iPhone 5s

Here at Android Central it's just another Friday. But elsewhere it's iPhone day, with Apple releasing two new smartphones simultaneously for the first time ever. And we're sure some of you will be tempted to pick up the new iPhone 5s, with its optional gold exterior and 64-bit CPU. Or maybe the plastic fantastic iPhone 5c is your thing, with its numerous color options.

We're not here to judge, so feel free to fess up down in the comments. And if you're staying loyal to the Android army let us know which Android phone you're using — or thinking of picking up — instead of Apple's latest.

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Fess up: Who's buying an iPhone today?



Nope waiting to see what the n5 has to offer . if not that then note 3 or z ultra. Is keep my n4 for hitting the bars

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I'm switching from my htc one. Why? I miss imessage from everywhere (phone,desktop, iphone), airplay, and facetime with my 8 year old. Also, my bloody htc one is still on 4.1.

And iOS27 will have features that 4.1 always had. Hahaha. Kill yourself you retarded iTroll

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I have a gs4 idiot so no I am not a troll you go look at your great file system and hope your phone will get updated. Troll thats all you guys have. A bunch of whiny radio shack workers

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From the look of your pic you should kill yourself for being so friggin ugly haha

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Andriod mafia is that like a bunch of radioshack workers that started a gang loser

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Andriod mafia is that like a bunch of radioshack workers that started a gang loser

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I am so brand loyal I started a mafia cause I have no life only my phone and it makes me free haha KILL YOURSELF

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I am so brand loyal I started a mafia cause I have no life only my phone and it makes me free haha KILL YOURSELF

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Dude. Maybe lay off the caffeine for today. Your comments are not only thoughtless and rude, they're untrue. You're not winning any friends or changing anyone's mind with this garbage.

"Name calling is the last refuge of the out-argued."

But you will lay down and post on this forum I stead of dping something productive? Oxymoron much? Admins can we ban this guy? Clearly he is harrassing as well as stalking.

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Hmmm...buy a phone with a processor that can't yet be utilized by the hardware or software on it (though I'm glad they stuck it in there), with a finger-print reader that's just as gimmicky as it was when it was on the Atrix, and give a company that doesn't really want me to own my device my money? No thanks.

I've got an Optimus G, and it works fine. I'm definitely going to consider the Nexus 5 when it comes out, as long as it has LTE and isn't a bad phone. :-)

To be fair, the fingerprint reader on the Atrix was pretty great. I didn't expect to use it much when I first got my Atrix, but I used it all the time. If the reader works well on the iPhone, I think it'd be a pretty good selling point.

Personally, I'm hoping the finger print reader on the iPhone does work well, because it will mean the technology is finally "ready". I think Apple implemented it in a good way, to since they put it where you would normally touch the phone anyway.

The one thing I'm waiting to see is, is the scanning instant? If it's not, like if it takes 2-3 seconds to register and unlock the phone, then it will go unused. I'd like to see other phone companies pick up the technology and really make it mainstream.

I never heard much about how the finger print reader worked on the Atrix. I know laptops have been shipping with them for a long while now, but I only ever hear about how people find them annoying.

I am happy with my Samsung S4. I like the freedom, prices, and the vast array of choices that Android phones have to offer.

Never will I ever own an iPhone. I just don't care for what it differs from other android phones. When I purchase something I like to have a feeling of "I am getting the best for the money." For that price i would get a Droid Maxx developer edition.

Oh man, if I were on Verizon, I'd be all over that. I don't care about having the thinnest/lightest phone at all, and I would love for more manufacturers to start putting enormous batteries in their devices.

been with android ever since it came out not changing to crapple for anything, i love my evo lte but now im waiting on the next nexus

I had the iphone 4 and my wife as well but we came back to android rocking the s4 rooted nothing better then freedom to do what your please with your phone. ANDROID rocks iphone suckssss try downloading a zip file or free movies or music from a email or shareing something with multiple places you cant.

I switched from the iPhone 4 to the Nexus 4 last year and it's been an awful experience. I have a feeling my Nexus is somewhat of a lemon but I've come to the conclusion that there is no perfect phone at the moment so I'll take the iPhone for another year for the simple fact that things work the way they're supposed to. I'll try android again soon though I'm sure.

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Just got rid of my Iphone 5 cant do that much stuff on it so I traded it for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Mega and havent been able to put it down since gotta stay loyal to the Droid

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I just got a note 2. Love it and can't go back to a smaller phone. Also Apple's almost insane levels of keeping their ecosystem proprietary turned me of to their products. They have good products but their attitude and hubris is to much for me.

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I'll stick with my G note 2 until the next nexus phone comes out. By the way the crew I work with, they all have iphones. And they stay tethered to a charger all day long while my note 2 chugs along without a charge.

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I'm actually interested in an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 at this point, just to experience iOS 7. I don't like making fun of my iOS friends without experiencing the software itself.

I use a Galaxy Nexus and 2012 Nexus 7 Wif+3G. So I'm committed to Android but I am looking forward to Ubuntu Touch v1.0 being released on October 17th. But to those Apple people reading this: enjoy iOS7 and the iPhone 5S/C. I'll wait for the Nexus 5 and pick up the 2013 Nexus 7 LTE soon. I'm especially intrigued with the forthcoming Samsung 12.2" tablet (http://gizmodo.com/how-would-you-hold-samsung-s-12-2-inch-mega-tablet-13...), the new ASUS Infinity and the new ASUS PadFone.

