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Our pals at CrackBerry are marveling in their first new device in, well, forever, and your old pal Bla1ze is putting them through a bit of a browser battle. Above, you see the iPhone 4, the new BlackBerry Bold 9900, and, of course, the Samsung Nexus S.

Let's be honest here: We're actually pretty happy that, after all these years, BlackBerry finally has a usable web browser. And it looks pretty quaint on that tiny little screen. But watch the video (after the break). It's pretty clear who the winner is, no?

Source: CrackBerry

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Browser battle: Nexus S vs. the iPhone 4 and the new BlackBerry Bold 9900


Ha wow blackberry still behind. Atleast after all this time the web browser is not as awfully painful as with other blackberry. Still not on android or ios level yet and it has a higher clocked processor than iphone and nexus.

After all the wait for that Bold9900 it still can't win.
Glad I jumped that ship because that was one of the devices I was waiting for, much happier with my Sensation than I was ever with the BB.

I saw iOS win at least 2 of the tests. I saw the Nexus win 1. It was hard to say with the 4th test.

Nexus won the first one and the iphone won the second two. What more is there to watch? Unless you count the checkerboard when zoomed in as a loss.

But the Nexus S loses HARD when he starts scrolling/zooming around the 3:20 mark. The iPhone and BlackBerry are perfectly smooth, but the S is extremely unresponsive, just awful.

I think maybe you missed the commenters reason for the nexus's scrolling. Its because the nexus automatically zooms in only so much that you can see all of the page which means there's no where to scroll. But if you zoom in i'm sure scrolling would be just fine

Battery life isn't as bad as you think. My wife has an iphone and I have an android, but nine out of ten she's the one out of juice, and I use my phone for a lot more things than her. Plus the fact of the matter is even if it had better battery life there's a lot more things its lacking in as far as my android is concerned. On many different occasions i've tried to see and get used to the legendary iphone and seriously try to like it, but try as I like, I just can't give up my phone for the iphone and that's completely being unbiased. My personal conclusion is the iphone may well be superior in some aspects but overall it will never catchup to the android. Don't get me wrong it's doing a good job of trying to catchup but its constantly about two years behind android and that's not exaggerating, and no I don't have any allegiance to google or android, its just the facts

Benchmarks are nice to see a clear winner. In real life all three would make for fine browsing speed. The small screen on the blackberry wouldn't be so fun though.

He may want to watch the video. The Nexus S was the clear winner. Maybe next time he could test an Android phone that just came out and see how far BB is really behind.

Page opening speed means nothing at the end of the day.

iOS Safari is miles ahead of anything Android has to offer, and i say that as a very disappointed Nexus S owner generally bored by and not interested in iPhone/iOS. All you need to do is go to, login and see how that goes for you. You can actually use the full website/service and play music on the iPhone, good luck getting anywhere with Nexus. Also, sites with scrollable frames, hah, wish i could see what's hidden and find an Android browser that will scroll within a frame.

So, Google, who started out as someone browser based and focused, is lagging heavily behind iOS, which was/is/should be much more app for every simple task focused.

i don't know about you but my previous iphone 4 loads very slow. and when i say slow i mean EPIC SLOW. And it hang/freezes on heavy sites. heck i can't even enjoy full desktop sites on an iphone whereas my optimus 3D easily loads full sites easily (without freezing!!)that is why i switch to android... android for me offers the best browsing experience. it is the nearest thing to a desktop browser. and yes, it plays flash w/c i really enjoy so much.

missing flash sucks on iPhone, but not everything is rosey in Android garden. I travel a lot and use airport websites to keep up to date with real ETA's of flights. Those generally come in frames you have to scroll. On iOS you do that with 2 fingers. On Android i can't do that. I would never go back to iPhone, but Safari is a superior browser unfortunatelly and Google's own Music website is an ironic proof. I hope Ice Cream will change that.

I am really not that familiar with iOS or Safari, but your experience roused my curiosity.

My Captivate with CM7 loaded google music fairly quickly and I had a song playing within 30 seconds. I was on WiFi, FWIW. Perhaps it is a Nexus S specific issue (I know, that doesn't make sense either)?

EDIT: and yes, I meant the website, not the app.

Why use a website for tracking flights when you can get a free Android app that will do it? Most of the major players have an Android app and for those that don't you can get a free app developed by someone else that does. On that note I have noticed huge differences in browser speeds and capabilities throughout the 7 different phones I have tested from 4 different manufacturers.

Droid Pro
Droid 2
Droid X


Galaxy S

Revolution - worst battery life of all of the phones I have used. Even with the extended battery.

i don't know about your nexus s but mine runs google music site wonderful... my experience on safari was really bad, it always freezes on me and become unresponsive. and i have to wait till the full website finishes to load to become usable.

"All you need to do is go to, login and see how that goes for you. You can actually use the full website/service and play music on the iPhone, good luck getting anywhere with Nexus."

Your kidding right, because on the nexus you load the google music app and you play the website sure your a Nexus owner?????

