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    Samsung Milk Music

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    • Vendor: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
    • Version: 1.5.1700015376
    • Price: Free

    Samsung's Milk Music service is a freemium-style music app that's exclusive to Samsung devices, and in many cases is pre-loaded on phones and tablets. Milk Music is a radio-style streaming service, where you choose combinations of genres to determine the kind of "station" you'll listen to. You can save your favorite stations, and adjust the content by how popular, new, or favorited the songs are.

    In the free tier you're limited to six song skips per hour, have to listen to a few ads, and must stream all of the music with a network connnection. For $3.99 per month you can remove ads, get unlimited skips, download music for offline listening and get optional station DJs.

    Though Milk Music pretty tightly competes with the likes of Pandora, the fact that it's limited to just Samsung phones also in turn limits its appeal. Most users will stick with the free tier, and in that capacity will enjoy the service that's likely pre-loaded on their phone.


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    Milk Music

    Samsung's Milk Music service ends for U.S. customers on Sept 22

    Fans and customers of the Milk Music service from Samsung have some bad news coming. As rumored, the service will be ended for customers in the U.S. on September 22, 2016. A press release from Samsung's Newsroom says that the company has changed direction and has a plan to provide "the best...
    Samsung Milk Music

    Samsung rumored to be shutting down Milk Music service

    Samsung could be closed to closing down its Milk Music streaming service. A new, but unconfirmed, report claims that Samsung could replace Milk Music via a partnership or acquisition of another streaming service. According to Variety's sources, Milk Music has not met with the returns that...
    Samsung Milk Music

    Samsung shutting down Milk Video app on November 20

    One of Samsung's Milk entertainment apps is being retired, just a year after it was launched. The company revealed today that its Milk Video app for its Android smartphones and tablets would see its support end on November 20. Samsung quietly posted the news on the app's page in the Google...
    Samsung Milk Music Logo

    Samsung announces new live college sports section in Samsung Milk Music

    Samsung has announced that an update is coming to its Samsung Milk Music streaming application that will allow users to stream live audio broadcasts from their favorite college football and basketball teams. Starting on September 3, users will find a new sports section in the genre dial that will...
    Samsung Galaxy S6 and headphones

    The best music streaming services for the Samsung Galaxy S6

    Get any song, any time with these streaming music apps for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Streaming services are a great way to enjoy music on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You don't have to deal with managing your local storage, or figure out which songs you're going to download; everything is available...
    Samsung officially unveils Milk VR, expands Milk Music and Video to TVs

    Samsung officially unveils Milk VR, expands Milk Music and Video to TVs

    From CES 2015 today, Samsung announced that it is expanding its Milk services to the TV, Web and VR. Milk Music will expand to Samsung Smart TVs and the web, while Milk Video will also come to Samsung's Smart TV lineup. In addition, today marks the official release of Milk VR. From Samsung...
    Samsung Milk Music

    Samsung gets hit with a trademark lawsuit from Milk Studios over Milk Music app

    Samsung got served with a trademark lawsuit this week from Milk Studios, a photography and multimedia company. It claims Samsung violated its trademarks when it named its music streaming service Milk Music. In its lawsuit, filed on Monday at the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of...
    Samsung gives Milk Music streaming a subscription option

    Samsung gives Milk Music streaming a subscription option

    Though initially released as a free premium add-on for its Galaxy devices, Samsung is now giving its smartphone and tablet owners the option to pay for more features for the Milk Music service. The $3.99 subscription option brings some noted features and requires a Samsung account. With the...
    Samsung Music Hub

    Samsung shutting down Music Hub this July, working on replacement service

    Samsung will be shutting down its Music Hub service on July 1, according to a statement the manufacturer has sent to customers of the service. In the email, Samsung is advising users to "take the time to download all purchased content and use any remaining vouchers for Samsung Music before July 1...

    Samsung to add premium subscription to Milk Music service

    Samsung partnered up with Slacker to release Milk Music last month. The service was freely available to all high-end Galaxy smartphone owners, opening up a world of music with a personalized experience. That's all set to change as the company has revealed plans to add a premium subscription to...
    Milk Music

    Samsung releases Slacker-powered Milk Music free for high-end Galaxy phones

    A premium ad-free radio service that doesn't cost a dime In case you can't find what you need from other free Internet Radio services, Samsung has released Milk Music for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 Mini. Powered by Slacker, Milk...

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    Samsung Milk Music