CyanogenModAfter weeks and weeks of coding and testing, CyanogenMod 6 is now officially "stable" and ready for download. For those of you new to Android, the CM series of ROMs are based off the Android Open Source Project -- the pure building blocks of the Android OS -- with a bunch of tweaks and customizations added on, while keeping with a stock Android feel. For most phones, you'll need root and bootloader access -- you can find more information on that here -- and read through the respective threads at CM for further information if you're just starting out. [CyanogenMod]

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Not really ready to root my EVO yet... I will soon enough though.then I'll hop on this

Kipp says:


If only i could get custom roms on my X... or the Droid 2..

nilemann says:

I've been using CM6 RC1 on my hero for a little while now ... not looking back.

ChuckG73 says:

I am using CM6 RC3, how do I get the latest stable rom or is it not out for the Incredible?

Menno says:

It should be in Rom manager. If it's not, Koush could still be updating it for your device. It will pop up sometime today.

ChuckG73 says:

Sweet, so far only RC3 is showing up.....Can't wait, this is going to be awesome

Menno says:

I installed CM as soon as it came out for my OG Droid. Every once and awhile, I'll get tempted by some new rom (Insanely Clean, BB, Simply Stunning, etc) but so far NONE of them have been as stable as CM.

The "stable" release of CM6 is wicket fast. My device flies. I've been trying for 10 minutes to get the thing to lag up on me, and it just keeps zipping along (and I am running ADW on top of the built in launcher)

Seriously, if you are running a device that is supported by CM, you owe it to your device to try it out.

You don't have to wipe data/cache if you're coming from RC3 (imo) but for everyone else you should do it to be safe.

angermeans says:

Isn't the stock launcher ADW anyways on the CM roms?

Menno says:

Yes, but it's not the full adw. I installed adw over it because that way I can update to the latest versions when he releases it instead of waiting for an update for CM. That and I like the new skins. I use the Blue Skin because he has it skin all applications.

Dropp says:

Does any of these roms work on the dell streak?

bleedblue says:

CM6 for sure. RC2 on the Evo, Love it.

teddyh2o says:

Still no 4G... but i still love CM6~

DC TGN says:

If coming from stock froyo rooted on og Droid is it absolulty necessary to wipe data and cache??? This is the only thing stopping me from trying out custom roms.

Predator-1 says:

Not sure about the Droid but it's necessary to wipe data and cache on the Evo so i would think that would be a universal rule.

DC TGN says:

Thx for reply. One more question ... does cm come with its own kernel or do you have to flash that seperate to overclock

kshwet says:

Not sure if its only for me but in Video Camera, I have only the following options enabled in "Video quality 720p" and "MPEG4 for video encoder".

Does anybody know if I need to install any package for enabling rest of the encoding options (H264 etc) or change any setting from anywhere?
Is anybody else facing the same issue?


Examiner19 says:

You need to change the bottom setting to custom first. Then you can change the encoding.

kshwet says:

Wow..! Thanks a lot Examiner19 for the trick :). I was not aware that there is a setting for custom under video quality also.
Thanks again. Got the option enabled.


Spork1673 says:

CM6 is budda !!! on my evo !

bleedblue says:

Might be waiting a while. =/

Have had a couple reboots so far on the "stable" CM6. Am going to see what happens in the short term.

rpmorri says:

Not flashing until 4G is fixed...hopefully soon.

mike31082 says:

I may try this out once an easy root method is available for 2.2 froyo for my Evo.

weehooherod says:

2.2 has been rooted. Google it and you shall find what you're looking for.

bbking009 says:

try using universal androot and maybe that will help you. not sure if it's for the Evo just google it and hopefully this helps.

Maxlowry123 says:

It is now available for the droid incredible.

hoosiercub says:

if only CM6 included verizon backup assisstant, i'd have kept it on my phone longer than Sky Raider...

Menno says:

why do you need that? Google backs up all your contacts automatically, and android lets you export them to SD card for safe keeping as well.

rob128 says:

Samsung Captivate please :)

Rickyq12 says:

Hey guys, I am running CyanogenMod 6 on my Sprint HTC Hero as of Friday. Loving it, but I need help. Everything seems to be working just fine but I am having issues sending MMS messages. I can receive MMS though. I'm not able to send any picture mail. Anyone having this issue???

crome1115#IM says:

question.. not on this rom but on others.. i hvae recently rooted my droid 2 and have downloaded the epic2.5 rom using the 928droid bgx2.2 theme.. loving the rom and theme but after using this rom my bluetooth, pandora app and gmail are not working. .everytime i try to use them they force close.. does anyone know why this might be and if there is a fix and whree can i find it? really loving tihs theme.. gonna check out the cyanogen 6 and see if i can use on d2.. but would really love to have all my stuff working especially my pandora app as i use this on a daily basis at work..hehe.. any info on this would be great appreciated thank u

bmiller4577 says:

LOVE this rom running it on my hero now :)