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The stock Ice Cream Sandwich camera application is pretty nice. Clean and simple interface, really easy to use, and of course that built in panorama mode is awesome. A developer by the name of Moblynx has taken the stock app, and tweaked it ever so slightly to add some nice extra features. Up until now the app has only been available for Honeycomb and ICS devices. Today it received an update, that now lets anyone on Froyo and Gingerbread join in. 

There is a free version -- but seriously who wants ads in their camera app? The paid version currently sets you back £0.79/$0.99. For that you get the stock ICS camera application with some added bonuses. You get some built in photo effects like mono and sepia, silent mode, a picture quality setting that goes all the way up to ultra, a silent mode and of course the panorama feature to name but a few.

Running the app on an ICS device also gets you additional video stabilization features and 720p face effects. 

Besides opening up to 2.2 and 2.3 devices, todays update also includes Intel x86 support, configurable volume buttons and a host of bugfixes. Download links to the paid version can be found after the break. 


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dcdttu says:

I read the title and thought: "Why would someone want a subpar, blurry, washed out image?"

sag7392 says:

Thank you! More ICS love for those of us who don't have ICS on our "ancient" GB single core powered devices, lol.

pmorris710 says:

Did they mention a silent mode?

Flur says:

Anyone know if this app will allow a long press on the screen to take a picture?

icebike says:

It has a shutter button, you can long press it if you want, but it won't take the shot till you let up.

Its pointless tho, because it has almost zero lag, and the autofocus is nearly perfect. So any reason you had to long press is gone, other than to focus on something at one distance and then shift the aim to something else.

Sweeet1102 says:

No photo album ??

icebike says:

Photos go to the same place they always go.

Sweeet1102 says:

Yeah, but no direct like in app.

Arizone says:

So they added ads to a stock app, and want you to pay to remove them?

I downloaded paid version on my wife's Bionic...and the shutter lag was still the same...not like my Nexus at all.
Also...whenever you would take a picture...the screen would go black. I had to exit the camera and open it again after each picture. go.

bboyairwreck says:

install ice cream sandwhich on it. THey now have a rom that that has a working camera with ICS. lag = gone. it runs hella nice on mine

icebike says:

Try Turning off sound. A lot of time, its just the fetching of the sound file that causes the lag.

Works perfectly on a nexus one.

BBSeattle says:

Same here, black screen after taking pictures.
Refund after 10 minutes.

mike340t says:

The Samsung camera app is still better...

gcnts says:

Uninstalled and refunded almost immediately. I think Camera ZoomFX is way better. (Atrix 4g)

Bigsike says:

I still have Camera Zoom FX installed on my Galaxy Nexus. I still think it's one of the best camera apps out there I always use it for taking a stable shot.

icebike says:

Camera FX does compensate for the Atrix's lame focusing, but if your camera does not have that problem I like this one better than FX on a small screen.

FX is way better on a tablet, just due to the placement of controls.

BobbyPhoenix says:

I really enjoy the ICS theme. Better than the stock SGSII? Not sure, but it is nice.

dynomike1 says:

So, I'm not quite understanding. This is the ripped open-source code, tweaked to make work on froyo and gingerbread which he is selling for a profit? How is that legal?

icebike says:

You have a serious misunderstanding of open source.

He is perfectly free to profit from his work. All he need do is publish any changes he made to the open source code.

The picture size goes all the way to ULTRA?

But, these amps go to eleven.

sbudaj says:

How do you set video to hd 1080p?

dylan808 says:

It's alright. Crashed once on me but gives me a smoother camera on my Inspire 4G. I like it

mdwalker80 says:

When using the front facing camera on my evo 4g, the picture is rotated 90 degrees.

Chriseckeard says:

I just checked out the the dev's free app on my Droid 2 Global running CM7. Wow! It didn't make the image quality much better with the D2G camera but it sure did make it better to use. Fast and focused. The Panorama is really cool. I'm going to use this much more often because if the Panorama's ease and quality. I'm not seeing any adds, perhaps that's because I run an add blocker.

Glenn says:

Installed last night on my Evo 4G. My phone inexplicably rebooted itself twice in less than 24 hours. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I hadn't installed anything else new on my phone. Uninstalled, and no more reboots so far. Knock on wood.

scottmporter says:

Same as others with my Bionic -- one (great) picture and then the viewfinder freezes. It actually will keep taking and storing pictures -- but it is the luck of the point and shoot at that point as the viewfinder will stay black after each shot. You can toggle the panorama mode and get the viewfinder back, for one shot!!