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    There perhaps are two ways to think about the Internet — before and after Facebook. By now you know the story. (Hell, they made a movie about it.) Some Harvard students create a site to rank girls. It expands into a larger network of collegians, and Facebook in its early form required a college .edu email address to join. In 2006, it opened up to anyone age 13 and older.

    Fast forward a few years and many billions of dollars, and Facebook is now a publicly traded company. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, along with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (who's younger by all of eight days). Facebook is how we keep in touch. How we stalk our former high school classmates. How potential employers check out potential hires. How news organizations and public entities get the word out. How we play games. How we share photos and video. How we forget how to have real relationships with actual people. It's how we log into other websites, using our Facebook credentials.

    Like it or not, Facebook, in the span of a decade, became one of the most important online properties we've ever know.

    Will it continue to be so in another 10 years? We'll have to see. But for now, there's no escaping it.


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    Facebook is holding a mobile event on Nov 3

    We just received an invite to a "Mobile Event at Facebook HQ" scheduled for Wednesday Nov 3.  No press release, no fanfare, no inkling of what it might be, just the invitation.  When thinking to ourselves, "Why would Facebook invite Android Central to their big Mobile shin-dig?" we can come up with...

    Pulse update brings Facebook links, widgets

      Pulse, an elegant newsreader we have covered before, recently released a major new update bringing several new features. Native widgets (small and large versions versions visible above) and Facebook support are the big ones, but a redesigned UI is also a welcome change. The app will run you $.99...

    Sneak peek at myTouch 4G accessories

     The T-Mobile myTouch 4G (the phone previously know as the myTouch HD, or just plain myTouch) hasn't even had a launch date revealed, but TMO is already showing off some accessories that you will be able to get with it. Android Central Forums user fatboy97 found a section of T-Mobile's Facebook...

    Facebook confirms battery drain in latest Android build [update: Fix is out!]

    Update: Version 1.3.1 is out, and Facebook says it should fix the battery issues. What's everybody seeing?Original: The bad news: Facebook's recent update for Android indeed is beating the crap out of your battery, as many of you have pointed out in our forums. The good news: They're aware of it,...

    Facebook's Android app gets a fairly major overhaul

    Android's official Facebook app just got a pretty major upgrade in Version 1.3.0. You'll immediate notice the difference in the user interface, with a photo reel at the bottom that lets you quickly flip through your friends' recent photos and videos. And see that notifications bar at the bottom? ...

    Clicker brings check-ins for couch potatoes to Android has announced their Android application -- social media all about video, feature films, and television.  The premise is that you can friend people, check out their viewing habits, and share yours with them.  They've set up a huge internet portal at, which connects in to your...

    What's up with Facebook and Sense?

    Facebook sync has been borked for a few days now. That's not news to a good many of you, judging by our inbox and a slew of posts in our forums. We're still waiting to hear back from Facebook, but HTC absolutely is on the case, and while they're tracking down exactly what's going on, they've given...

    Facebook releases SDK for Android

    Have you ever wanted to share your new Doodle Jump high score with all your friends only to realize that the game lacked the ability to publish your score to Facebook? The Official Facebook SDK for Android developers was released today, allowing communication between native Android apps and the...

    Facebook for Android having hiccups today

    Looks like the Facebook Android app is having a bit of a conniption fit today. Could just be network problems, or maybe it's unhappy that my privacy settings quit grabbing their ankles today. Anybody else having issues? (Thanks, @vizzle07 and @hmdearras)

    Erick Tseng leaves Google and Android to join Facebook

    Just a few months ago Google added Tim Bray to their team as an Android Advocate, and today Erick Tseng has announced he will be leaving Google and Android and joining forces with Facebook. For those unaware, Erick is the senior product manager for Android at Google, a very crucial part of the...

    Follow Friday: Shameless self-promotion edition

    Please allow ourselves to introduce ... ourselves. If you're new at Android, you should now be familiar with Android Central: The Blog. Now meet Android Central: The Facebook Page, and Android Central: The Twitter Feed. Two more ways to to interact with us as we go about our business being the...

    Facebook app updates to 1.2, brings inbox support

    Android's Facebook app got an update yesterday, bringing it to Version 1.2 and bringing native inbox support along with it. In exchange, you lose the option to take and upload a picture from within the main page you see above, but that's not really a big deal given how easy it is to do from the...

    US Cellular confirms HTC Desire is coming this summer

    US Cellular confirmed via Facebook that the HTC Desire will be hitting their network this summer. According to US Cellular:  The worst kept secret in online history! HTC Desire with Android from U.S. Cellular, coming this summer after our rigorous testing is complete. Now have fun guessing which...

    HTC wants you to name its next phone

    In a nod to the power of social networks, HTC wants Facebook users to vote on the name of its next device. The options? Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire, and Festi.  No details about the device are given so we don't know if it's going to be an Android-powered, Windows Mobile-powered, or dumbphone-powered...

    Google launches Buzz - it's like FaceTwitterSquare ... with gmail

    Google today announced Buzz, which is kind of an uber-mashup of Twitter, Facebook, Four Square and just about any other social network you can think of. Share photos, locations -- whatever -- all in real time. It's built in to gmail (some people are already seeing it live), and also plays a big...

    Follow Friday - Shameless self-promotion edition

    Can't get enough of AndroidCentral? We completely understand. Other ways to get your AC fix: On Facebook, on Twitter, and you can follow us all directly: @philnickinson | @caseychan | @jfsikora or just follow our Twitter list.

    Rooted Nook Gets Web Browser, Facebook & Twitter Apps

     This rooted Nook story just gets better and better. After getting rooted and receiving Pandora, the Nook has now, literally overnight, got a working web browser and Twitter and Facebook applications from Android Market installed. Given how quickly the amazing guys at nookdevs have achieved all...

    FYI: We're also on Facebook

    We know. You can't get enough of us. The news. The forums. The third annual Smartphone Round Robin. And you knew you can get all the latest from us on Facebook, too, right?

    Official Facebook App Launches for Android

     Wait no more, an official Facebook application for Android has been released. Though we've been making do with third-party Facebook applications for Android for quite some time now, we were always green with envy to see other smartphone platforms get official apps while Android got tossed to the...

    Images of Official Android Facebook App Leak

     Android and Facebook haven't always gotten along but we've heard reports that they've set aside their differences and that an official Facebook App for Android was on the way. Though the Android Facebook App was going to be considerably different than the very popular iPhone Facebook App, we were...


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