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4 years ago

HTC 603e certified in China - mid-range Jelly Bean handset


Much of the HTC-related buzz in North America and Europe may be centered on the rumored "M7" handset, but let's not forget that China is a hugely important mobile market. That's where HTC will be hoping its latest smartphone, carrying the model number 603e, will make an impact. A mid-range device with a 4.3-inch WVGA display, a 1.15GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, the 603e has just shown up in the Chinese telecom equipment certification database, where it's been spotted by local outlet TENAA.

Other key specs for the phone include a 5MP front camera, a 2MP rear shooter, a thickness of 9.8mm and weight of 130 grams -- nothing too outstanding by any means. But at least the 603e is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so it's relatively up-to-date.

From a Western perspective, what's interesting about this device is its appearance. It seems to channel a few of the design cues we've seen from alleged leaks of HTC's high-end "M7" device. Note the large earpiece and prominent front-facing camera, as seen in an in-software render weeks ago. And the angled curve of the back is reminiscent of the device that HTC CEO Peter Chou flashed on stage at a recent company party. So even if we never see the 603e outside of China, this design might show in broad strokes what to expect from HTC in the future.

There's no word on release dates, branding or pricing for the HTC 603e, as it's yet to be officially announced. As an educated guess, we'd speculate that we might see more at or around this year's Mobile World Congress.

Source: TENAA; via: Engadget

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4 years ago

Inevitable pink Galaxy Note 2 appears on Samsung Taiwan site


If you're feeling a sense of déjà vu while reading that headline, we can't blame you. Samsung has a history of rolling out bright pink products ahead of Valentine's Day. Recall the pink Galaxy S2 of 2012, and the pink OG Galaxy Note that reared its head around the same time. And a little out of season, but nonetheless relevant, is the Korea-exclusive "Martian pink" Galaxy S3 we saw back in September.

Today they're joined by an all-new rose-tinted rectangle, in the form of the pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The pink slab has appeared over on Samsung's Taiwanese site, where it's shown alongside the standard white and grey versions. The exact shade looks a lot like the "Martian pink" of the Galaxy S3, and there's also a matching pink S-Pen, which is nice.

No word yet on whether Samsung will offer this color option outside of Asia. But pink versions of the S2 and the original Note eventually made it over to Europe, so we'd say the chances are looking pretty good -- even if the same can't be said for the phone itself.

Source: Samsung Taiwan; via: UnwiredView

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4 years ago

Motorola RAZR HD LTE Jelly Bean upgrade now rolling out


Motorola's RAZR HD LTE -- that's the Canadian version of the DROID RAZR HD -- is now receiving its upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the manufacturer has announced.

As Moto's UI is pretty close to vanilla Android these days, most of the improvements in the RAZR HD LTE Jelly Bean upgrade are ones we're already familiar with -- namely Google Now, enhanced speech recognition and improved responsiveness thanks to "project butter." Motorola also notes that camera speed should be improved in the new Android 4.1-based firmware.

If you're rocking a RAZR HD LTE in Canada, be sure to head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to grab the new firmware, then hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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4 years ago

Sony 'Xperia SP' poses with Xperia V in leaked pics


It wasn't long ago that we got our first look at the Sony C530X, codenamed "HuaShan" and rumored to go to market under the name Xperia SP. A mid-range companion to the Xperia Z, the SP reportedly packs a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 4.5-inch 720p resolution screen.

Today the device has cropped up again, in a set of comparison shots alongside the Xperia V. Now that the V's running Sony's latest Jelly Bean firmware, there's not much to separate the two devices in terms of software. But you can see a clear difference in the size of the device, as well as design cues like the earpiece and power button. The shots were posted over on German site Android Hilfe, and the poster claims it runs Android 4.1.2 and contains removable storage, but no removable battery. In its current form, the device is a said to be a little crash-prone -- not too surprising considering it's likely running non-final software.

Given Sony's track record over the past few years, we're pretty likely to see the Xperia SP unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. Naturally, we'll be live from the show to bring you complete coverage.

