OpeniBoot bringing Froyo to iPad?

If you found the news about the iPhone 3G running the latest version of Android depressing, you might want to stop reading now.  The team that brought us the OpeniBoot Bootlace for the iPhone 3G is working hard to bring Froyo to the iPhone 4 and iPad.  

OpeniBoot is an Application downloaded through the Cydia app store (Jailbroken devices only) that allows users to load unsigned code, such as Android, onto their iOS devices.  The application currently only works with the iPhone 2g, 3G, and first generation iPod touch, but should work on the iPad soon(tm).

 One more image and a short video after the break. [Via Redmond PieThanks Brad!

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OpeniBoot bringing Android to the iPad


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Bootlace creators bringing Froyo to iPhone 4, iPad


Get ready for people to start complaining on why they still don't have 2.2 on their Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic in 3...2....1....GO!

Soo let me get this straight, if I buy an iPad, I might be able to put Froyo on to this? And it's not like a virtual machine, but natively running?

I know people are going to knock me and hate on me... but I love the aesthetics of the I-Phone 4, minus the antenna issue's ect its a really nice phone... amazing screen as well. If I could get an I-Phone 5 when it comes to Verizon and strip off that supid iOS software and putting Gingerbread or Cyanogen on it, it wouldn't be a bad choice. I have compared the camera's as well and Iphones 5mp camera with a single LED flash takes the best pictures around on a phone. I hate apple software but their hardware and looks are pretty nice.

This doesn't matter so you can put android on an iphone it's buggy, it lags and you don't get any of the great android functionality, if you want android BUY AN ANDROID PHONE

I also find it funny that their putting android on iphone i think it shows that even these hackers believe that ios is an inferior Os to android

I'm kinda pissed because I don't even have Froyo on my Samsung Captivate! The friggin iPhone 4 will get it before I do. My iPhone co-workers will ceaselessly make fun of me now...

People don't get it. The only reason it was done is because "it could be done". It is not because anyone believes either HW or either OS is better. The fact that it could and it was done says it all. Lets see someone put iOS4 on my EVO. This is what "open" really means.

I am with Mechromancer and Alexander_ekin, as a matter a fact I am posting this from my iPad! Let's see iOS4 on my EVO!!!!!

I am with Mechromancer and Alexander_ekin, as a matter a fact I am posting this from my iPad! Let's see iOS4 on my EVO!!!!!