HTC is trying to convince the smartphone buying public that its HTC One M9 is better than Apple's iPhone 6 and Samsung's Galaxy S6. It's latest marketing effort is a series of TV ads where "blind tests" are conducted to show how the HTC One M9 can beat those two smartphones in normal tasks.

The new ads, which come in 30 seconds and over 2 minute versions, all show HTC's spokesman at Australia's Bondi Beach. He is flagging down people on the beach to test two smartphones placed in special cases so users cannot tell which smartphone is inside. Two of the videos show how the HTC One M9 compares to the iPhone 6 in sound quality and in taking selfie in low light conditions while the third shows the One M9 pitted against the Galaxy S6 in app launching speed.

Since this is an HTC campaign, the winner in all three videos and "blind tests" is the One M9. The idea of showing regular folks on the street how the phone compares to the two biggest smartphones on the planet is a good one but it remains to be seen if this kind of commercial will be enough to get people to consider getting HTC's device.

Source: HTC (YouTube)

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