According to a new report, Motorola's rumored upcoming Moto X may follow in the footsteps of the LG G5 and go modular. Sources are saying there are six modules, called Amps, that can bring anything from stereo speakers to a bigger battery and even a pico projector. This report follows up on a recent leak which showed off various renders of what is said to be this year's Moto X.

Moto X leak

From VentureBeat's report:

Motorola has at least six modules, called "Amps," planned for launch, including a simple colored backplate that ships free with both handsets. The more interesting ones will be, of course, sold separately, both from Moto as well as third-party manufacturers. The first-party modules available at launch allegedly include stereo speakers; a battery pack; a camera grip with flash and optical zoom; a pico projector; and a rugged cover with wide angle lens attachment.

Lenovo recently announced that it would be hosting its second annual tech world conference on June 9. In the announcement, Lenovo snuck in the phrase:

Lenovo will also announce new mobile technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically change the way people think about and use their most personal devices - in a snap.

This could point towards the modularity of the phone, and how you can transform it from one thing to another in ways we couldn't before.