Axon Phone

Those of us who wade through press releases for a living have recently found ourselves bombarded with mentions of an upcoming "Axon Phone." We hadn't given it too much thought — there are hundreds of random phones out there fighting for attention. But it turns out there's a little more to this story. PC Mag's Sascha Segan uncovered that this "Axon" thing actually comes from phone manufacturer ZTE.

So, things are a little more interesting now. And the phone itself doesn't look horrible, with Google services, 4GB of RAM and a promise of excellent audio. It's sporting dual cameras on the back, for that refocusing stuff that we've seen come (and go) on other phones.

Axon presser invite

And Axon (erm, ZTE) is doing an event on July 14 in New York City to launch this thing (it's sent us Google Cardboard goggles to promote that), plus it's got a fairly big contest going on, with the chance to win a phone — and $10,000.

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