Haha! Seriously? An iPhone?

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not me, I don't mind apple or iphones, and I have had ipod touches in the past. But honestly the 5s interests me no more than the 5 did. If I see some real improvement and a decent screen size (4.5 or more) I might be tempted.

Until then I'll stick with samsung (I wont get a phone without a removable battery and sd card slot)

I'm using an XPERIA Z which is absolutely fantastic, just can't wait for android to release kit Kat :D

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Using a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3. Running CyanogenMod 10.1.3, I love it and would never join the iSheep army :D

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I'm going to blow my savings on a new special edition iPhone 5s in gold which is close to 5000 dollars..because I'm stupid like that..

I won't be getting the iPhone. I'm on the Nexus 4 now. My next phone with be either the new Nexus or a Moto X.

i just bought an iphone 5 cause now theyre cheap.... im very happy for apple changing their ios abit more like "android" feel.... the new control bar.... the notification that reminds me of google now... the camera app with new filters.... the new live wallpapers. i have those options since i had a nexus 4 and sold it to get my golden egg.... my htc one.... i found out that ios is still a closed software and using it is still the same.... i use my htc one more than using iphone 5... why? because i cam do more on android that i cant do in ios.. example google wallet has been updated to work on US carrier phones not just nexus brand. NFC works like a charm.... and i cant live without the IR blaster on the HTC one.

Apple is still making iPhones? I thought they were extinct along with the dinosaur. Well wonder what they can do to make their dated OS current. Oh, I know, they can change their icons. Wow that is innovating. What will they think of next?

dont forget they went back to the drawing board.... iphone 3gs style plastic body.... and added gold dust on top of their Same Shit.... get it iphone 5s. Same Shit.

Picking up a Droid Maxx sometime today. Apple IPhone just isn't my thing.

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I'll admit I have had two iPhones, the 4 and the 5. They have both been through my job. And iOS is not horrible, jus not for me. I could have chosen any phone for work, but personally I prefer Android, so my personal phone is always Android. And there is no Nexus on Verizon, well Galaxy Nexus, but I'll pass. At least pass on Verizon's. I went with the iPhone for work because it was fee so why not. And so I can honestly say I use both iOS and Android and so much more prefer my Nexus 4 to my iPhone 5. So much so that it rarely leaves my bag except for work related issues and sometime not even for that because I can do everything on my Nexus that I can do on my iPhone.

So to answer the question... HECK NO!!!

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I'm holding on to my galaxy s4. I sold my iPhone 5 already. I do have an at&t ipad mini so I'm not missing anything either way I guess. I'm enjoying ios7 a lot tho.

I actually switched a couple of weeks ago from an iPhone 5 to my now best friend the Samsung Galaxy S4. I don't think I'll ever go back. Its all about screen size for me.

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I really like the iPhone 5S. I really like iOS7. I keep thinking I may buy one, but then I realize I would have to give up my widgets, Nova Prime personalization, SwiftKey Flow, my higher res larger screen, my Astro file management, my Google Now assistant integration, my widgets, my facial recognition security, and buy all of my apps all over again, and restart all of my games all of again, and I say "Nah, I'll wait for my Nexus 5."

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Lol... So much this. While I could probably be happy with an iphone5s, I am so invested in the Google ecosystem it would really suck to start fresh. And after a month I would probably be bored of iOS 7 but have no way to change the appearance. When I get sick of my android device I just throw a new launcher on it or completely rearrange my homescreens and it is like a new phone.


I don't think you'd be happy with iOS. I got my dad the iPad 3 for fathers day the year it came out. I set it up for him and tried it out. I became very frustrated with the device. Not because there was a different way to do what I was trying to do, but because you COULDN'T do it!

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I'm just posting up here with my RAZR Maxx HD until something really exciting comes along. CM 10.2 keeps it from feeling dated, but I can't help but pray the FCC filings for the Nexus 5 don't tell the whole story and it'll magically end up on Big Red so I can keep clinging onto that unlimited data =P

I'm buying a 5S, and the new Nexus, don't have time for idiot fanboys on either side. I don't care what the iphone can or can't do. iPhone for work and Nexus for play! Have had every single Nexus phone since Nexus 1. Hell even had the HTC Dream. I love the ability to compile my own rom/kernel combination it's far more customizable than an iPhone.

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn, boring. Don't care about Iphone since about 3 years ago when I made the switch to Android and love the experience.

By the way, IOS7 is causing some horrible keyboard lagging on my Ipad 2. DO NOT UPDATE to it until they have a fix.

Ian B

Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about installing iOS7 on my girlfriend's, but she would be mad if it janked the keyboard.

I was reading yesterday that there have been quite a few reports of iOS7 causing all kinds of crashes and lock ups on "non-retina" devices. I'm sure Apple will have a fix out for that pretty quickly, but something to keep in mind.

Im staying with android as well.:) Im currently on Moto X but have had GNexus, GS3, all have been great.

BTW there is a bug in IOS7 that allows anyone to bypass the lock screen for those thinking of going with Apple there is also a video showing the exploit.

Sticking with my excellent Moto Razr Maxx HD. Now if I still had my old POS HTC Incredible, I might be tempted.