Source: Android Hilfe; via: UnwiredView

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4 years ago

HTC teases new phone with bizarre cybernetic heart


By now we're all well aware that HTC will have something new -- and most likely Android-based -- to show us at its Feb. 19 press conferences. But we're still unsure as to exactly what that'll be. We've heard rumors of an "M7" handset on the way (including chants from the company's CEO himself), but much of the device remains shrouded in mystery.

HTC's latest promotional teaser only adds to that mystery. Sent out to German press this morning, it shows a human heart pumping life into a circuit board, with the slogan "ALIVE SOON!" It's just vague (and weird) enough to get people talking about what's next from HTC without revealing the company's game plan. Well played, HTC.

If you've got any wild theories about what, if anything this has to do with the upcoming "M7" device, hit the comments and let us know.

Source: BestBoyZ (German)

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4 years ago

LG teases new phones ahead of MWC


Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away, and if recent rumblings are anything to go by, LG looks set to have some new stuff to show us. And there's more evidence of new LG phones on the way today, as the manufacturer has just posted the teaser image above on its Facebook page. "See what surprise LG has in store for you this time, with an unexpected distinction," the caption reads.

Expectedly, it's rather light on hard details, but we couldn't help noticing the L-shape of the bow in the image. We've already heard rumors of new L-style phones on the horizon, so that might be what LG's hinting at here. Last year's MWC saw the launch of multiple LG phones, including the Optimus L3, L5 and L7 as part of the original L-style series. Whatever LG's got up its sleeve this time around, we'll be live in Barcelona to bring you full coverage.

Source: Facebook

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4 years ago

HTC One SV now available on Vodafone Australia


Following launches in the U.S. on Cricket, and the UK on EE, HTC's mid-range, LTE-capable One SV has just landed on Vodafone Australia. Voda's offering the One SV on various 24-month plans, ranging from A$30-100 per month, with data allowances between 200MB and 3GB.

As for the phone itself, you're looking at a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch WVGA (800x480) SuperLCD2 display and a 5MP rear camera. That's powered by HTC Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So the One SV delivers solid hardware, but we're disappointed to see a new phone shipping with the year-old ICS. However the trade-off, we suppose, is getting 4G LTE connectivity on a budget handset.

For more on the HTC One SV, check out Jerry's review of the Cricket version.

Source: Vodafone Australia; via: Ausdroid

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4 years ago

ZTE Blade III launches on Virgin Media in the UK


ZTE has announced the launch of a new entry-level handset for the UK market, the Blade III. With a 4-inch WVGA screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz processor, it's not what you'd call a cutting-edge smartphone, but ZTE is hoping some cheap and cheerful pricing will help it shift stock on launch partner Virgin Media.

Virgin's Pay As You Go prices start at a very reasonable £79.99, and the Blade III is also offered for free on contracts starting at just £18 per month (or £13 for Virgin Media cable subscribers). The Blade III first went on sale in Nordic territories late last year, priced considerably higher than the asking price on Virgin Media, so Brits looking for an inexpensive handset may want to give it a look over.

We've got today's press release, along with a full spec sheet, after the break.

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4 years ago

LG Optimus G makes its way to the land down under March 13


LG is rolling out its flagship Optimus G to more countries, and that rollout is set to hit Australia on March 13th. The Optimus G has been available here in the states (and a couple other countries) since October, but LG has just recently announced that the device will make its way to other countries in the coming months. Australians hoping to pick up an Optimus G will be stuck with just one carrier, Telstra, and no pricing has been released just yet. Based on what has LG stated before, this device will have LTE on board and should also ship out of the box with Jelly Bean, which is a nice consolation prize considering how late it's arriving.

The launch will come with its own event in Sydney, so we'll likely hear more about specifics at that time. We've still got well over a month before this device will be available.

Via: AusDroid

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4 years ago

PSA: Nexus 4 factory images back online


Almost two months after they were mysteriously pulled from Google's online repository of Nexus factory images, the Nexus 4 stock images have reappeared on the site. These are full copies of the stock Nexus 4 Android 4.2.1 firmware which can be used to reset the device back to factory software if anything goes wrong.

The file's MD5 hash is the same as the earlier image, so it looks like nothing's changed. And obviously, it's the same version of Android running on just about every Nexus 4 at the moment -- Android 4.2.1, build JOP40D. Interestingly, the Nexus 4 hardware binaries required to build AOSP for the device are still missing from the Google Developers site.

