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    • Vendor: Uber Technologies, Inc.
    • Version: 3.103.1
    • Price: Free

    Uber is a disruptor in the field of transportation in that its entire private car network is run through a smartphone app. You're in a city that has Uber, you open up the application, and within seconds you've got a car en-route to your location to collect you and set you on your merry way.

    You get a choice of how to travel – which includes private jet if you visit the Cannes Film Festival – and an idea of how much it'll cost you before you book the car. Sure, the fare may change during the journey but with Uber taking no cash, it isn't so much of an issue. You hook up your Google Wallet or PayPal account to the app and that's how you pay. Just get in the car and go.

    For those who like living on the bleeding edge, Uber also runs a public beta program for its Android app.


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    Toyota joins forces with Uber in 'strategic investment'

    Toyota joins forces with Uber as part of 'strategic investment'

    Toyota plans to make a "strategic investment" in ride-sharing company Uber as part of a larger collaborative partnership. The deal will also see the car manufacturer launching a leasing program through which Uber drivers can cover their lease payments directly through their earnings. From...
    Uber offers up $10 in credit when you pay for a ride with Android Pay

    Uber offers up $10 in ride credit when you pay with Android Pay

    Now that Uber has dropped in-app support for Google Wallet in favor of a switch to Android Pay, the company is offering users some extra incentive to make make the switch as well. In an email being sent to users, along with a message in the app itself, Uber is offering up $10 in ride credit for...
    Uber integration with Paytm

    Uber's Paytm integration will let you pay for your ride abroad in rupees

    If you use Uber in india, you know that the only form of payment currently accepted by the service is Paytm. While it's convenient to use the payment wallet in the country, the service doesn't work outside of India, which makes hailing an Uber in other countries particularly cumbersome. That's all...

    Uber adds Android Pay support, dropping Google Wallet on May 9

    After being one of the most recognizable apps using Google Wallet for payment processing, Uber is making the switch to using Android Pay as the old Wallet system is closing in on its sunset. Though Android Pay is most notably taking over as the NFC tap-and-pay system for Google, it is also ready...
    Self Driving Car

    Google, Uber, Ford, and others team up to push for U.S. self-driving car regulations

    Google is teaming up with a number of other companies to try to push U.S. lawmakers to pass regulations for self-driving cars. The company, along with Uber, Ford, Lyft and Volvo have now formed the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. Reuters reports: The group said in a statement it...
    Ola and Uber suspend surge pricing in Delhi after government warning

    Ola and Uber suspend surge pricing in Delhi after government warning

    Ride-sharing services Uber and Ola have announced that they will temporarily suspend surge pricing after receiving a warning from Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The city is trialling an odd-even rule to combat congestion on its roads, and has set prescribed fares for taxi services at ₹16...

    Uber slashes fares by up to 22% in 10 cities in India

    Uber is facing increased competition from local vendors like Ola, and the ride-sharing service announced today that it would be slashing fares in 10 cities. Customers in Jodhpur and Udaipur will see a reduction of 22%, while users in Mangalore and Trivandrum will see a price cut of 20% and 18...
    UberMOTO Gurgaon

    Uber launches its bike-sharing service in Gurgaon

    Uber has launched its bike-sharing service, uberMOTO, in Gurgaon. The goal behind the service is to cut down congestion, a problem that has led city officials to institute "Car-free Tuesdays." To use the service in Gurgaon, you'll have to navigate to the uberMOTO option, and request a ride....
    Uber launches Family Profiles for riders in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix

    Uber's newest feature lets whole families share one payment method

    Uber is looking to make paying for rides for friends and family members a bit easier with the addition of Family Profiles. Family Profiles, which are only available for Uber customers in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix for the time being, allow you to easily share payment information with others to...

    Uber will now deliver food from your favorite restaurant straight to your door

    Fancy eating out at that incredible restaurant both yourself and friends really enjoy, but can't quite muster up the effort to get dressed and head out the front door? No worries, simply fire up the new UberEATS app and have the company deliver food from said establishment straight to your door....
    Uber Android

    Uber tries to get along with black cab drivers in London by letting them use the app for free

    Uber has published a new blog post on the company website detailing how both Uber and black cab drivers in London can coexist and get along just fine. Said drivers will now be able to fire up the Uber app and utilize the Taxi option to connect to paying customers, without paying out a service fee...
    Amazon Echo gains Uber integration

    Hail an Uber from your Amazon Echo with a simple voice command

    Uber is the latest service to integrate with the Amazon Echo, offering you the ability to request a car with just a simple voice command. That's right, if opening the app was too inconvenient for you, all you have now have to do is say "Alexa, order me an Uber" and the car will then be requested...



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