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No iPhone for me. If I want an iPhone I'll just run MIUI on my Nexus 4 with the lame iPhone icons.

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I'll be honest..I am curious. Though I still love my GS3....it honestly is annoying to have that little bit of a lag (and sometimes a lot). from sleep to take a picture can be anywhere from 5-10 seconds. And sometimes responding to a text is not smooth.

Im curious if I would switch I'd miss android constant greatness and features. (like people telling me today about great new features like burst mode in iOS7.)

I'm up in the air..I'm waiting for the Nexus 5. As I'm thinking that will be the way to go.....But if they don't improve the camera I may go with Iphone...
as confining as it might be, I would enjoy taking quick snaps of the kids and responding to texts and emails quickly...

Have you considered rooting and going with another ROM such as CyanogenMod? I'm not that adept, but after doing some research via Google, I found that very clear instructions exist for doing this. (Many thanks to those that take the time to post them.) It has made for a whole new experience.

The one and only major snafu / fail that still remains in Android is an increase in overall OS lag due to too many text messages on the phone. I don't understand how or WHY they haven't eradicated it yet, but if it's the only hiccup with the phone...then just backup and erase some texts. Sad that I switched back to a Palm Pre from an HTC Hero because of the awful SMS lag. I'm on my GS3, and had a bit of lag 'til I deleted a lot of texts, as did one other friend...maybe it'd help you? I was considering getting an iPhone 5S to flip it, but it seems like too much trouble when I'm going to want a Note 3 when they're out. The Note and iPhone seem to have almost equally fantastic resale value.

The Note 2 (and I believe GS4 and HTC One) have burst mode. In fact, my Note 2 can record video at 240 fps. It does take about 5 seconds or so to wake the phone and get the camera app open, but I can't imagine it's *that* much faster on an iPhone.

Now, as far as the image *quality*, I think that is one area with the iPhone has been consistently better. That said, I'm not going to give up all the features of Android that I love, just for better cell phone pictures.

If the event is that important, I'll use my little Kodak point-and-shoot. It fits in my pocket just fine.

I have a note 2 and will be upgrading to a Note 3 when it comes out.

With that being said, I do like the looks iOS 7 and the benchmarks of the new A7 chip in the 5S look killer. If they ever come out with a bigger iPhone I MIGHT consider it, just to try something different.

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I still not sold that their new 64-bit chip is really going to make that much difference in real-world use. Apps have to be specifically written to use the 64-bit process and, considering even the 5C is still a 32-bit CPU, I'm skeptical of how many dev's will actually do that, since it will require a *third* version of their app to maintain. Also, unless it's an app that does a lot of number crunching (such as audio/video processing), you wouldn't see any benefit anyway.

Really, the biggest bottlenecks we have in these devices at this point is the NAND storage medium. As far as apps "opening" faster, that's got more to do with storage read/write speed and network data speeds than CPU power.

Actually devs will be able to write 32 and 64 bit architecture in a single app.

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Am a convert.I am ashamed to admit that during the ginger bread days i went from android to iOS. But a brief stint without widgets sent me scuttling back to android. But since i got my note 2 I haven't looked back and frankly i am now waiting for the Z1 to be my new upgrade. Never again will i go to iOS again

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My Note 2 is AMAZING!
I was against apple ever since the Ipod.
ie. You mean to tell me that I buy music and I own it, but I can ONLY put it on Apple products... REALLY.
Sounds like I don't really own the music, I'm just leasing it.

Maybe if they release a larger screen iPhone next year. Four inches is too small for my tastes, iOS 7 is a major improvement over iOS 6 through.

Exactly. Next year it might be worth looking at if you're in to that sort of thing. But another year removed of Jobs might not bode well either.

Just got the blue one at best buy for $49 on sale this week and it's an awesome phone so, hell no to Apple.

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I have a Note 2,getting an iPhone would be like downgrading. Honestly I think if I ever left the android platform it would first consider the BlackBerry z10.

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Nothing less than the Xperia Z1 will replace my Xperia ZL.

However, I did order an iPhone 5s for the Misses.

Actually, it's funny you say that because 95% of the people I know with an iPhone (at least, the ones who actually like it) are girls :)

I like my HTC One and have a 4S for a work phone so no need to run out and get the latest and greatest.

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I'm getting a Verizon HTC one today in sliver since its only $50 at best buy :)

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Using my trusty Samsung S2 and no plans to ever switch to iPhone. Ever.

My next (dream) phone would be the Nexus 5 or Note 3. Owning a Nexus 7 has made me love the simplicity of "stock" android, but the S Pen and additional features of the Samsung Phablet are quite a temptation.

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I'm not sure about Nexus, but you will definitely love the Note 3! I used to own a Note 2 and the functionality of the device (especially the stylus) is quite extraordinary.

My wife got her 5s this morning and it doesn't compare to my LG G2. That phone is freaking awesome!I still will probably buy the Nexus 5 if it is based off the G2.

Had an iPod Touch before and that gave me nothing but problems so I'm going to have to pass on i products in mission critical areas of my life. I'm rocking an unlocked/rooted S3 on VZW - I'm thinking of getting a Dev Edition MotoX but I'm not sold yet

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I've never owned an iPhone, but I appreciate their value for a lot of people. I talked my brother into tossing his iPhone for a Galaxy S3 a while back, but he doesn't like it because there are too many options. He actually likes just using what Apple tells him to. It's definitely easier for people who aren't technically inclined.

