Turing Phone to begin shipping on December 18

We have seen some pretty unique designs on Android phones in the past, but the Turing Phone is likely the craziest in recent memory. Turing Robotic Industries, the company behind the Turing Phone, has announced that Foxconn will be the exclusive manufacturer of the smartphone, and shipments will begin on December 18. That date sound familiar to you? That's because it's Star Wars day, and the company is huge fans.

For those unfamiliar, the Turing Phone is made from a liquid-metal casing that is fully waterproof. The company is not only redefining the looks from the outside, but it is also focused completely on user security. There is no headphone jack to be found on the phone, and the company is not even using USB for charging. Instead, the Turing Phone will have a Wallaby Magstream connector, similar to what Apple used on the MacBook line. It will run Android 5.1, and be powered by a 2.5GHz processor with a 13MP rear camera.

The initial reservation period for the Turing Phone has passed, and if you reserved one you can purchase the phone beginning on September 21. Starting September 24, the company will offer a pre-order of its Dark Wyvern special edition phone, and all customers who pre-ordered or reserved will be prompted to make their payments for the phone. Turing will be announcing more details about a second limited edition phone on September 9, so stay tuned.

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