I guess the folks at Google decided it was time to update a lot of things today, all of which is likely minor preparations for Gingerbread. Either way, we'll take em. If you're making use of Chrome to phone you'll want to be sure you get that updated to the latest release made available. The change log is that of a short one, and notes the addition of a history tab for links previously sent to your device which can be sorted. While there is likely other bug fixes here, nothing major that Google felt the need to point out.


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Chrome To Phone gets a small update


I am not able to find it for my N1 running 2.2.1. I am using in from India.

Is there a country limitation for this extension?

it is only available in a hand full of countries. Not in singapore either. legal reasons apparently, but I can't imagine why!

I manage to install from the Google Codes. Downside, I will not get update notification. I can live without it for now.