I for one am loving my Note 2, but I can't wait to get my hands on the Note 3

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Apple never told him to do nothing. I have a gs4 but this apple thing is stupid.You guys talk about being free like its the only thing in life. You guys need a life if a phone makes you free.

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That's not actually what I meant. My brother admits he just wants a phone that works straight out of the box. He's not interested in customization. I was actually praising Apple in this regard. For folks like my brother an iPhone is perfect. Nice hardware, flawless software... good phone. But I like to personalize. My phone doesn't look or function the same way from one week to the next. It's just a matter of what you want from your phone.

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LOL. Like I've said repeatedly, and like the og commenter's brother, the iPhone is great for people who aren't interested in (or are just intimidated by) all the "features" of Android. There's absolutely *nothing* wrong with that.

But this blind "you people are stupid for liking those things" mentality that some of the iPhone-loyal have is just ridiculous. I've said before, but when my father asked me which phone he should get, I recommended he get an iPhone. He *loves* his 4s and, for him, it was the better phone. It does exactly what he wants his phone to do, and he is one of those people who has *zero* interest in all the customization and additional features of Android. I think in a lot of ways he feels that all the "extra" stuff that Android has is something of a burden. It's extra time and energy he would have to devote to something that just doesn't interest him.

But even he acknowledges that Android provides extra features, not that the iPhone is "ultimately superior" to Android, just that it's different. The question of which OS is superior is *entirely* dependent on the individual, and it serves no constructive purpose for people to play this "your phone sucks because it's not X" game.

I'm on the Nexus 4, and will be for a while, since smartphones are ridiculously expensive in Brazil, and anyway I think we should stick at least for a year with a device like Nexus. I see the beauty in all systems, as well as their problems, so I would love to have an iOS device. Since Apple charges your soul for a almost high-end phone, I'm willing to buy a simple Lumia for my second device - I like Windows Phone as much as Android, and therefore more than iOS.

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No, I need android for my smartphone.

But I did just update my ipad 3 to ios7 to days ago. (Hangs head in shame)
What can I say, for me a tablet is basically a portable browser and for that when I bought it it was the best device for web browsing. It's still under apple care and while I'd like to have to 10 inch android device instead, there's really no need to upgrade.
I have the same chrome browser on my iPad, which is what I use it for 90% of the time.
I shop a lot on my ipad too, and some of their apps for the iPad are still a little better also.

I think I was secretly hoping that IOS7 would be a bug ridden POS so I could make my excuses to trade it for the next nexus tablet, but it's pretty smooth. I experienced a few jitters after it first booted but after things settled in the first day it's running pretty fast, no complaints.

There is no shame in choosing the device that best suits your individual needs.

I did have quite a few moments with iOS friends this weekend where I showed them how some of the new things in iOS7 worked. Mostly, the "swipe to dismiss" applications in the recent apps list.

One friend was complaining that he couldn't "close" open apps in iO7. So I showed him and he asked "how did you know to do that?" I just looked him in the eye and said "because that's how Android has been for about two years now." The look of shocked confusion on his face was pretty priceless. LOL.

Not me .. very happy with my Nexus 4 and looking at maybe the Nexus 5 depending if it is a real improvement on the Nexus 4.

When it came time for an upgrade from my S2 Skyrocket with Nova Prime, I considered HTC One and the S4. I went with the S4 because I didn't like the idea of Blinkfeed being forced on me (deal breaker even though it sure looked like a good phone). I stayed with Nova Prime (don't care for Touch Wiz)and am quite happy. I had an iPhone 4S for a commitment period with a jailbreak. No jailbreaking needed with Android, and HTC One kind of violates the innate flexibility of Android. You can make it how you want it. Apple also doesn't have any sense of humor. We have sweets. Why have IOS7 when you can have Jelly Beans?!

Hahah it's funny that you didn't get the One because of blinkfeed, yet you install Nova on your S4...which if you did that on the One, you wouldn't have blinkfeed in the first place and it definitely wouldn't be forced upon you.

you do know you can still install nova prime and that will get rid of blinkfeed! i choose the htc one over the s4 because of the reviews.... some stated that the s4 is a bit more buggy and laggy than the htc one and to fix it is to disable some of the s4 benefits.... such as the look away pause or the finger hovering on the screen... i was afraid of the htc one because i owned htc brand that gave me hardware issues but the htc one has not given an issue.

Actually you have missed out on a great experience .. blink feed is awesome .. I've got mine set up with all the tech sites.. it really rocks ...

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Nope. Having had 2 EVOs and now one of the new Droids, I can't say I'd pay more for a lesser phone, no matter how pretty. Also, Tasker.

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I honestly don't think you could ever really go from modern day android OS and phones to an iphone. I mean, unless they were being given by a company for a company phone. And even then, youd still keep your Android. Could never go from a Note 2 to iphone..... : /

Gonna hold tight to the ol' GNex for now. Will get a new N7 soon to keep me entertained until I decide on my next new phone (most likely the next Nexus). My wife has the iPhone 5 so if I get any weird urges to use one (I don't), I have access. I know enough about it to know I'll never switch.