I'm not too sure why you're so disappointed in your Nexus. I love mine, easy to root, stable to oc to 1.4ghz, lagless moving through screens and I've yet to really have a problem looking at a webpage...I'm very pleased with everything on my phone. The battery life was bad at first but after switching roms and kernels I couldn't be happier with the phone....

that's pretty impressive for a blackberry. it's all relative. as a [b]communication[/b] tool, i think blackberry is still the best platform. but as far as "time-wasting" ability goes, android and iphone are in a dead-heat. i remember when i was still rockin my curve 8900 i felt like a productive functioning member of society, lol. now that i've had my inspire for 4 months, i'm still on the messaging-centric apps easily forgetting that i can do a whole lot more.

i agree with you. blackberry as a communication tool is good. but Rim forgot that smartphone these days should be more than a "communication tool"... I'm glad that the BB7 browser improved but it is still behind android and iOS...

okay... the new Blackberry was released a year after but still, the performance is not as good as the 1 year old nexus S... heck, the nexus S is not even the most powerful android device available. crackberry should have used galaxy S 2, sensation, photon 4g or g2x.

That wouldn't be fair at all for him to have used any of the phones you listed. The Nexus S specs are very similar to the BB and iPhone

So compare year old tech to new technology and still loses yet they won't compare new tech in android and iphone because bb is behind and that falls on bb not the competition since bb is behind again.

Y'all are forgetting that the data going to/from BB's gets encrypted and compressed, even through wifi. I wouldn't call being that close with those extra layers to pass through 'behind'. It'd be interesting to see how the other two phones would fare with the same added layers.

that's the other thing people seem to forget. of all the smartphone platforms in addition to the added encryption, blackberry's the lightest on data as well.

Wow, some of you folks really have no clue about how the data consumption works for BBs. There's a little thing in Waterloo called the NOC. All data (internet browsing, text, and yes, BBMs) accessed from all BBs HAVE to run through that, which, if they are using it for internet, means a slower loading due to the compression and reopening of the data. Meanwhile, you have two devices that has no use for that, so of course it would seem that the browsing is faster. The addition of newer dual-core devices are NOT gonna make the difference in this situation. The fact that the 9900 is keeping up with barely any difference should tell you something.

Now, I'm not asking y'all to praise the device (this IS a Android haven, lol), but at least give credit when it is due.

Or not. Do whatever.


I have no use for those layers when I am browsing the web. I want speed, smooth transitions/scrolling of sites, and ease of use. I am never going back to Blackberry after switching from a BB Tour to an HTC Droid Incredible. I didn't realize mobile browsing could be enjoyable until I switched away from the lag-beast browser on my BB. It felt like torture using the BB browser once I tried Android.

Maybe business/enterprise users have a need for the encryption/compression layer? I know I sure didn't. It just made me hate to use my browser (and hate the phone as a result).'re basing off the bad experiences from older BBs when you now have video proof that this 9900 can and WILL hang with the big boys, so to speak, with barely any lag compared?


And before you pull out that dual-core excuse, you DO realize that current versions of Android (Gingerbread/Honeycomb) are not even fully optimized to even USE the full dual-core power it has under the hood, right? So, it's not really a big deal if the 9900 was used against phones like the Sensation and whatnot.

But again, do you and what makes you happy.

SS >__>

Go play with a dual core android and load a site on wifi and tell me the dual core doesn't help the browser. Yeah blackberry goes through a little extra but these phones are a year old and it still loses. The newer phones are more efficient and overall better. Rim is improving but still needs some work.

yes, it is not yet "fully" optimized but as a single core(desire hd) and dualcore android user(gs2 and optimus 3d), i can still see a major improvement of speed and smoothness. pages loads a lot faster on a dual core andoid phone.

No, I was just commenting on how you said the BB had the added advantage of encryption/compression. I don't think that's an advantage. I have no need for it and would rather the BB ditch that layer and load my content even faster.

It's great if the BB browser can keep up with the Android and iOS browsers. But I don't see your point when you act like it should be given extra credit for the extra encryption. What nuclear weapons passcodes or other secrets are you viewing that need to be double encrypted (since I assume you should already be using HTTPS)? LOL

You DO realize that Honeycomb was based off of a DUAL-CORE chip (hint, hint). Also, I've heard that the newer versions of Gingerbread made it so they support multi-core chips.

lol i don't need those "extra" encryption.. and im sure majority of the people who uses a smartphone does not care too... security on android devices is enough. so your argument is moot.

Right... and the majority of smartphone users care about the extra millesecond it takes to load a page.... so your argument is moot.

Security on Android?!

I don't know about you guys but my nexus s 4g scrolling looks nothing like it does in the video. I have just about to scroll or zoom-in lag whatsoever

I don't have a nexus s but I do have an EVO 4G and I have had many blackberries and iPhones. I'll tell ya I won't be leaving mt Android anytime soon. I will say this though, I am impressed with the blackberry speed. But I still won't convert back to a bb or iPhone.

Those website looks pretty basic. Would have like to see a comparo with more intensive web sites. Engadget for instance.

The only thing I miss about my blackberry is the amazing push services. I wish Google would make theirs even half as good as RIM did.

Not having even read this, I can attest to the Nexus S browser being unadulterated garbage. And I say this while saying I love my Nexus S.

I dumped it for Opera a while back. The Nexus S has huge problems with image heavy sites with the stock browser.