S 4G work just fine on other Nexus S phones -- both stock and with custom ROMs.  Installation is easy enough (though you do need to be rooted and/or running a custom recovery), just flash a package or move a few files.

There's a big caveat here, however. While it's cool that we're able to circumvent the restrictions of exactly who gets to use this, we're not so sure Google and MasterCard will be happy with the $10 credits people who aren't eligible are getting.  If you want to try it for yourself, though, check out the links below.

Source: XDA; (custom ROMs), (stock ROMs)

Thanks, John!

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jcmyers79 says:

Ya, just what we want to hear... the word "Hack" in the same sentence as Google Wallet.

wbonnefond says:

You beat me to it, I was literally just about to say the same thing.

trenchkato says:

I couldnt fix my mouth fast enought to say this...

evoldroid says:

Phew!!! I was like oh no

DWR_31 says:

This was a good hack. Isis will only receive the bad hacks aimed at getting to your money. Isis won't need to be hacked for compatibility, because all of the carriers might have it. There is only one thing left to hack when compatibility issues are out of the way. I see the hackers going straight for Isis seeing as how it will be on almost every carrier.

DWR_31 says:

This is the reason why I should have bought a SGS2 from AT&T or Tmobile.....

Royvin says:

I have a Nexus S 4g with CM 7.1 and no update for my wallet in the market yet.