For me, the only thing the Iphone 5s has over my Gs4 is how smooth it is. Still, thats not nearly enough for me to switch. Im sticking with my Gs4 till the nexus 5 comes out. Just hope that I dont have to wait six weeks for it not to be on backorder this time.

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I'm holding on to my Galaxy Note.And I wud definitely pik up the awesome new G Note 3.Not the marginally improved Apple 5s.

I was tired of waiting for Apple to up it's game. When I saw the leaked specs on the iPhone 5S, i made the Android switch. I was a loyal Apple user for many years. A month ago I bought the HTC One and I love it. There is no comparison and there is no looking back. I'm here to stay with Android.

I bought a blue HTC One last week and was not impressed. I was getting the occasional lag here and there and the speakers while sounding "full" we're not as loud as my wife's Iphone 5. The phones a tad to big for one handed use and actually is really slippery unless you want to cover the beauty up with a case. So after reading how the iPhone 5s destroyed almost every Android phone in the benchmark tests i sold my one and now I'm going down to get a 5s! It's funny how Android owns the market share but can't figure out how to get people hyped or how to sell out their phones on launch day like Apple.

I would love to have a new iPhone 5S!!!!!....which I would promptly sell on eBay and then buy a Nexus 5 when its released. :-)

I've always had a slight interest in getting an iPhone ever since the 4 came out, but I'm too old (53) to drink the kool-aid :-) besides, these old eyes just wouldn't be able to read that tiny screen. One of these days I might give it a try, but for now I'm happy with Android

AOS before IOS!


My next phone will probably be the Note 3. While Apple does have the advantage of having the most amount of accessories available I think that is the only advantage they have left over the latest Android phones. They are behind in both screen size and functionality (the S pen in particular), have just a middling camera and no NFC. They have an advantage in available apps and new apps are usually first available before they're available on Android. I like Android and plan to stay with it.

I thought about getting the iphone 5 just bc it would be different for me but without the sd card the phone is useless to me...i'm sorry I need my music w/o streaming.

If you say that you're switching to iCroc, android central is going to terminate your account. Either way, nexus owner for life.

All I can say is "Welcome to your prison cell"
Android is Freedom
Freedom is Choice

"Dream world-Well i'm getting one!
You do know that the apple stores was around before the fruit and we invented colors. The Mayans clock is based on apple tech so anything Google does will never be as BAD as apple. So what you have better phones-we don't care. A 3 year old child could use my phone and i'm just as smart as him!!!"

Real world- Nope i'm keeping my NEXUS 4 !!! Ha Ha Ha

Still rocking my GS3 with no thought of upgrading anytime soon... Although I did see/play with the new Moto X in best buy yesterday, wow I never thought a phone could feel so good in my hand...

Not me. I love my Galaxy S4. Beside. Have you heard some folks are having issues get iCloud working

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I am ready to get my next phone, waiting to see the next Nexus, then compare with the Note 3 and Moto X. I am leaning more on the larger screen as my eyes need all the help they can get. So still waiting and not getting an 5c, etc.

I ain't loyal to no company, I only buy whatever I think is good for me, fanboys disgust me, why because they don't use their brain, at the end of the day, these big greedy manufacturers don't give shit about you, they just want your money bitches

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I will be picking up my wife and daughter a new iPhone, but for me no. I'm very happy with my MotoX

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I'm RUNNING OUT TO GET THE NEW IPHONE, right after I drop a sledge hammer on my forehead, and stab myself in the eye with a rusty nail!!!!
New Iphone... Really?
It amazes me that people wait in line overnight for the same phone year after year.... they just look silly and MINDLESS!
Blackberry user for years, Now Samsung Galaxy Note 2! My phone friggin ROCKS!

I waited for the Apple announcement to decide on my next phone purchase and get rid of my S4 (too laggy for me). Well it ended up being the Moto X and I couldn't be happier.

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IPhone rip off. Over priced. Under powered next to an android. Locked down. 40% android 40% iOS 20% windows. Nothing new. Can you browse files and move photos about yet? No still need to hook up to a PC.

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I might. First I have to take my new Mustang GT back and swap it for a Toyota Camry. If there is time afterwards maybe I'll trade in all of the Android power and choice for a blingy iPod that makes phone calls.

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I'm going on nearly 2 years on my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (rooted, SIM-unlocked, and flashed a ROM). I'm waiting for the Nexus 5. So suffice to say, no, not buying a 5s or 5c anytime soon. :)

Wow, man. I could never make it two full years on one phone. But the Skyrocket was a great device. I have fond memories of mine.

If I didn't make the decision to root and flash mine, I wouldn't have made it as long as I have. I hated TouchWiz, so I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Hardware-wise, it has stayed strong, and I've pretty much maxed it out as far as it can go.

Nexus 5.
I broke my Nexus 4 a couple weeks ago so I swapped my SIM into my 2012 N7 while I wait for the N5 to be released. Should have gotten a protection plan for the N4...

My sister switched from Android to the iPhone 5 a few months ago. Once she got it seemed like it was awesome. Now a couple months later it is just like... Oh well its just a phone. I guess for her it was just a status thing cause all her friends have it.

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I bought one for science (science!), but I doubt I'll be parking my LG G2 anytime soon. If it's anything like when I bought the iPhone 5, it'll spend most of its time sitting in a drawer.

