AmazonAn unnamed spokesman for Amazon has come forward and denied the rumors that they had plans to give away a free phone sometime in the near future. Speaking to the folks over at Jessica Lessin, who initially reported that Amazon was planning to produce and distribute a free smartphone this year, the company has denied that they even have plans to release a phone at all this year, but if they did release one in the future it "would not be free."

We can't say we're surprised. Even Amazon would have a hard time eating the subsidy on a completely free phone off-contract. 

Will Amazon ever offer a smartphone based on an Android fork? Probably. But we know not to expect it any time soon.

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Amazon says reports of rumored free-phone program are incorrect


Not sure that would even be legal, under anticompetitive law called dumping. Every other maker would sue the mess out of AMZN for it. Unless there were some kind of contract with said device like all carriers which subsidize the device in monthly payments with service.

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As long as Amazon is an American company, it would be completely legal. The dumping laws came about to stop Japanese companies from selling a product at a loss in the USA to put the competing USA company out of business. Once that was done, they would jack the price up sky high.

In short, a foreign company is not allowed to.
An American company is.

Actually that is completely untrue. US companies have been barred from engaging in such practices for more than a century. The fact that the government has failed to consistently enforce such laws since the Reagan Administration does not make the activities legal. Google and Amazon have already skirted very close to forcing the government's hand with their other hardware products. Simply giving away free phones would likely have Apple, Microsoft, and the various American Headquarters of Google's Android partners pressing state attorney generals and the FTC/Justice Department to act.

Because people on the Internet hope... nay demand that they get stuff for free, the entitlement has grown to terrible heights now a days

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That is why a ton of people are upset with the Moto X. They were thinking subsidy and cheap, just because Google own them.

The Nexus is the only phone that will be cheap in the near future, and that is because Google makes money on the other end. An OEM couldn't do that, Amazon doesn't sell enough apps to do it, and we have seen several times with Facebook how well a "site specific" phone goes over.

Rumor is that Google will pay us $25 to take the new Nexus device as they are running out of space to store them in the factory.

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They said not this year and not free. Wouldn't it be ironic if they launched on January 1st for $100(or some otherprice with a 1 as the first number)

Would that even be possible? I mean, lots of companies would love to eat the loss, give away a shitload of free phones and profit in the long run from the instant gain in market share. Antitrust laws prevent that kind of thing, though, since it's the kind of thing that huge companies like AT&T would do back in the day to immediately crush competition from smaller companies.

Edit: Whoops, that's what I get for commenting before reading earlier comments. MetalMike901 beat me to it.

Unless there's a law against it, I don't see why Amazon can't offer free phones.

They can make one that's completely locked down. Absolutely unusable unless
you buy postpaid or prepaid minutes/data from Amazon directly. Can't even use
it as a calculator. Just make is extremely hard to unlock, unless you have access
to 500 hours of time on NSA supercomputers to root or unlock the bootloader.

Let Amazon buy T-Mobile and rename it Amazon Mobile. They'll make a shitload
of money.

as long as we're talking about rumors....

I think there's a much better chance that Amazon will purchase AndroidCentral or the entire Mobile Nations...

Amazon bought two of my favorite websites, IMDB(movie reviews/ratings) and dpReview(digital camera reviews/ratings)...

IMO, unlike what Motorola had done to handle the super cheap Moto X off contract pricing rumor, Amazon did the right thing to put an out-of-control rumor to rest. I think if the cheap Moto X price rumor wasn't so wide-spread, people won't be so negative when the actual price tags of the Moto X was announced.

I my opinion Motorola did. They said it was a flagship phone, top of the line. Which it is (specs be damned) so you should expect the price.

It was just idiots who thought that Google and Motorola are the same company that wanted a subsidized price.
Motorola is a division of Google.

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What is sad is if Amazon does release a phone, people will be calling them up screaming at them because they were told the phone was free.

Never believe something until it's been officially denied. So, yes, a free smartphone from Amazon is on the way.

Never believe something until it's been officially denied. So, yes, a free smartphone from Amazon is on the way.

Why don't they just make their services available on other devices and forget about making a device that will cost then money. I would like amazon instant video on my note.