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Traditional data plans have been a mainstay of the smartphone experience for some time, but Amazon could be changing things up with their own smartphone and an Amazon Prime Data service on AT&T. Amazon Prime as a service has been evolving, and today offers free Kindle borrowing, free two-day shipping on qualifying items, and more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes for streaming — all for $99 a year. The Amazon phone, however, could bring data service to the mix with Prime Data.

BGR reports that the Prime Data package would be a key selling point of the phone:

More than one trusted source we spoke with told BGR that Amazon's smartphone could be made available exclusively on AT&T's network in the United States. If that is in fact the case, Prime Data could be the first high-profile deal based on a setup similar to the carrier's new "Sponsored Data" program.

The structure of Prime Data would be similar to that of AT&T's Sponsored Data plans, a service that allows businesses to pay AT&T for the cost of sending their content to an AT&T subscriber's phone, thus having that not count against the user's data allotment. We're not fans of the concept. There aren't any details on how Prime Data would work, but it could very well see Amazon picking up the tab for any and all streaming from Amazon's services.

Amazon's smartphone is said to have several unique features, including a quartet of forward-facing low-power infrared cameras that are enable a slew of 3D and tilt features. It's said to run an even-more-customized version of the [Fire OS] that powers Amazon's Kindle Fire and Fire TV devices.

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The Amazon Phone reported be an AT&T exclusive with Amazon Prime Data


Where is BGR getting this exclusive info? Everything leaked thus far about this device has come from BGR. Quite interesting.

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Yet another stupid exclusive, at&t loves be the guinea pig (cough,cough) HTC first and even pays for that.

They didn't do too bad with iPhone exclusive

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I am in the 'No' camp. Could be the next great thing, and I don't care. I was burned by being an 'early adopter' of the original Kindle Fire. Full of bugs, that were never fixed, and the moment the next version of the Fire was released, we first gen users were given the finger. No future updates. No future enhancements. SOL.

Add in that lack-luster support, no google services, and ATT exclusive; this devices gets a solid, and unwavering, no thanks.

None of this makes me want to jump to Att. It sounds like a good idea in theory. But WE are talking about the Deathstar here. They will find a way to screw both Amazon and it's users in this deal. It could have been a great product, as it is now I wouldn't touch this with ten foot prime pole.

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Technically Amazon will just raise their prices and pass on the data fees they pay to ATT for "Free" data to their customers. Then ATT customers get to pay ATT and extra for Prime when they increase subscription cost to offset what they pay ATT.

I've said it before and here it is again: Android Central should stop publicizing Amazon's antics until they end their vendetta and stop blackballing Android users from accessing Amazon Instant Video with their own devices.

No, it doesn't make a difference that the Fire tablets and TV are Android under their skins. That Amazon refuses to allow Android users the same access that damn near every other device - consoles, streamers, BD players, iOS devices - has to Video while they don't limit any other digital goods puts them firmly on the anti-Android side of the line and thus it's journalistic malpractice for Android sites to keep shilling for them.

Amazon will allow Android users to have all the Kindle books, Android apps and MP3s they want, but they have to buy another device or pound sand to access the Video content they're supposed to get with their Prime subscriptions. Amazon proclaims "Watch Anywhere" and boasts of over "650 devices" supported, but should just honestly say, "Watch Anywhere (Except On Your Android Phone or Tablet. Please Buy Another Device In Addition To Your Android. You're The Only Ones Who Have To Do This.)"

There is no technical reason for the lack of an app, since Fires are skinned Android devices. iOS has been supported since August 2012, so it's not as if they're trying to force Apple fans to buy a second device to pump up Fire sales. No other major streaming player excludes Android. This is a deliberate and malicious exclusionary choice by Amazon against their customers and Android Central and all other Android media sites should shut off the free PR spigot.

TL;DR: Stop hyping Amazon's services until they stop excluding tens of millions of Android users.

