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    • Vendor: Uber Technologies, Inc.
    • Version: 3.78.6
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    Uber is a disruptor in the field of transportation in that its entire private car network is run through a smartphone app. You're in a city that has Uber, you open up the application, and within seconds you've got a car en-route to your location to collect you and set you on your merry way.

    You get a choice of how to travel – which includes private jet if you visit the Cannes Film Festival – and an idea of how much it'll cost you before you book the car. Sure, the fare may change during the journey but with Uber taking no cash, it isn't so much of an issue. You hook up your Google Wallet or PayPal account to the app and that's how you pay. Just get in the car and go.

    For those who like living on the bleeding edge, Uber also runs a public beta program for its Android app.


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    Uber now has mapping vehicles

    Uber now has mapping vehicles of its own

    Uber is stepping up its mapping efforts, as the company now has its own branded mapping vehicles. Recently, the company missed out on an opportunity to acquire Nokia's HERE mapping service, but did end up acquiring Bing's mapping assets and team members. In an effort to ramp up data collection...
    Uber Xiaomi

    Uber teams up with Xiaomi to deliver the Mi Note in Malaysia and Singapore

    Uber is now delivering phones. The company has teamed up with Xiaomi to deliver the Mi Note in Singapore and Malaysia, just as you would order an Uber cab. Ordering the smartphone through the Uber app will see your attached credit card charged, and you'll subsequently be able to track the package...

    Uber starts accepting credit card payments once again in India

    Uber has announced that it is once again accepting credit card payments in India, stating that its Android app now conforms to the two-factor authentication guidelines set forth by India's banking regulatory body, the Reserve Bank of India. Late last year, the RBI called for a ban on Uber's...
    Uber publishes simplified privacy statements, explanation of app permissions

    Uber publishes simplified privacy statements, explains app permissions

    Uber has published new privacy statements for riders and drivers in an effort to be more transparent. If you're a fan of Uber, but you're concerned with what it is doing with your information, the company has just published new, simpler privacy statements that cut out a majority of the legal...
    Google reportedly set to launch Uber-like taxi service

    Google reportedly considering its own Uber-like taxi service

    It looks like competition for Uber is about to heat up. According to a new report, Google, despite investing hundreds of millions in Uber in 2013, has informed the service that it is considering launching its own on-demand taxi service. The report comes from Bloomberg, which states: Google...
    Uber Sprint

    Sprint will install Uber app on most of its new Android phones

    Sprint will pre-load the Uber app on most of its new Android smartphones in a new partnership, and Sprint is also offering $20 towards a user's first Uber ride during the month of December for its customers. Sprint did not disclose any information on the specifics of their new Uber Android...
    Uber teams with Spotify to let you ride with your music

    Uber teams with Spotify to let you ride with your music

    Spotify has teamed up with Uber to let you ride with your music. Now rolling out in beta, Uber will let you choose what music you listen to during your ride when you connect your Spotify account. Because it's in beta, the service will only work in certain cities with select drivers. To use...
    Uber for Android

    Uber faces ban in Germany

    A court in Frankfurt has ruled that Uber cannot operate in Germany due to a lack of adequate insurance for these types of private drivers, as well as expensive licensing. Low-cost UberPop drivers found to continue operating could face fines up to 250,000 euros per trip, though Uber says they...

    Uber offers developer API to integrate car service in third party apps

    Uber has just announced a developer API, allowing developers to integrate the car service into their own Android apps. Apps will be able to do things like send an address to Uber's own app, as well as display pickup times, provide fare estimates, and more. You will even be able to request a...
    Uber Corner Store

    Uber test driving Corner Store delivery service

    Mobile-first transportation service, Uber, is dabbling in deliveries with a new service called Corner Store. Those inside of two limited Washington D.C. delivery zones can now order from a catalog of over 100 items Uber has in stock, and have the items delivered to their precise location. This...

    Uber adds destination entry for riders, turn-by-turn navigation for drivers

    Uber has announced today that they've added two new features to their latest mobile app. Riders can now easily enter their destination into the rider app, and drivers can take advantage of turn-by-turn navigation within the driver app. Both are aimed to help make for a seamless, efficient ride...
    UberPool lets you split an Uber with a stranger

    UberPool lets you split an Uber with a stranger

    UberPool is an idea that car service Uber says comes straight from its Uber Garage. In its essence, UberPool is carpooling with Uber, but you share your ride with strangers rather than finding friends to take the trek with you. Doing so will afford you the ability to split fares to take down the...



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