Smartphones from Santa

Last week we asked what kind of Android gadgets you were hoping Santa to leave for you on Christmas. There are plenty of amazing devices worth checking out, whether you were hoping for a new Smartphone like the Nexus 6P, or had your fingers crossed for a Samsung Gear S2 to streamline your day. The buck doesn't stop at Smartphones and Smartwatches either, since there is an Android device out there for every user, whether you've been on the bandwagon for years, or you're just climbing on now.

Since there are so many fantastic Android gadgets up for grabs, we gave you eight choices on last week's poll. Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch, Chromebook, Android TV, Android Auto, Chromecast, and Other.

Poll Followup: Smartphone from Santa

Smartphones took first place in last week's poll with 35 percent of the vote and 1,133 individual votes. In second place, with 712 votes and 22 percent were Smartwatches. Tablets came in third with a solid 16 percent of the vote, and 518 individual votes. Other, slides into fourth place with 7 percent and 226 votes. Chromecast is just behind Other with 6 percent of the vote. Tied with 5 percent, were Android Auto, Android TV, and Chromebooks with only 161 votes each.

Were you hoping for a Smartphone under the Christmas tree? Did we miss a must have present you were hoping for? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!