Sony bringing crafting to Xperia phones via Sticker Creator app

Sony has released a new app for its Xperia line of Android phones allowing users to create digital stickers from their photos for easy personalization and scrapbooking. Dubbed Sticker Creator, the app ties into your Xperia phone's camera and allows you to either capture a new image and use that as a sticker or use an existing image from your camera roll, trim it and create a custom sticker out of your personal photos. Next, fire up your camera and import the sticker into your new photo capture.

"Sticker creator app lets you create your own personalized stickers right from your viewfinder or from existing photos you have on your phone," Sony said of the app. "Import your personal stickers to your viewfinder and decorate your photos while taking pictures with your Xperia camera."

Here's how to create your digital sticker:

  1. Start Camera and choose Sticker creator
  2. You can create stickers either by importing your existing pictures or from the viewfinder
  3. Enclose the area which you would like to create a sticker and clip it
  4. Edit the image by removing excess portions or showing clipped portions
  5. Add border effects to your stickers
  6. Save your sticker

After your sticker has been created, you can capture a fresh image and import your saved sticker into your new photo.

  1. Start Camera and choose Sticker creator
  2. Choose photo mode
  3. Import your saved stickers onto the viewfinder
  4. Adjust the size, orientation and location of the sticker and click the shutter button