I really just want to test out the camera and see what affect the M7 has on the overall functionality (putting the device to sleep when idle, etc) and what the new processor is capable of.

I hate the tiny screen on the iPhone, but what can you do?

Will never ever buy a crapple phone!! Not even if its the last phone on Earth!! Ill go back to using a beeper!! lol

My wife and daughter love their iPhones. So for them it will be an upgrade to the 5s at some point. They're rocking the 5's now. As for me, I owned the first couple generations of the iPhone and loved them. When my phone was stolen I found my way to Android by way of the Samsung Captivate. I never looked back. While iOS isn't for me anymore, I can still appreciate the hardware. It's just sexy to me. I'm entrenched in Google services, I'd prefer SD cards, removable batteries and the USB plug and play functionality. I'll just keep rocking my LG Optimus G Pro and HTC One for a while. But if Apple makes a 6 inch device next year, I'd buy it. I'm a tech junkie. I can't help it... :-)

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I am thinking about it.. but i have the HTC one. If i get a 5s is will be because i just want to play with it.. that and imessege, everyone i know having iphone means i can save 30 bucks on my phone bill ( by dropping unlimited texting ) and just using imessege.

I love the ONE.. the speakers, zoe pictures, IR blaster, and screen are just hard to replace.

I have the One, but I'm not s brand loyalist by any means, so I wouldn't mind switching to a 5S. Gold, especially. But I can't right now anyway. :/

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I wouldn't. I enjoy my nexus 4 too much lol. But seriously iOS 7 looks like a unicorn threw up all over the place. Girl just installed it on her 4s and she hates it

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Had the one , then decided to try out the s4, love it. , the one does not come close...better battery, better camera, removable battery and expandable storage.. Let's not forget better user experience...

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I'm more excited with what Oppo has been doing lately, I'll either get the N1 or the Find7. I did also like the look of the new Sony Z1, but Sony isn't really interested in selling there phones in the US.

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Bought the gold one to satisfy my iOS needs... Can't wait to use it until the nexus 5.

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To satisfy your iOS needs? That's interesting....
I didn't know that the basic human needs were FOOD, WATER, SHELTER and iOS....
Oh, wait.... Apple told your that you need iOS, to sustain life.

EVO 4G LTE!! Might switch to HTC One since Sprint started their One up program and 4.3 is most likely not coming to the EVO. The other side of my brain is saying wait till HTC's 2014 flagship, what do you guys think?


No, Apple should stick to music - I like my iPod but I wouldn't want an iPhone! My Motorola RAZR i is all I need for now - amazing battery life, blazingly fast and custom SmartActions which are brilliant for me. When I update the Nexus 5, another Motorola and maybe a Huawei or Xiaomi would be among my top choices. If money was no object possibly the latest Asus Padfone with dock!

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No iPhone for me. I am a proud owner of Gnex GSM and waiting on Nexus 5 or possible Note 3. I love my freedom with my phone. Plus if I want iOS7 I would just install Miui ROM.

After using iPhone since it's second generation I bought an HTC ONE last week and switched over to Android. So far I really enjoy having the options to make my phone the way I want it, not what Apple decides is the "best experience". Just grew tired of the iPhone's small screen and lack of many features.

I've been a long time apple user, I've had 4/4s/5 now I have the Samsung s4 and am very glad I switched to Android more freedom larger screen love it

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I went to an AT&T store to see the Mega. I laid the iFone 5 longways across the width of the Mega. They were almost the same size. Can't do the small screen. Waiting for the Note 3.

I really want a moto x... But my razr maxx hd will have to do for now, still an amazing phone.

New York Giants #drive4five

Nexus 4 is still one of the best out there. Might get the nexus 5 or whatever it'll be called.

Posted using my awesome nexus 4 in India.

My HTC One works better than any other smartphone I've had, including 3 iphones. I can't imagine buying an iphone and giving up the One. I'd have to be totally retarded. Plus I hate those gay icons in iOS 7.

Android for me. GalaxyS2 skyrocket still going strong. Looking to get a moto x whenever they make the wood trim available.

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No IPhone here.Running a stock Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for almost 2 yrs. now.

Contract up in two months. Looking at the BlackBerry Z30. It's 5 inches & it will be available here in the states around Xmas.

I know they are a dying company but you didn't need any app to do a lot on the phone.

I need to be able to set tones up on emails, sms, & phone for contacts. BlackBerry just does it.

In Android you have to have an app to do it & my SG2 can't setup separate tones on a contacts email address. The app I'm using allows me to do it for phone calls & sms texts. You get one tone telling you you have an email.

I also need the SD card slot & be able to swap out the battery so that rules out any Google phone or the HTC One both of which are very nice phones.

Might wait & see what KitKat has to offer but for right now, the new Blackberry Z30 is looking good.

If I do go with the Z30, one thing I will really miss are the apps. That was my reason for leaving BB two years ago.

Time will tell.


Unlike Apple fanboys, I have compassion for the Chinese people who work in Foxconn's factories for $1/hour. I refuse to buy an overpriced piece of crap.

So you buy stuff that is priced similarly or is superficially cheaper, made by the same workers?

Can't for the life of me understand why people buy Iphones still. Don't think it's even been worth looking at post Iphone 4. People must be so consumed by Itunes that they sell themselves on this thing with no other choice.

