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As is quickly becoming the norm at developer conferences, we're getting word that Nexus Ones and Motorola Droids are being given out in advance to developers who plan to attend the Google IO conference next month in San Francisco. (They did it last year, too.) Makes sense, as it's sort of a goodwill thing (or small-scale bribe, some might say), and it's obviously good to have developers actually using some of the top-of-the-line phones.

And before you ask, no, you can't go if you're not already registered. It's all full-up. Sorry, kids.


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Google giving away phones again for devs going to IO conference


Is it just me or is the Nexus One, which currently is only released in the US, not actually designed to work in the US. I mean sure, T-Mobile supported it from day one, and a model compatible with ATT was eventually released. But are either of them 3G compatible? And based on advertising, I would almost think that most cellular users in the US are CDMA.

The purpose of the Nexus One was to have an unlocked phone so you could sign-up with anyone. But if you get the T-Mobile phone, you can only use it with them. Same with ATT. You could probably switch between Sprint and Verizon, but they aren't releasing those phones yet, and probably won't until the Incredible and the EVO are released, which might realistically (at least in the EVO's case), be better phones for similar, if not the same, pricing.

So which US phone company is Google endorsing at the conference?

Not sure what you mean by "designed to work in the U.S." Radio freqs are pretty straightforward: If your phone uses the same 3G bands that the carrier provides, you're good to go.

Yes, they both are 3G compatible, just not with each other's 3G networks.

And when you see unlocked, they're talking about it being "SIM unlocked." For example: When we went to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, all I had to do was stick a Spanish SIM card in the phone, and it worked. Same thing here in the U.S., actually. Be it a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card, it did phone calls and EDGE data just fine. A SIM-locked phone -- and most phones you purchase from a carrier are SIM-locked -- won't work with another carrier's SIM card. That's why you have to "unlock" an iPhone to use it on T-Mobile, for example.

It's different with CDMA phones, because it's a software thing, and not just a physical SIM card to swap.

Wouldn't worry about Google supporting one company over another -- we saw the love when the Nexus One was announced, with Motorola's CEO sitting alongside HTC's.

Yes, I am a newb, so half of what I said was probably "wrong". The frequency issue is possibly closer to what I am referring. But while an unlocked phone is great in Europe and more evolved countries, the Nexus One so far is only being released in the US. Everyone else has to import it.

And in the US, your T-Mobile Nexus might be transferable to the EDGE networks of other phone companies, but shouldn't a smartphone be aimed at 3G networks, especially with 4G networks on the horizon? EDGE is great in rural areas were dating your cousin is acceptable, but if dirt roads are the exception and not the norm, I can understand Google's lackluster sales of the Nexus One.

Well, the problem has more to do with the US radio frequencies and less to do with the Nexus One. Unless both T-Mobile and AT&T share the same radio frequencies, you would never have one phone work on both carrier (3G in this case). The Nexus One is unlock but not universal.

Does this indicate that the Nexus will not be out for VZW by next month? I mean the last conference that gave out your (attendees') choice of Nexus One or Motorola Droid made sense bc it gave them a GSM or CDMA option but if the Nexus One were as close to released as people are saying it is wouldn't GOOGLE just offer their GOOGLE phone to devs? I'm dying waiting for it. Phil, grand master android man please find some word for us!!


I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the only thing that is holding up the Nexus One from being sold on Verizon is this stupid lawsuit by Apple. They are trying to keep anymore HTC phones from being shipped to the US. This mught include the Incredible. I really hope that the judge hearing this litigation will throw this thing out. If this is Apple's way of competing when competition arises then I want nothing more to do with them. I have owned all three iPhones and many many Apple producst. I dumped my 3Gs for the ATT banded N1 the first day it was announced and I love this phone. Apple you can go to hell this is a giant joke!

I don't even care anymore. If the time it took Verizon to release the software update for the Tour is any indication of how long it takes for them to release N1 I won't expect hearing anything certain until the end of "Spring".

The only thing I'm not happy with is that I get a free Droid...I already have nexus one...guess I'll use it for WiFi and development...just wish I could have the option to choose, I'd get a second Nexus One