Google Nexus leak

Update: Well that didn't take long, it looks like the video has gone private. We at least have the above screenshot for you to take a look at.

Original story: Google took the unveiling of Android 4.4 KitKat seriously today by putting up one of its trademark statues of a KitKat-shaped Android on the Google lawn, and released a promo video showing the setup. The most interesting part of this video may not be the statue itself, but what one Googler is using to take a picture of the event.

As seen in the still we've grabbed from the video (seen above), someone is holding onto a phone unlike we've seen before. It's big, flat, says "Nexus" on the back in landscape orientation and looks a heck of a lot like a shrunken Nexus 7 (2013) — the materials and camera lens look nearly identical to the latest tablet.

Not much more can be seen from the video aside from a few frames and a nearby Nexus 4 for size comparison, but we know this isn't any phone available today. You'll find the video after the break, you can scrub forward to about 35 seconds if you want to cut to the Nexus phone action.

Via: Reddit