"This is a deliberate and malicious exclusionary choice by Amazon"

Wow, that's a healthy mound of assumption you've got there. You might be right, but neither I nor you (I assume) have seen any of the legal or business details behind the restriction. Amazon doesn't own the prime video content, and who they can and can't stream it to might be largely out of their hands based on the deals they have to cut with the companies that control the media. Said companies may have restricted Amazon to streaming to devices with well controlled ecosystems.

And FWIW, news reporting != hyping.

Are you a relative of Jeff Bezos or just stupid? Take a moment to contemplate that paragraph of blind apology you just typed up: Do you seriously believe that Amazon has signed deals that specifically exclude one OS* especially when that OS underlies their own devices? What is a "well-controlled ecosystem" - just Apple's locked-down walled garden or do all those streaming devices like Roku and every game console or any computer with a browser count as well?

Funny how the excuse-makers for Amazon's abusive attitude don't seem capable of noticing everything that rebuts their puny defenses, most of which I already covered. "Android isn't secure." Which is why EVERY OTHER SERVICE doesn't support it either...oh wait, they do. All of them. Netflix, HBO GO, you name it, no one blackballs Android but Amazon. "They want to drive sales of Fire devices." Then why support Roku and iPads? Duh!

Believe me, I've been thinking about Amazon's rotten attitude (and utter silence about why they refuse to support just one OS for one segment of their digital content) for a couple of years and it's disappointing to see Stockholm Syndrome-afflicted people like you who just cheerfully bend over and bleat, "I'm sure Amazon has a totes cool reason for denying Android and I support their position!"

But it's even more disappointing to see sites which cater to Android power users simply copypasta the press releases to fill their sites and not even think to commit a little journalism and find out WHY AMAZON HATES THEIR CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE ANDROID DEVICES? This is a glaring omission on the part of Amazon as they aggressively compete with Netflix. Hell, they're writing a Netflix commercial with this garbage, "Do you have an Android device? Then Netflix has all the movies you want for it. We support Android." BAM!!!

Amazon is jacking up the price of Prime and using their growing video service as a reason why people shouldn't be too upset, but if you have an Android and don't want to buy another device just for Amazon (like I had to buy a Roku to get AIV at my g/f's place) then you're just paying more for your "free" shipping.

* Ignoring Windows Phone or Blackberry is just because they have so little market share. Since Android is #1, that dog doesn't fly.

You just said "totes" making anything and everything you say irrelevant. You could be 100% correct but "totes" disqualifies you from further discussing anything intellectual.

Being a humorless ninny disqualifies you from reading anything more erudite than an ingredients label on a bland food intended for people with tender stomachs.

AT&T likes to pay for these exclusives... I have a really hard time believing it pays off for them.

Yeah man, that iPhone thing just died immediately after launch. Such a big screw up on AT&T's part. Sometimes you have to take risks for bug rewards, sometimes it pays off other times it doesn't.

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So you're saying Amazon's phone is the next iPhone?

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A slightly interesting phone becomes completely UNinteresting if I have to have AT&T. The reason I never tried the iPhone initially (and never looked back) was this exclusive carrier crap!

The Prime Data/Sponsored Data Plans are the WORST part of this. Stop whining about exclusives and start shouting that we don't, in any way, need or want sponsored data plans!

Awesome... another phone i will NEVER have cause ATT BLOWS!!

Hasnt ANYONE LEARNED THEIR LESSON??? Exclusives dont help ANYONE! (save for the iphone which was a lucky break really)... but look how many more iphones they sold once they opened up past ATT.. lame...

Does anyone remember "Moto Maker"?
How many people disregarded the Moto X because of the AT&T exclusive?

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So basically everyone who buys this willl be able to put it on the shelf or drawer next to their HTC Status and First (Facebook phones) once they get bored with them after a few weeks.

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Not really. You can buy it out right, unlock it and put it on your T-Mobile unlimited plan.
But, you have to buy it from AT&T.

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I wonder if you'll be able to put a Straight Talk AT&T SIM in it.

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