Xiaomi has become the fourth biggest seller of smartphones worldwide, according to a new report from the research firm Gartner. Xiaomi pushed its way into the top five of all smartphone companies during the third quarter of 2014 with sales of 18.8 million units. It only sold 3.6 million units for the same period a year ago.

According to Gartner, overall sales of smartphones went up to 301 million units, or 20.3 percent, between July and September 2014 compared to the same period a year ago. Samsung was first with 73.2 million units in the third quarter, followed by Apple with 38.1 million units. However, the other three companies in the top five are all based in China, with Huawei in third with 15.9 million units, Xiaomi in fourth, and Lenovo in fifth with 15.01 million units.

Gartner quotes its research director Roberta Cozza as saying:

With the ability to undercut cost and offer top specs Chinese brands are well positioned to expand in the premium phone market too and address the needs of upgrade users that aspire to premium phones, but cannot afford Apple or Samsung high-end products.

Source: Gartner