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We were having a bit of an internal debate this morning and figured we'd turn it over to you fine folks. On a "rugged" phone like the likes of, say, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active or the Kyocera Brigadier with its Sapphire Shield glass, would you still use a case on top of all that armor? On one hand, more protection is more protection, right? But on the other hand you'll have an even bigger phone.

What say you?


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Do you use a case on a rugged phone?


No case for me even on a phone that isn't rugged. I buy the phones because I like they way they look and feel without a case. I am just careful and if it gets damaged, I guess its time for a new phone (that or an insurance claim). Some minor scratches etc are just normal wear and tear for me. .

Me three. I've been using smartphones since the HTC magic and I've never bought a case. I wouldn't dream of covering up the beautiful design of my One M8 with a case, no matter how slim. I've never lost a phone due to a drop and Yup, wear and tear is part of life. This isn't action comics #1 - it's supposed to be *used*. Every phone I've seen in public with smashed screens have been iphones. Go bareback!

I wouldn't think so, as shown in the test for the brigadier, the screen is incredibly tough, but the casing can still get chewed up. More armour is more armour.

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The only reason I use a case is to keep the phone in like new condition to resell it later... and so I don't have to buy a new phone every 3 weeks when I drop it, step on it, or use it as a coaster...btw the moto x doesn't really do well as a coaster with that curved back...

Agreed, I use cases mainly to maximize resale value since I never keep a phone longer than a year and that's a stretch. But I use very slim minimal cases, as I rarely drop them.
Spigen ultra fit is all I need for my nexus 5, barely noticeable and actually protects the camera lens quite a bit
as well as actually improving it's looks.

I'm on Verizon edge so as long as the screen isn't cracked I just turn in the old and grab the new hot phone off the month. Kinda stuck right now though. Really wanted the g3 but my gs5 is water proof. Even though I really dislike touchwiz and the overall lag of the gs5 I build swimming pools. Water proof is a must. Water proof cases are BIG.

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For me, it's all about the resale value. A case/protector taking most of the abuse will make for a nicer phone in the end. The ruggedness just means it's even harder to kill.

Here here. This. Nillkin cases for my phones, minamilist, and protection, with a glass screen protector. Then off to swappa and do it again. Like a condom while on the pill, I also have insurance.

If I did buy one of those phones in store I would still buy a case if one is cheap. I only buy the rubber cases which cost like 5 euro. I only put my cases on when I leave the house though. You could always argue what's the point in buying a rugged phone if you are just going to put a case on it anyway. Why not just buy a regular phone and put a case on that?

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If it can pass a drop test with flying colors, no case. If not, case & screen protector required.

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I have one of the first DACH Motorola Defy's. It's now four years old, and despite dropping it on the floor and on sheer concrete it's still fine, although finally showing its age, and is starting to fall apart.

Having a IP67 (or better) phone is important to me, but I wouldn't see any point in adding size and weight to something that doesn't fall apart when you drop it.

Running CM11 (4.4.4) now on an originally 2.1 device does increase the use-time for the device, so you don't have to worry about being too out-of-date or even resale value as long as there's some developer doing the work to support new versions of Android on the device.

The IT guy buying these for use in the field will. Whenever you get some cool tech in the field it gets ruined by something. Usually it's a terrible quality screen protector and corporate lockdown software, so why not an otterbox for this.

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I don't use cases even on regular phones. Am not in the habit of dropping my gadgets

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On a very rugged phone, I might use a thin case to prevent some scratches as well as to personalize the phone a bit. The phone probably wouldn't need a rugged, bulky case to protect it. I don't think the Nexus 5 is a very rugged phone, so I use a rugged case on it, as well as a screen protector.

I wouldn't use a case myself, but I can see why others would.

I don't generally use a case on my N4 even, but someone in a very rough job for example may need the armour.

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I am careful with my phones and rarely drop them. I prefer not using a case at all regardless of whether the phone is rugged or not. The problem I always have is the phones I've owned in the past (GS2, GS3, now Nexus 5) all have camera lenses that stick out further than the back cover...meaning that when I set the phone down face-up, the camera touches first. I really could care less if the back cover of my phone gets a little scratched over a 2 year period, but if the camera glass cracks/scratches to the point where it interferes with photo/video clarity, what good does it do me? So I'm forced to use as thin of a case as possible - currently rocking the electric-yellow bumper case for the N5. I wish OEM's would make the phones a tad thicker so all the cameras were flush/recessed from the back cover!

