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Best of Smartphone Experts, Jan 23 2011


I would if I had an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a Palm, a WP, a Nokia, and an Android.

But I only have an Android, so I don't. I barely find androidcentral helpful, to be honest. No offense to anyone but it seems repetitive somehow. Maybe because it's usually teeny bits of info on the same devices spread out into multiple articles? Or perhaps because I know I'm with this one device for almost two more years so I don't actually care about many new devices right now? I'm not really sure.

Yes, I like to skim the headlines and look for big news on other topics. While I'm an Android supporter first, I'm also a smart phone enthusiast, and big topics such as the iPhone going to another carrier or news about updates to the Palm Pre OS or new info about WP7 are interesting regardless of my smart phone preference.