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Might a 32-gigbyte Nexus 7 Android tablet be on the horizon? British retailer Carphone Warehouse apparently thinks so, as seen in this inventory shot obtained by Droid-Life. The Nexus 7 currently is available in 16- and anemic 8-gigabyte versions, and we'd very much love to see some more storage. Much as Google doesn't want to admit it, there are times when we're not online -- and Android games aren't getting any smaller.

That said, we've seen screwy inventory shots before. Could be a typo on someone's part, if not more malicious. So we'll wait until we see it hit Google Play before we count these chickens. 

We will, however, speculate on price. The 8GB Nexus 7 is $199. The 16GB version is $249. Would make the 32GB version $299? $349?

Or, let's just throw this out there: Given that we're probably getting really close to seeing another "mini" sized tablet hit the market, might Google have a price drop waiting in the wings? We'll see.

Oh, right. and it mentions a "Samsung Nexus 2." Which could be anything, but we're really hoping for a 2-inch phone. Because things have completely gotten out of hand with the Galaxy Note. :p

Source: Droid-Life


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A 32-gigabyte Nexus 7? Nexus 2? Carphone Warehouse thinks so


Was probably a remnant from when ASUS was going to release the tablet on their own although it does say Nexus.

I agree, that seems most likely.

My advice to Google: Flash storage is DIRT CHEAP. Since they insisted on not including an SD card slot (which I think is a big mistake for a tablet), they should just drop the 8GB and offer a 16GB and 32GB version. Price the 16 the same as the 8 and the 32 the same as the 16.

In production, I would be *SHOCKED* if the actual cost difference between 8GB and 16GB were more than $5.

Were they not caught off-guard at the demand for the 16GB model initially? I know about 5 or 6 people with a Nexus 7 now and they all bought the 16GB version. It wouldn't surprise me if the 8GB got replaced by the 16GB and a 32GB filled the top end with prices staying as they are.

You're all wrong.

Obviously Samsung wants to capitalize on the fact that phone sizes are growing out of control. So they're doing a 2-inch phone.

Samsung IS teasing something small that's big is coming... so maybe they ARE coming out with a 2 inch phone... Home button will not disappear and Apple will sue for looking alike with an iPod nano. ¬¬'

interesting take on a 64gb version to be pitted against a certain other mini device... fingers crossed. Still though, the anguish from people who picked up the N7 32gb will most certainly ratchet the level of QQ to epic proportions.

Here's what the prices *should* be:
8 GB - $199
16 GB - $205
32 GB - $220

My guess is that the extra $50 I/we paid (more accurately, got suckered into) to get 16 GB is the most profitable part of the N7 business.

It is and what's wrong with that? Google aren't making anything on the 8GB model. They make all their money on the 16GB. It's up to them to decide their own pricing strategy to maximise profits.

asus or Google dont make profit on 8Gb version. 16 Gb is where they make a profit.
Are you saying they shouldnt make any profit. then whats the point of making a device.

Now if this comes to pass we will have a race here. 3 good 7+in tablets. With decent storage and good prices (OK OK I know Apple not so much). Will be fun to see how this all shakes out. Was going to get a N7 16GB. If the new N7 is specked at 32GB for 250.00 i'll be all over it.

That's right there had been talk about a 99.00 N7. Now this makes more sense. Lets hope those prices are good.:D

that :) on the Note was awesome lol- omg I want the Note and I don't want to put cm10 on it- loving the pen optimization from Touchwiz

I so hope they come out with a 2 inch phone...the little girls with small hand that complain that 4" is big enough will finally STFU...

/Yes, trolling
//yes booze is involved
///yes I am close to serious