I'm still happy with my dumb flip phone. It's small, light, stays charged for a week, and is cheaper than a smartphone to the tune of $400/year.

I won't part with my Nexus tablet, though. The multi-user feature is great. Apple still can't touch that.

Been there, done there. I also have a old iPhone 4 and i realy don't understand people that like the new ios7.

I think it's ugly and still the same. And a gold color and a finger code is a nightmare for me. I'm waiting for the new Galaxy, and meanwhile i'm enjoying the freedom on Android on my current Galaxy.

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I love me Google Play Edition One, yet I miss iOS. I came from an iPhone 4S. I'm now here for a few months while I try to get money for the 5S. I love Stock Android, though, along with endless customizations without jailbreaking/rooting. Not to mention, my One has the huge screen and LTE! I can't go to another phone without LTE ever again.

i have grown so use to big screens, the iphone seems to small for me now. I am waiting on the nexus 5 i hope it's a 5" if not HTC one max here i come.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and people always say "WOW, your phone is huge", my response is "It's not that my phone is HUGE, it's that your phone is SMALL!!"

Nothing like buying the same iPhone with a letter added to it, I have never owned an iPhone and never will unless Google stops making android os. LG G2 is where it is at.

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I got the G2 last week. It is by far the best phone out right now. The screen, camera, and battery life leave the others in the dust.

Have a Note 2 and love everything about it. Will not buy anything Apple again. An Apple is something you eat, not own...

OK, I admit it, I got up before midnight and ordered a new iPhone for my wife. With Verizon offering $200 for her old iPhone 4S it was a wash getting her a new phone with the larger (cough, cough) iPhone screen plus LTE. So yes, I admit it. As for me, it's the HTC One.

Got the LG G2 last week. I'm in love with this phone. The big bright screen & batter life is unbelievable. Was going to get the Galaxy S4 but once I saw the G2 I had to have it.

I was using a iPhone 4s for a while last year and the screen is just way too small. They would have to come out with a 4.7 inch or more for me to even be remotely interested.

Not me. I have a Note 2 and am so happy with it that it will take something really really better to get me to change. Now if the Samsung Mega 6.3 had the specs of the Note 2 I would definitely buy that as I love the bigger phones because of my large hands.

Had an iPhone 5 as my work phone. Wife has iPhone 4s with iOS 7. I will be sticking with my GS4. By the way, the wife wants an Android phone on her next upgrade. She has been saying for years she will only have Apple.

I'll never switch to an iPhone, as I love me some widgets and true customization, plus a screen size I don't have to squint at. My Nexus 4 works wonderfully and feels premium enough for my taste (but can't wait to see what the Nexus 5 brings to the table.

However, my 82 year old mom has an iPhone 4S, and next month she's eligible for an upgrade, so we'll certainly be upgrading her, especially since she has a couple nicks in the glass after dropping it. I'd love to switch her to Android, but it's not worth the learning curve for her, and she'd never take advantage of the customization options. She barely remembers to pull down the notification shade on her iPhone, so I doubt she'd figure out the widgets! The iPhone simplicity and familiarity is best for her.

Yesterday I did update her iPhone to iOS 7, and I must say that it really looks nice and modern now, with some additional helpful features. iOS is finally starting to look nice again, but still falls short of Android!

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I find it funny that after this year's keynote, the apple zombie fans state "5s not worth upgrading this year", but yet they wait in line not only to buy a gimmick phone but also to get the ugliest color: gold.
I hope other phone manufactures don't start to make ugly gold phones.

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I'm just so embedded into googles ecosystem I couldn't see myself switching. I also have no interest in anything apple. Still loving my droid maxx!

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Went from Samsung Galaxy Nexus to Moto X. No regrets. Much pleased. Better radio, speaker, and battery. Plus on the notifications. Also same size screen, but smaller overall size, just feels better in the hand.

Still enjoying my Nexus 4 and looking forward to KK 4.4.

IOS7 looks tacky and unApplelike to me.

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I actually decided to try an iPhone 5 back in may during my upgrade window from my Dinc 2 running CM (unofficial). And it was a quality device. But I missed all of the Android customization, widgets, access to the file system on the phone, etc., and went back to Android. I wanted to make sure my opinions on the Apple experience were legitimate, and gave it a week's time. Apple does have a polished experience, but it's just not flexible enough for me. Currently on a GS4, and looking hard at the Moto X.

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I can't ever see getting an iphone.

I'm very happy with my Galaxy Note 2. I'm even thinking about paying full price to get the Galaxy Note 3 next month (I'm not yet eligible for an upgrade).

I'm a android fan! My self, I have the Note2 on AT&T and love it. At first the screen was really big, but now I wouldn't want anything less. I have had many phones dating back to the brick phones haha. And also had a iPhone 4s I'm not going to knock apple they have many followers and a good product. My wife has the iPhone 4s and the ipad 4 so yes I will be getting her the iPhone 5s but I will not camp out in line for it!! And for me I will be getting the note3!

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Proud of my HTC Droid DNA. It's rooted, unlocked, and running the latest CM10.2 nightly! iPhones are too damn small for me, and I do not use Apple devices. I've only ever liked the quality of the iPod Classic, but I don't like Apple's quality-to-price. That's me, though. I've loved Android from the beginning.

