LG Nexus 5

eToday reports that Google engineers recently visited LG's headquarters and factories in South Korea as part of an upcoming collaboration with the codename 'N000.' That device, the publication claims, will be the next Nexus smartphone, which reportedly also carries the working name "Nexus 7." The Googlers' visit to LG reportedly included locations relating to LG Display and the company's R&D labs, as well as facilities involved in manufacturing wireless charging parts and OIS (optical image stabilization) components for cameras.

If these reports are true, it would be the third Nexus smartphone made by the Korean firm, after the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. It'd also see LG match Samsung's record of three Nexus devices. The name of any possible future Nexus will be a point of contention, though — launching a third Nexus 7 might cause confusion with the two ASUS-made tablets of the same name.

While we're still in very rumory waters here, the timing is right for such a project to be in its early stages, and LG's partnership with Google has already yielded two Nexus smartphones, a Google Play edition tablet and three Android Wear watches — not to mention countless LG-branded Android phones.

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Source: eToday (Korean)