US Mobile talks decision to offer Xiaomi and Meizu phones in U.S.

Following Xiaomi's statement that US Mobile is not an authorized distributor of its products in the U.S., the carrier has taken to a blog post to explain its decision to partner with a third-party distributor to sell imported smartphones from China in the U.S..

From US Mobile:

Here's where we created a better experience for our customers. By partnering with third party distributors who sell and ship the devices, US Mobile is able to offer our customers warranty and support on the devices locally in the US. Very simply, customers can call US Mobile's 24/7 Customer Support team with any service related issue or send the phone back to US Mobile for repairs.

US Mobile, which operates off of T-Mobile's network, began offering Meizu and Xiaomi smartphones on its website earlier this week, despite the fact that those devices didn't support U.S. LTE bands. Since their initial appearance, however, US Mobile has pulled the listings from its online store, stating that they are now going through a certification process with its "enabling carriers."

We will continue to work with our enabling carriers to try to certify these phones on their network. There is a process that we will have to make these phones go through. If we are successful, we promise to enable our distributors to offer these phones on our marketplace again.

Source: US Mobile