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never been an iphone fan, love my android's, first was thunderbolt, then razor, now a note 2, just wish they would update the software soon, on verizon. thanks and love the site. entreprise

only thing that's gonna replace my Nexus 4 is another something that says "Nexus" across the back of it, potentially in landscape this time. :D

I've got the Optimus G Pro, but my Note 3 has been pre-ordered. I switched to android when the original Note came out and haven't regretted a single moment since making the switch.

Honestly, if I had the money I'd own all the nice gadgets around. That's including a windows phone with 41 megapixels and a blackberry with a number 10 in its name. Also a shiny new iPhone. I just like being able to use things I've never used before.

Current: HTC One, New Nexus 7, GN2, and yes, an iPad 3.

What's next??? Nexus 5 or moto x

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@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Apple need to upgrade their entire iOS OS as soon as possible, if they want to exist with demand and honor at present smartphone world.

Thanks in Advance

Android over ios!!!! Anytime .... Anyday .... Seriously iphone sucks big time... Am using a galaxy note 2 and I love iitttttttttt ... thinking of upgrading to a note 3 .....

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Nothing else but Nexus 4 for me. My next one probably will be Nexus 6 or 7. :)
I don't see any real need for 64bit architecture on phones yet. Unless you really want to be able to dock your phone and turn it into an autocadd or media editing machine, in which case manufacturers should stuff your phone with tons of storage and RAM first to make it worthwhile.
Heck even our company desktop only provides a 32-bit Win7 build and it gets the job done. Emails, word processing, internet.. is all most people do on PCs.

Rockin' the HTC One and plan to stay that way. Switched over from an iPhone 4S back in May (and the iPhone since its introduction) and haven't looked back. (A great testament to that - ordinarily for an iAnnouncement, I'd plan to read live blogs over lunch; this year I completely forgot until a coworker mentioned it was already over.) So much more functionality and customization options with Android vs iOS, I can't imagine ever giving that up for what Apple decides I need at the moment.


Sticking with my Samsung Galaxy 4 for now. If the iPhone had a bigger screen I would go back to it. I just have so much music and crap from before I switched to Android from an iPhone that to buy all the apps all over again would cost too much. I only switched to Android because I wanted a larger screen size.

In honor of iPhone day, I went and got myself a new Nexus 7 and laughed at all the isheep as I walked past.

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Great, you have some friends over some apple site. What the hell does this have to do with us being here on ANDROIDcentral? Not only that but you used a title that implies that we the readers that come here for android stuff, in reality secretly
want an iphone? WHY?

Getting really tired of some androidxxxxx.com sites shoving the iphone everywhere they can as if we were in an iphonexxxx.com site instead. Here's the new HTC whatever model, lets make a video vs the iphone. WHY? No one cares. Do you feel the need to advertise them? What the hell is it? Just let them be in their their little stupid world.

Tried to talk my wife into getting a nexus 5 with me as my nexus 4 has been the best phone I've owned...she is getting a iPhone 5c regardless what I tell her...I tried...she will soon learn

I'm still happy with my GS3. I'd like a Note 3 or the next Nexus but I'll probably wait until next fall to decide, and by then there will be something incredible on the market.

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Is anyone else wondering why AC posted an article asking who is buying an iPhone? That's like posting who is buying the next best Android Phone in an Apple Forum.

PS: Sorry, sticking with my Nexus 4. Love it.

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Currently on a BB Torch 9850, was going to get S4, but have decided to wait for 5. I think I have read that the 5 will be more of a leap than the 4 was from the 3. Never have been a fan of Apple.

I agree. Logically thinking people will be coming off thier 2 year contract so theyll (Samsung) will wait till then for all the super advancements.

I have an S3, which makes my phone ancient and I see the 5S as a downgrade. No thanks, will wait for the Note 3 or maybe the S5 so I get an actual upgrade.

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I'm not a fanboy and I would've definitely given the latest iPhone a try, had Apple taken the leap and made it with a true 5-inch screen. But that 3.5-inch screen stretched only in one dimension is not for me, so a Note 2, an S4 or a Note 3 is in my future.

While everybody was expecting the iPhone 5c to be a "cheap" phone, I was wishing for Apple to take that chance and try out new things that they might not want to risk on their flagship model. A larger screen would've been a nice "new thing" for them to try out with the iPhone 5c without risking sales from their existing customer base who were going to gravitate towards the iPhone 5s anyways.

Nice, fancy hardware means nothing without an awesome OS.. I'm good with the One and Nova Prime.

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Looking at the moto x or nexus 5 for Christmas for my daughter. Went and looked at the moto x, it's a nice little phone. Why does everything seem so tiny after having a note 2, even with a 4.7 inch screen?! Crazy, that used to seem huge.

Note 2 and waiting for the note 3. Love the g2 though. If it had an integrated stylus with wacom software id be a very perplexed man

You can keep your No HD screen,2011 hardware and finger print scanner and have the FBI spy on you and enjoy your iOS7 Jelly bean edition clone with Nokia Color plastic lol. I'm upgrading to the Best Device of 2013 hands down the Galaxy Note 3!!!

Screw Iphones and iOS 7. I love my Samsung Galaxy Note i717 running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 never will I use an iPhone.

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