Here it is, folks, your first look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom. We've seen benchmarking data on the expected follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and thanks to a new photo leak we get to see what the zoom-lens-toting back side looks like. And it's leathery.

Wheras the Galaxy S4 Zoom had a very distinct camera look to it, with a relatively slim body and a protruding grip, the S5 Zoom does away with the protrusion of a smooth faux-leather-grain back punctuated only by the zoom lens, a narrow flash band, and the Samsung logo.

Apart from that, the S5 Zoom is reported to be significantly thinner (having lost the grip) and lighter, have a 20 megapixel sensor with 10x zoom (4.4-44mm with an f3.3-6.7 24 mm lens) and integrated NFC. That's in addition to the previous leak, which pointed to a 4.8-inch 720p display, a 6-core Exynos 5 Hexa CPU, and 2GB of RAM, all powering a build of Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Source: KZoom; Via: Phone Arena

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Skyway says:

Wonder if that's a xenon flash

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Taz89 says:

Good to see the hump is pretty much gone. Just wonder how thick it will be.

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FutureKix says:

I want!

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Why only a 720p screen?

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eao1991 says:

Phone would probably explode attempting to power both a 1080p screen and a high-res camera :P

Good point!

deathsyn says:

Better than the qHD screen on the current S4 Zoom. That's the major thing that kept me from snagging that thing (I don't like the TouchWiz, either, but at least I can rip that out.)

mstrblueskys says:

Camera phones are remarkably cool - I can't wait until I can toss my m4/3 lenses on the back of my phone. :P

wicketr says:

This looks much more promising than past iterations. If it can manage a reasonable size to fit in a pocket, then this could be a winner.

Cylemmulo says:

Ya honestly I had no clue why they made the other ones so huge, when you can keep a camera decently small while giving it like a 10-12x zoom, or better yet give it an internal 5x zoom lens and have no bulging parts

misaacs6516 says:

Having kids, the camera is one of the most important parts to me. This could replace my G2, cant wait to see samples. perfect for leaving the DSLR at home

cjb44 says:

And I was debating between a S5 and Note 4 when my contract expires in June...this might be the best option depending on the price...I'd wait for the Note 4 or this if worth it. I travel too much with the kids not to have something like this.

TheDu9du says:

Take that Nokia 1020

Mighty_Red says:

So how much does it have in common with the S5? Looks like very little from here. Why not just give it it's own name and branding otherwise it just confuses customers (I guess that's the point).

Got a better idea Sammy, why not just call every phone you release Galaxy S5?

As for the device, let's hope it is designed mainly as a phone and not as bulky as the S4 mini otherwise it is just not practical as a daily driver

MarkSeven says:

Just call it the Galaxy Zoom.. Smh..

WolfpacDAR says:

This is a big deal why exactly?

Cubfan says:

Someone will do this right and get my money... a regular sized (thin-ish) phone that has premium features PLUS a real camera/zoom lens. Go for it, Samsung.

John-Smith says:

This actually looks very promising. The S4 Zoom was meh.

But if this does away with all that bulk, it could be a hit.

I wonder what's the battery life would be like for that monster

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