In any case, if you want to grab the Nexus 4 factory image you can once again do so at the source link.

Source: Nexus Factory Images

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4 years ago

Ice Cream Sandwich finally rolling out on the HTC Thunderbolt


A week after it was confirmed, and a good six months or so since the first leak, Ice Cream Sandwich is pushing out for Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt. The update brings the 'Bolt up to Android 4.0.4 and HTC Sense 3.6, and weighs in at a little under 400MB. According to reports from the Android Central forums and elsewhere it's available now for download, so go get it! Head to Settings > About phone > Software update to see if your update is ready.

If you've stuck it out with the Thunderbolt, be sure to hit the comments let us know how you get on with this substantial software upgrade.

Source: Android Central forums

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4 years ago

Samsung announces Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame


Almost identical entry-level Galaxy S3-alikes

Update: Samsung UK tells us that the Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame will be arriving on British shores starting in March.

Samsung has started the morning off by announcing two new low-end devices in its home territory of South Korea. The Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame are both powered by a 1GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM. Both have a 1300mAh battery and 4GB of storage, expandable via microSD. And both look like someone took a Galaxy S3 and put it through a shrink ray.

The main difference between the two handsets is screen size - the Galaxy Fame has a 3.5-inch screen, whereas the Young packs a 3.27-inch panel. Both are HVGA (320x480) resolution though, so you're not dealing with all that many pixels in either case. Other differences include camera set-ups - the Young has a 3-megapixel rear shooter, whereas the Fame has been upgraded slightly to 5MP. And the Fame comes with the option of NFC, something lacking in its smaller -- and likely cheaper -- sibling. Both phones will apparently come in single and dual-SIM versions, in a wide range of color options.

On the software side, you're looking at TouchWiz'd Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on both devices.

There's been no announcement on pricing or availability yet -- we can probably expect individual carriers and Samsung branches to provide more info as the day progresses. In the meantime, full spec sheets can be found over at the source link.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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4 years ago

Android 4.1.2 update for Verizon Galaxy S3 leaks out


The Verizon model of the Galaxy SIII (S3) received its Jelly Bean update fashionably late back in December, and now an Android 4.1.2 update has leaked out as well. A poster at XDA Forums, who has had previous versions of the Galaxy S3 software posted, has just added this latest version to the list. The build -- version VRBMA2 -- is based on Android 4.1.2 and has a build date of January 19th. Initial reports are that this update doesn't include the "Premium Suite" apps, at least at this time, so we'll have to keep an eye out for future builds.

The file is available to download and flash at the source link below, but we have to put a word of caution on flashing pre-release versions of firmware. If you know the risks and want to go ahead with it, be sure to chime in in the forums and let other users know how it goes.

Source: XDA; Via: Droid-Life 

More: Verizon Galaxy S3 Forums

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4 years ago

Droid RAZR M appears in 'Platinum' on Best Buy website



Seemingly out of nowhere, a new color of the Motorola Droid RAZR M has just appeared for sale on the Best Buy website. The new model, dubbed "Platinum" is a shiny silver color with blue accented power and volume buttons. The top and bottom bezels around the screen are still black, but everything else is shiny and new. Unfortunately the back of the device isn't pictured on the website, and Verizon's site doesn't seem to list the phone anywhere either.

The rest of the device and specs seem to be the same as the original, and Best Buy is offering the new variety at $49.99 with a two-year contract -- same as the other colors online -- on Verizon. Head to the source link if you want to check out a few more pictures for yourself.

Source: Best Buy; Via: Droid-Life

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4 years ago

HTC promises 'new sound and camera experience in 2013'


Normally I avoid infographics like the plague. They're basically free advertising, and baby needs a new pair of shoes. But HTC just published one on a "Brief history of photography." And tucked down at the bottom is the following line:

HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013

That's very much in the same ballpark as the supposed "ultrapixel" sensor Pocket-Lint reported will be used in HTC's next round of phones.

Only a couple weeks until HTC's Feb. 19 events in New York and London, folks. We're getting close.

Source: HTC

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