I don't use a case on my HTC One (M7) unless I am going to be in the woods or somewhere that I think I could really hurt it, so I doubt that I would put a case on an already rugged phone designed to take a beating.

On a rugged phone? Maybe not. Most likely just a screen protector and that's it. But then again I've never had a "rugged" phone and most likely wouldn't buy one. Something like my N4 needed a case (broke two in less than a year). My M8 and G3 feel too big with a case so I rotate between slimmer ones and just not having one on if I'm in an area where I feel like I wouldn't drop it and even if I did, it wouldn't break (like work or home or a friends place).

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I used to take my Nexus 4 bareback until it exploded (thanks, winter ice!). My Nexus 5 uses a fairly thin case, no screen protector (Corning should be enough) - I've seen some "rugged" phones and honestly, a case is useless.

I just hate cases on my phones.
Nothing more silly than to see people answering calls on their wallets and eventually dropping them on the floor because they can't grip the device correctly.

My Vivid was extremely slippery, and the rounded edge on top of it made me very worried that I'd drop it while taking a picture. It once slid off the couch arm when I just barely nudged the arm. A simple TPU case fixed it and was worth the added bulk (that was a heavy and thick phone to start with)

Only an idiot would put a case on a phone like that...

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milspec certification = no case for me.
lack thereof, for 90% of phones, means it gets a case slapped on it on day one.

I would not. the only reason I use one on my N5 is because of the way the glass goes right to the edge. Would be afraid of a corner drop. That said, indoors at home I often forego a case. With a ruggedized phone I wouldn't feel the need. I do not habitually drop my devices but things happen. I picked up my N7 the other day and next thing it was flying across the room; not sure how that happened. Luckily it was on very plush carpet and was not damaged. No case on it..I do store it in a sleeve to protect it from La Destructa (aka the cat).

For the S5 active, I would not feel the need for a case. Maybe not with the Kyocera, either. But the S4 active was not really an "active" device, so I would need to protect that one.

I never put a case on any of the rugged phones I owned in the past and I wouldn't if I owned one now. I think it defeats the purpose. I put an Otterbox Defender on my Note 3 when I know I am going to be in the field and I keep a slim case on or no case at all when I am going to be in the office, however.

I have GS4 active and for the first 6 months I used a case. After that I just went butt ass naked, just like my lady I needed to feel them curves. I have a few scratches on it but nothing crazy.

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I use a glass screen protector on my g3 to keep that gorgeous screen in tip top shape. But as far as a case goes it's a work only case. It's dirty at my job so I slap the spigen slim armor on it. And soon as I leave work the case gets ripped off setting this sexy phone free.

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Why use a case on a rugged phone? If you want a case that bad just buy a normal phone and put a case on it. Seems pretty simple to me.

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I like my phones like I like my women. However I'm an auto mechanic and I use a case because I kept breaking phones.

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I definitely wouldn't use a case with a rugged phone. And rugged phones just aren't appealing to me; however, I understand that some people need a tough smartphone.

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I'm using my Nexus 4 without a case for about ten months. Only 2 small insignificant scratches on front cause I was careless and put keys in same pocket.

Probably wouldn't for rugged phones. But for my G2 Mini I use one 'coz I'm such a klutz! Also it should help to avoid wearing out easily the power/volume buttons.

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Well just got my S5 Active from Rogers a while ago, with it I bought a simple sleeve. Reason for that is I am quite a hard person on gear of any sorts, and 5 days after my last phone upgrade to a Rzr HD LTE I broke the damn screen with no recourse.

Now both my wife and myself by the most ruggedized phone case for our choice of phones.

I'm awaiting deliver of an otterbox defender for my phone and then I'll add a flip front cover with hard insert to protect screen.

Essentially I want the size and performance of the S5 with the ruggedness of the CAT B15 with an Otterbox LIFE proof case that's completely water tight and drop/crush resistant...

I don't care what the damn phone looks like I care how it performs.

Considering the trade in value decrease for minor scratches it's better to invest in a $5-$30 case no matter the type of phone so they don't knock $100 off the trade in value.