Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPhone 5s

IFA 2014 We're out at IFA 2014 where Samsung's announced their latest and greatest: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. And as we're wont to do, we wanted to compare it to some of the most popular devices on the market today, which, of course, includes the iPhone 5s. Sure, the iPhone 6 is due out in a week's time, but that's never stopped us before. By the time the Note 4 hits the market, it will be contending with Apple's latest and likely biggest, but there's still a lot to compare here, and two very different takes on the smartphone.

The Note 4 does borrow somewhat from the iPhone 5's industrial design, bringing a beveled metal band around the edge to the Samsung party (just like the lesser Samsung Galaxy Alpha before it. Though in this case it drastically ramps up the resolution with a 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560 QHD display clocking in at 515ppi. It somewhat shames the Retina display iPhones with their 326ppi. The iPhone 6 may well have a denser display to rival the quality of these, but for now it's just not quite as dense. There is, of course, the LCD iPhone vs. AMOLED Samsung comparison to be made as well.

Question is, how does a 4.7-inch of 5.5-inch iPhone 6 compare to the eventual release of the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4?


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Galaxy Note 4 versus iPhone 5s: Quick comparison


I was hoping that the G3 Stylus would be more of a high-end Note competitor. Oh well.

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Anybody else hear the the iPhone6 will be the most expensive phone ever because they increased the screen size? I get its more product and bigger battery but if you're gonna increase the price each year just because your flagship phone got upgraded come on!! Its like saying ohh the LG G3 got a better camera this year lets add another 100 bucks. I swear if I see anybody with an iPhone 6 (if the cost did go up) I'm automatically thinking you're a dick. Is anybody else outraged by this?

Only if they are upgrading from an IPhone 5...if they have an IPhone 4 or lower, I'm OK with that. Same with people getting the Note 4...if you're upgrading a perfectly fine phone within 18 months of getting one, something is wrong.

Most expensive phone ever? No.
Possibly more expensive than previous models? Yes.
Supposedly more expensive due to the sapphire screen (or sapphire blend depending on what rumors are correct), not because it's simply larger.
At any rate, it'll still sell. Supposedly China Mobile already has 30000 pre-orders and it hasn't even been announced.

I agree, why compare this to the iPhone? Not even the same category.
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Maybe so, but still it's 30000 pre orders on one provider for a phone that hasn't even been made official yet. What other phone has ever done that?
Hell at least kickstarter and indiegogo give you something to look at and tell you what it does before you pledge your monies.

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If you're pretending not to know what the iPhone 6 will look like or do, I really wonder what you're doing on a gadget blog? :)

What's not "leaked" about it?

You honestly think all 30000 of those who pre-ordered read tech blogs?
Point is, nothing is set in stone yet, specs, performance, features, even how it actually looks (just look at the various leaks and how they differ in appearance), yet there's all those pre-orders.
What other product in the history of sales has pre-sold that many units without confirmation of the final product?
I follow the rumors, yet I don't know the exact specs of the A8, if it will actually be in it, how much ram, the actual size, if screen is gorilla glass or sapphire, if it even has NFC or not, or what storage capacity models will be available.
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That has got to be the most desperate response yet...

Short answer, it's I think it's very likely that those 30k reads gadget blogs. Extremely likely in fact.

If by desperate you mean acknowledging and responding to every counter-point you've had to offer, then yes, it's desperate.

Since you seem to believe everything about it has been leaked, you tell me.....
Does it have the A8? How many cores? What's it clocked at? How much ram? NFC or not? Sapphire display or gorilla glass? What are it's dimensions? What size battery?

Now go ahead and ask yourself if YOU would pre-order a phone without knowing most if not all those above questions (like the 30000 I mentioned did).

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Since when did Apple product buyers start worrying about the internals? Isn't that what you Apple people has been hammering into people's heads the last few years? They couldn't care less if it's a processor or a cockroach running the things inside? :D

Ahhh now I see the problem. You think I'm an apple person. Have a look through the Razr Maxx HD, G2, and other misc forums and you shall see your assumption is incorrect. Though I did once own an iPhone 4.

Really, I think we're saying the same thing in a way. My original comment was "at any rate, it'll still sell." Which is due, in large part, to the folks who just blindly follow whatever apple does. Some are just heavily vested in the Apple ecosystem. Others still may just like it for what it is or has to offer.

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Let me clarify how insignificant 30,000 "preorders" are in China. China has a population of a little over 1.3 billion people. Okay, 1.3 billion people plus the population of Great Britain.... 30,000 people going into their local mobile store to say they want to buy the next iPhone in a country that size, a phone which has already been leaked in excruciating detail, and its typical small group of loud following who will buy whatever is released as long as it has an Apple on the backside is really like talking about a drop in the ocean.

I am actually surprised it's not more. But then again, the iPhone has never made a real breakthrough in China.

And the 5s is 1 year old and the note is some hours old.
And the fact that tge 5s is still selling like hit cakes after a year is worth noting

Todays event by samsung seems more like let's announce something ahead of apple's event next week because the iphone 6 (if it actually has a big screen) will hurt our premium sales numbers. Which is where most of samsung profits are coming from. That's what happens when you are the dell of the industry and not a platform vendor. They are effectively competing in the commodity smartphone market and the likes of Xiaomi will continue to have a field day with them. I look forward to when android central will have a different commodity vendor in samsung place to go against apple and the iphone, good times ahead.

Or it's because there's a major trade show going on and that's when you announce things. Incase you didn't notice Sony and others are also releasing new products today.

Apple doesn't do trade shows.

Apple don't do trade shows because direct side by side comparisons make them look bad, it's got to a point now that even Samsung have struggled to make any major leap forwards like previous years. There is a new design language but let's face it, it looks like a "Note" and Samsung would be daft to change that after all brand recognition effectively boosts sales.

I agree. Lets compare a phablet that was introduced today to a phone released just about a year ago. Why not wait a week and compare the Note 4 to the iPhone 6? A little more apples to apples or we can just do this crappy comparison. People who don't get the Note 4 are going to look at the 5s. /s

This is a silly comparison. Now comparing the Note 4 to the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will be a better comparison (although I'll stick with the note 4)

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These are not even the same class....why waste time this to LG 3 or something of that nature. Who cares about apple on an Android site.

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I think you should wait for iPhone 6l. IPhones are pathetically tiny right now

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