The United States may be one of the top-selling smartphone markets in the world, but it's on track to soon be eclipsed by India, according to Statista.

After breaking down smartphone sales over three years (2013-2016) by geographical region, the report concluded that both China and India are headed for the top two spots on the regional sales charts. Today, China is the current leader at 31%, while the U.S. sits in second at 16.7%, says Statista.

At present, 220 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone, but by 2019 — two years from now — India is expected to surpass that number and have almost 15% of the entire world's smartphone market share. The U.S. is expected to stall at 10%, with Brazil a distant fourth with 4%.

News like this is certainly inside baseball for the rest of us. But for those who've been closely following smartphone releases over the past few years, it should also come as no surprise. Companies like Google and Apple have taken great strides in attempting to capture both Chinese and Indian markets, with initiatives like Android Go and selling iPhones at lucrative discounts in India.

Smartphone shipments worldwide are also expected to increase to two billion units by 2019, with China laying claim to at least half of those sales.