Adding Widgets 

Widgets are probably one of the coolest features of Android devices, and developers seem to love them as much as the users do. When installing an application, not only do you receive the application but often times you are also gaining some widgets along with it and these usually offer users quick and easy access to various features of the application. Adding, moving and removing widgets from any of your home screens is quite simple, so let's take a look at how it is done.

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  1. Either long press an empty space on your home screen, or press "menu" then "add."
  2. Select "widgets" and allow the list to load
  3. Select "widget" from the list by tapping on it (if there are settings they will then pop up)

From here you can move the widgets around by simply long pressing on any of them and then dragging them, like they are an icon. Widgets can be removed from your home screen by long pressing the widget and dragging it to the top, or bottom (depending on your launcher) until it turns red, and then letting go of it.