Zens Car Charger

Zens has a new Qi wireless charger, and this one is for your car. The aptly-named "ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger" is set to hit markets on April 15th for an eye-melting €69.99 (US$96.54). It's designed to split into your cup holder and has a slot on its top designed to accommodate smartphones with displays up to 5 inches. Blessedly, the vast majority of phones that support Qi charging (both Android and Windows Phone) fall into that range.

As a car charger, it's powered by your car's 9-volt port, so you'll be loosing both that and a cup holder to charge up your phone wirelessly while on the go. On top of that, the design of Zens' car charger means that you're not going to be seeing your phone, so you'll only be able to get (likely muffled) audio directions from it if you use your smartphone for navigation.

If you're okay with such limitations, the Zens Qi Wireless Car Charger will probably suit your needs just fine. If you're not, there are other Qi chargers for automotive applications on the market, including the highly-rated Nokia CR-200 (check out Windows Phone Central's review here).


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Zens keeps your phone charged wirelessly, but steals your car's precious coffee holder


Upside down the Nexus 5 would be very clear sounding. Too many negatives though especially for $100.

So long as the coils aren't too deep in the holder it would be perfect for an upside down nexus 5 or 4, especially with the notification light being where it is in the nexus. If you set up light flow you can easily tell what type of notification you get by the color/pattern of the LED.

What I might get is one of those qi enabled window mounts for navigation. No loss of a spot for the important mountain dew on a road trip

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The Air Dock that I ordered through IndieGoGo has been amazing! It allows me to interact with my devive while charging. Would strongly recommend that people go that route.

is it the magnetic version for the nexus 5? i'm curious how strong the hold is and if it ever gets hot (if you have experienced any heat yet)

Yes, it is the magnetic version. I have the Note 3 and have no issues with it holding the phone in place. It even comes with a magnet pad to put inside a case if you have one. It gets no warmer than using the Samsung charging pad. no issues here at all.

I'm using the magnetic version with my Nexus 5 and it is awesome! The combination of the magnets and the tacky pad keeps it in place. I have hit some pretty major bumps while driving and it hasn't moved. I have no heat issues and it does charge fast enough where I can use navigation with the screen on all the time and it still charges the phone. The only problem I've seen is if your case is too thick, it may have trouble charging. (I use the cruzerlite bugdroid case and have no issues).

I would mess up, I know myself. I'd buy this and put my phone in, then forget about it and try to put my coffee in there, forgetting about my phone:/

"As a car charger, it's powered by your car's 9-volt port"

My car has a 9 volt port?!? Where?!???!?

100 bucks??!! Really, all that money spent just to get rid of a cable??!! (And you still have to plug the charger WITH a cable to the lighter...) I might be picky, but IMHO wireless charging is NOT worth the piles of cash needed to get it.

Yeah, a hundred bucks is crazy but I got a Nokia wireless charger dock for $25 on sale. Totally worth it for the laziness factor. Plus not fumbling around with cables in a car would be worth $40 to me.

Are we really serious.. are our lives that hectic that we need to spend $100 to avoid putting a plug in our phone while we drive ????? I'll keep my wires and use that $100 on something more beneficial
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My Honda Odyssey has 5 Cup holders I can use while driving, so I could lose one.

Posted from behind a slab of bacon.

What phones will this work with? Will it work with my HTC One, and while in its skin case? If not, it is useless to me

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Pretty sure HTC Ones don't have wireless charging because they're made out of metal. So you have no use for it

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Awesome.. But way over priced. Car manufacturers should implement something better

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

My phone usually is in one of my cupholders while driving. Since i don't like sitting with it in my pocket. Though, there's no reason for me to charge my phone except at night with my Droid Maxx :P

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The 2.1 amps cigarette plug charger that I got from amazon for $ 9.99 works just fine. Thank You.

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