U.S. Cellular Samsung Mesmerize

U.S. Cellular has provided a long-due update to their Android customers on the timeline they can expect for their phones to get updated to Froyo. The phones and dates listed are:

It is puzzling why the Mesmerize will take so long to get the update as Samsung has already pushed out the Galaxy S Froyo update code to carriers for testing. Still, at least Android users on U.S. Cellular have some official word now. [Facebook] Thanks to Greg for the tip!

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junior38 says:

I hate samsung and sprint......

rawvega says:

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot?

DNicolasL says:

What's wrong with Sprint? The EVO already has Froyo.

dlongb13 says:

I hate Sammy and VZW, This is the last Samsung mobile product I will ever buy, those new 4g phones can't come to market soon enough so I can get rid of this Fascinating piece of crap.

icebike says:

Why bother going to Froyo at this late date.

Just leap straight to Gingerbread.

junior38 says:

Man I totaly agree with you..

onixblack says:

This is hilarious lol

-IRON- says:

i remember my sprint/samsung moment woes. when i got my evo i never looked back. samsung never again

rippley05 says:

Wowm I didn't even think the Acclaim would get froyo.. since it's vanilla android tho I guess it isn't as hard to do. It's a crappy little phone so I'm still shocked

mdenny84 says:

I feel like the kid who didn't get a red ryder bb gun for christmas.

inaudy says:

when is gingerbread coming for the mtg4

TheANARCHY says:

More evidence that Samsung/Verizon haven't got a clue. Lessons learned about both companies supporting the phones they sell... Never again Samsung

Sophos says:

What a joke....good thing there is a developing community.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

And still no news about the Craptavate. As soon as the ATRIX is available, I'll be done with Samsuck.

carraser891 says:

Epic 4G Epic4G Epic 4G Epic 4G. this is ridiculous....

you all realize this is about US Cellular don't you?

rawvega says:

Thank you! lol

bgwavrder says:

Uh, how about the Samsung Vibrant? I know T-mo is really Slow-mo

brackett5 says:

What about Samsung Fascinate!!!!! Dont need it anymore!!

TheANARCHY says:

Congrats to those on US Cellular that have Samsung... You've not been forgotten. Now wise up like the other carriers customers who bought Samsung are doing. Don't ever buy their phones again!

carraser891 says:

yea at least no name US Cellular gets froyo. now they can move on to the major US carriers.......nice strategy samsung. last phone i buy from you.

Jason Turk says:

The Acclaim gets froyo two months before the US Cellulars flagship Mesmerize? WTF!

veteranmina says:

Hey lets say this. once all updates are released, the developers will have the codes to make stable roots and roms for USCC CDMA. Who knows that in a month after the release we could have 2.3 roms out for the phones

VDOMKR says:

This is BS! US Cellular stil has not released 2.2 and 3.0 has just come out. WTF!?